Obama made a speech in front of a bunch of Muslims , telling them that the mosque should be built on Sacred Ground, and that muslims have the right to practice their religion. We all agree that the muslims have a right to practice their religion. Hell, the muslims have a bunch of mosques around NYC which is totally fine.

The problem is that they want to build a mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero, which is Sacred Ground. They say they want to build a bridge with the muslims reaching out to the Citizens of NYC. That is a bunch of crap.

The bottom line is that 70% of the people POLLED in The USA, DO NOT WANT THE mosque BUILT ON GROUND ZERO.

The Will of THE PEOPLE Trump all. It won’t and does not matter what Bloomberg or Obama want regarding their wishes to have the mosque built. There are Construction Workers in NYC who are getting together, to get the word out to other Construction Workers, to NOT build this mosque monstrosity at Ground Zero. They have a good chance of succeeding in forming what would be one of the Strongest Alliances that NYC and The USA has ever seen. No way will the Heavy Machine Unions and Operators, the Carpenters, the Brick Layers, the Steel Workers, etc., etc. ever lift a finger to help build this monstrosity.

This issue is not over, and it doesn’t matter if these yahoos get permission to build this monstrosity. If the unions and Construction Workers form a Strong Alliance, which I know they can do, THEN NOTHING WILL GET BUILT…NOTHING..

Bloomberg knows that an Alliance is trying to be formed, and no doubt that Bloomberg and his cohorts are trying to put a stop to it, before the Alliance gets off the ground. Bloomberg will pull all the tricks out of his hat to try to stop it, BUT I doubt he will succeed. The Unions are Strong, and so is the Will of its Members. Good luck to all of you, and I look forward to the day when work on this mosque is supposed to start, and all the Union Members just stand there, drop all their equipment, and Walk Off The Fucking Job………….

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