…Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

This guy Jake is as Gay as they come. If he comes out of the Closet, then, and only then, will all his BS make sense.

The Fact that Jake is most likely Gay, is ok, BUT don’t take your Closet Gayness Frustration out on Vienna. In addition, the way Jake made a Karate Chop directed at Vienna shows the World that Jake is most likely a Frustrated Maniac, in addition to being a Frustrated Homosexual. Vienna is Lucky her relationship with this Bum didn’t work out, or no doubt jake would have assaulted her by now because of his lack of control regarding his bottled up Anger.

And to Vienna, don’t Blame yourself even the Slightest, as the demise of this relationship was entirely Jake’s Fault. And you were 100% right when you went to the Media, because if You didn’t contact them first and tell the true Story, Jake would have definitely Sold his Story.No Doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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