When the Japanese heard that the Muslims were building a Mosque at Ground Zero, as part of the ‘Healing Process,’  less than 10 years after Radical Muslim Extremists Killed over 3,000 people at the World Trade Center, where 100’s of Innocent Men & Women had to jump out of Windows from as high as over 1000′ to their Deaths, the Japanese figured that since it has been over 60 years since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, they felt it was way over due that they too, should be able to build a Shrine in Pearl Harbor, as a Final step in the ‘Healing’ process.

What does everyone think of that??

I am just making a Point……………..The Japanese DON”T want to build a Shrine in Pearl Harbor…………..

Hey, if Pearl Harbor was in NYC, no doubt that the Bleeding Heart Liberals in New York City would let them build whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted………………

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  1. Ralyn Says:

    News Flash: they did build a tribute to the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. Where were all of you when Veterans were trying to block that? We got no help at all and hardly any news coverage – people said they didn’t care…

    • transparnc Says:

      I was not aware of this. I have to research that. When did they build the Japanese Shrine? And what were the reasons?
      Building a Japanese Shrine in Pearl Harbor is a Sacrilege, and probably the idea of other Bleeding Heart Liberals!
      But as i said, I’ll do some research about this Shrine you mention.

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