As quickly as Obama got elected into office, is hopefully how quickly he will be leaving office, once the Voters vote in November 2010, and finally in 2012!!!

Obama has asked for Change, and there was a large Movement to get Voters to get out and Vote. Now, Voters SHOULD get out and Vote AGAINST Obama. Now, That will be a Welcome Change, to Vote Obama and Pelosi and the rest of the Administration out of office. At least we have a chance of getting Pelosi out of her High Chair in November 2010, and in 2012, WE can Vote Obama out of his LazyBoy Recliner!!!!

Now WE all Understand what Obama meant by CHANGE!!!!

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  1. uniteddivided Says:

    But the question is whom will replace them? Even though I am a Democrat and think Obama has done a OK job – certainly better then the last guy who fought tooth and nail to drive this country into the ground – I just can’t see a clear Republican candidate. Even a Republican candidate will be left with the same backlash and cruelty that Obama faced along with being given very little time, if any at all, to get things accomplished and moving. Look at the Obama administration, for example. The Tea Party held rallies on April 15, 2009, less then two month after Obama took office, leaving him no time to make any “Change.” I hope a Republican wins the Presidency in 2012 because they will be held to the same standard by myself and other groups that are growing across the country much like the Tea Party. The harsh reality is that even though I think there needs to be more balance amongst the parties in Washington, I don’t see it happening in November, at least not the extent that some think. To many far-right candidates have already stuck their foots in their mouths and will most likely loose come November. A Prime example of that can be found in Scott McInnis from my home state of Colorado who is accused of plagiarizing, just going to show that the Republicans are running short on original ideas.

    • transparnc Says:

      Yes. It will be most likely politics as usual, even if a Republican gets elected in 2012.
      Regarding November 2010, no doubt that if the Republicans win a Majority in the House and/or Senate, they will play the same Partisan games that Obama has been playing, along with Pelosi. Either way, most likely Politics a Usual.
      One of the reasons I want to see change regarding Obama and his Administration, is because I feel that the Obama platform was a farce, and he talked his way into winning the election. Obama panders to lobbyists such as PHARMA, as well as plays Partisan Politics. Although the Republicans do the same thing, Obama ran on the platform that he would be different.
      I still don’t think that Obama should have never gotten into office because of the Reverend Wright fiasco. I cannot believe, and don’t believe that after belonging to Wright’s Church for 22 years >>
      1) Obama never was present at one of Wright’s divisive sermons
      2) Obama was never informed by anyone of Wright’s divisive sermons
      3) Obama had NO idea of the Context of these divisive sermons

      While the above example is in the Past, it is indicative of the type of person Obama is, and of things to come regarding integrity. I believe Obama has very little integrity. And I believed that if Obama became POTUS, I would see the same.
      In addition, when the People or Media point certain things out that are questionable on the part of Obama, he seems to always turn it on the People or Media by saying, ‘They just don’t have all the facts,’ or ‘they have it wrong.’ etc.
      An example of this was the NASA fiasco recently.

      I also believe that Obama is a weak link in the Security of our Nation. I believe he bends over backwards to cater to our Enemies.
      By instructing his Administration from saying words like >>
      Islamic Extremists, Jihad, War on Terror, and Illegal Aliens, Obama sends the wrong message.
      I know that McCain also doesn’t use the phrase ‘Illegal Aliens,’ BUT I disagree with him also. There are Illegal Aliens/Immigrants in the USA.

      I think that Obama and his Administration contribute to Partisan Politics in Washington, just as much the Republicans. Obama wants to make it seem that he has his hand out to the Republicans, but if they don’t come on Board, Partisan Obama is close by. Obama shakes the Republican’s Hands with one hand, while he has the Sledgehammer in the other. In Washington, parties don’t always agree, BUT this Washington seems to be one of the most Partisan I have seen in a while, and Obama and the Republicans have contributed to that fact.
      I hope the Tea Party does get some of their Radicals off board, so they don’t lose their momentum.

      I don’t know who should lead our Country in 2012, BUT I Hope it is NOT Obama, or Palin, for that fact.
      In fact, as it stands now, if Palin gets the Republican Nomination, she will No Doubt be contributing to Locking in Obama for another 4 Years………………..

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