ASPCA Petshealth Plan Care Insurance is one of the Worst Pet Insurance Plan you can ever have to Cover your Beloved Pets!!!

I just read their Website and saw this >>

‘Like most pet insurance, our base protection limits coverage for long-term or chronic conditions to keep premiums lower. However, you can get extra protection for what we call ongoing conditions with our inexpensive Continuing Care coverage option.’

This is Absolutely False!! VPI, Trupanion, Pets Best, etc. DO NOT HAVE THIS LIMITATION!! In addition, this Continuing Coverage Add-On will cost you Hundreds of dollars more, in addition to your Base Premium, over the years, BUT it will only add $1000-$1500 more Coverage over the Lifetime of your Beloved Pet. This additional coverage, while better than nothing, in most cases, won’t even be enough coverage for your Beloved. Anyway, why would anyone pay for this Additional Minimal Coverage, while with other Companies, you would be Covered under the Base Premium Coverage. This is Ludicrous, and it is a Wonder that Anyone would even Purchase a Policy like the one from the ASPCA, for themselves and their Pets. The ASPCA does great work regarding Animals, BUT their Petshealth Care Insurance Plans are a DISGRACE, and do much to Tarnish the Name of the ASPCA………….

ASPCA Petshealth Plan Insurance Plans seems to have updated the look of their Website, BUT The Message is still the same. They DO NOT cover your Pet for when they need Coverage the Most.

In addition, they have a 180 Day Pre-Existing Clause, which is also applicable UPON RENEWAL, in their Policy. This could be a possible Death Sentence for your pet, unless you can dig into your pockets to find the needed cash to continue coverage. But wait, I thought that is what Pet Insurance is for????? But ASPCA doesn’t think so…. For example………..Your beloved Dog suffers a broken leg from an accident, on May 31, BUT your Renewal Period starts on June 1, Guess what, The ASPCA Petshealth Insurance you paid for, WILL NOT COVER YOUR BELOVED DOG, BECAUSE THEY CALL THIS A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION UPON RENEWAL!!!!

ASPCA Petshealth Plan Care Insurance says that All other Companies do the Same Thing?? BULLSHIT!!!!!

Warning: Stay as far away from ASPCA Petshealth Care Plan Insurance as you can. Pick a Company that does not have this 180 Day Pre-Existing Clause in their Policy, Which is Applicable to ANY Renewal Period!! It won’t be hard to do, Because NONE of the other Pet insurance Companies have this Exception written into their Policies…..

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