NYC…………….the Land where YOU the CITIZEN are slowly (or rather quickly) having your Rights Eroded!!!!

NYC is getting worse and worse. NYC is most likely the Most Restricted City in the USA, if not the World.

The King of NYC wants to Disallow any Citizen from Smoking in Parks & Beaches……………This guy Bloomberg is One Big Fucking Joke!!!!! He wants a mosque built at Ground Zero, BUT he doesn’t want his Own Citizens to smoke in Parks & Beaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even smoke, BUT don’t start restricting Open Space. What Restriction will be Next?? The very thought of doing something like this shows you how full of himself bloomberg is. And this is one of the things that happens when the Voters Vote for Term Limits Twice, and the King Overrides the Will of the Citizens Vote. If his Ego is Larger enough to do that, then what do you expect when it comes to bloomberg the jokester stripping every last Right that you have left from your very Soul? As the Soup Nazi once said, ‘No Soup for You!, so goes Bloomberg with, ‘No Rights for You!’ and ‘I know what is good for you, and you don’t.’

I wonder why Citizens haven’t started to Move from NYC. Everytime you turn around, another Right is being Stripped away. Whether it be by the Cops or by Bloomberg or by any of the other Idiots running NYC. The Voters voted Bloomberg the Shmuck into office,as well as the other bleeding Heart Liberals, so NYC is getting what they deserve.

Usually the People have a Say with their VOTE regarding what goes on in their Community, BUT NOT in NYC. The People’s Vote doesn’t mean a Damn Thing. A Shame, a Real Shame.

Other Cities around the Country, and the World, should take note on what is going on in NYC as a Warning, and try to take steps to Prevent the Same thing from happening to them. For NYC, it is most likely too late, as the Eroding Rights of the People have been slowly Stripped away over the past 15 Years, and the Process has been Accelerated in the past 8 years, since Bloomberg took office. We will ALL have another 4 years of the Accelerated Stripping of Our Rights.

The Process, at first, had been slow, and the People were not aware of what was going on, until recently, when the Process has been Accelerated. It would appear that Bloomberg and the powers that own NYC got Greedy, and changed the slow Process too Quickly, and The People are starting to Realize what is happening. But the Ones that care, may be in the minority, and there are some that have been Lulled into NOT having as many Rights as they used to, and to them, they don’t really care at this point. They will do what they are told, and listen to their Masters. For others, they may NOT like what is Happening, and have been aware of the Erosion Process from the Beginning, BUT there is nothing that can be done at this point.

NYC is most likely a Lost Cause, BUT at least, NYC May serve as a Beacon to others, as a Warning that if they follow in the Footsteps of NYC,  that They too, may become just like NYC!!!……………………………………….

But there may be Hope, as there have Been Countries, and Peoples, and Communities where the People have been Oppressed, as is happening in NYC, and began to “Speak up’ and Start to Change things. One Day, NYC may be a Community, where once again, the People begin to have a Voice again. Maybe……………. One Day……………

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