The way Bloomberg is so Defensive of any Opposition to the building of the Mosque Monstrosity to be built at Ground Zero, you would think that one of his daughters is either married to a muslim, or is getting married to one. Either that, or Bloomberg somehow is going to make Millions of Dollars from the building of this Monstrosity, if the deal is allowed to go through…………

Bloomberg tells others to ‘Shut Up Already,’ when it comes to those who speak up regarding their opposition to this mosque Monstrosity. Bloomberg continues to say that of those he speaks with, all are in favor of the building of the mosque. Bloomberg must be asking people who live in Saudi Arabia, because a Large Majority of New York City Citizens oppose the building of the mosque at Ground Zero, BUT they don’t oppose the building of a mosque somewhere else.

There are 100’s of mosques around NYC, which is fine, BUT don’t Build a mosque at Ground Zero, which would only serve as a symbol of Conquer. The mosque renderings show the monstrosity to be a gold shimmering building, which will be 2 blocks from Sacred Ground!!!!!!!!!Bloomberg says that those who perished on 9/11, did so fighting for the freedoms of others. These Heros and Innocent People who were MURDERED on 9/11 are rolling over in their Graves right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Families and Friends of these Murdered Victims are Outraged, as well as they should be!!

Once again, Bloomberg Ignores the Will of the People of NYC. And in this case, the rest of the Country….

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  1. Sam Says:

    U Are A Retard, please don’t write your pathetic thoughts ever again, you clearly are a moron

    • transparnc Says:

      Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll take them under advisement.
      (seconds later)……………..
      I thought about what you said, and clearly, you are the one who is a Moron.
      And your thoughts Asswipe??

  2. As a Croatian-American I carry a heritage of mass graves. ” On a remote hillside in southwest Bosnia, a small team of forensic experts and military officials are trying to find some answers. As they dig away at the earth, they begin to uncover the remains of a massacre. They find the corpses of three Bosnian Croat soldiers believed to have been killed in a front line battle in 1992…About 7,000 Muslim men from Srebrenica are still missing.” My point, good men and women come wearing many different coats. My belief, 09/11 had nothing to do with religion. It was all about drugs. So leave religion out of the equation. This country was born in the spirit of FREEDOM OF RELIGION. All Americans are free to worship and pray as they see fit. Get to the heart of issues. Do not include those that are GIVEN.

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