A Female Jogger and a Woman walking her dog in Riverside Park have been Viciously within 20 minutes, by a Punk Predator!!! The NYPD finally said the Crimes were Committed by the same Punk. They have a Picture of this Asshole in Question. If caught and found Guilty, he should get a minimum of 10 Years Mandatory in Prison. Predator Crimes where Violence is Committed should have Mandatory Sentences of 10 years or more. Get this Maniac off the Streets of NYC for a Long Time.

Btw, this Punk uses a large Stick and his Hands to Pummel his Victims. Eye Sockets have been Fractured. There has been Bleeding on the Brain. These are ALL Life Threatening Injuries. Remember The Central Park Jogger Attack many years ago. These Crimes were Committed WITHOUT GUNS, so when Bloomberg goes on his Useless Anti-Gun Crusades, a Large Majority of Violent Crimes in NYC are being Committed with every day items that can be easily used as Weapons, such as Sticks, Bats, Fists, etc.

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  1. michellefrommadison Says:

    What was the female jogger wearing that may have provoked the attack?

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