Everyone is relieved that the Spill looks like it is Now Controlled, BUT there is no applause that will be heard regarding this Catastrophe. 90 Fucking Days of oil Spilling into the Ocean, and it looks like the Leak is Finally Stopped. But 90 Days?? This is a Disgrace, and no One should be applauding this Catastrophe, and the 90 days it took to stop the Spill.

Obama didn’t get off his Ass for 50 or so Days, regarding this Catastrophe.  Obama sat by the Sidelines in ‘Wait & See’ mode, as his usual way. And DON’T believe the Standard Line Obama spews regarding doing a lot at the beginning ‘Behind the Scenes.’  Obama is as Full of Shit as they come, and as Full of Shit as any other politician. Obama could have, and should have gotten the Ball Rolling within the First Week. So because of Obama’s Hands Off attitude, Millions of more Gallons of OIL are Floating around in the Ocean then there should have been. This Spill could have been Stopped Much, Much Earlier, if only Obama lit a Fire under BP’s Asses Sooner, and got the US Government involved………………

So to BP and Obama, you Fools don’t get, or deserve any Applause, not one Clap………………………

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