Read this statement that is written into all new policies >>

Keep in mind that our pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Also,
illnesses or injuries that occurred in the previous plan period will not be covered in the
next plan period, unless 180 days have passed since cure and last treatment.**

What this means is this >>

If your policy period is from May 1, 2010 – May 1, 2011, and your beloved Pet gets sick on April 30, 2011,ASPCA Petshealth Care Plan WILL NOT COVER YOUR BELOVED PET UPON YOUR RENEWAL, UNLESS THE CONDITION YOUR BELOVED PET IS BEING TREATED FOR (IN THIS CASE, 1 DAY!!) HAS BEEN GONE FOR 180 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem with this EXCLUSION RULE is obvious. The other problem is that ASPCA Petshealth never made this clear in previous policies. They would mention the 180 day exclusion rule, BUT they left out this part >>

‘Also, illnesses or injuries that occurred in the previous plan period will not be covered in the
next plan period, unless 180 days have passed since cure and last treatment.’

I have been a customer for over 10 years, and just found out about this recently, because the policy was ambiguous when it came to this Exclusion Rule. From what I understand, an Insurance Policy has to be clear and concise in the way it is worded, and easy to understand, which obviously, Petshealth Plan Insurance written policy was not, until recently.

There are 2 issues here >>

1) For new Customers and/or prospective Customers, you would be better off searching around for other Pet Insurance Policies to protect your beloved pet. Stay far away from Petshealth Plan Insurance. Just read the Web, and you will see all of the Sad Stories from Pet owners and their Beloved Family Members. This type of Exclusion Rule is Absurd, and anyone thinking of buying a Policy from this Company should think again.

2) For Existing customers, Petshealth Insurance plan has done an Injustice to them. Including their long-term Customers who have been purchasing their insurance Policies for over 10 years. I say this because Petshealth was never clear on The 180 day Exception Policy regarding Renewal. For some Customers, it is a Death Sentence for their Loved ones, because these Customers Cannot switch Pet Insurance Companies, due to the Age of their Loved Ones.

NO OTHER PET INSURANCE COMPANY HAS THIS DANGEROUS EXCLUSION RULE, AND I HAVE RESEARCHED MANY OF THEM. These other companies may have other issues, such as pre-existing conditions, wellness care, etc. BUT none have the 180 Renewal Exclusion.

While the ASPCA is an exemplary Organization, and does tremendous good,  their Petshealth Insurance Plan is a DISGRACE, and the ASPCA should be ashamed of themselves, and I can only hope that this Company changes its 180 Day Exclusion Rule, and if they don’t, that  a Class Action Lawsuit ensues.

Btw, another problem with this Company is that they will prolong payment as long as they can, which can take nearly 2 months, and they will nickel and dime your claim to the point where they will be paying pennies on your claim. Yet when you file an appeal, that process takes only 2 days! Investigate the web for yourselves , and see the horrendous issues created by Petshealth Insurance Plan.


I wonder if the ASPCA knows what is going on by the people they put in charge of their ASPCA Insurance?? I am trying to contact the hartville group and the ASPCA, but it appears they are ignoring my emails.

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