Stay as far away from this Pet Insurance Company as possible, before it is too late.

Read this from the policy >>

Once you have paid the deductible, you share a part of each claim with us. This is referred to as your
co-payment. We will pay eighty (80) percent of reasonable costs for each covered claim up to the limit of
liability. Your share will be twenty (20) percent of each covered claim.

The above is incorrect, as they pay only 20% of your claim, and you pay 80% after your deductible.

This has been my experience, as well as many other clients who have the ASPCA Pet Insurance. There are so many exclusions in this policy, that about the only thing you will be covered for is Accidental Injury, that is, if it occurs early in your Plan Period. If the Accident or Illness occurs 1 day before your policy Renews, You Will NOT Be COVERED!!!! You read that right.

While the ASPCA is an Admirable Organization, their Pet Insurance Coverage is Abominable. Do Not Buy Any Pet Insurance where you see the name ASPCA attached to it, or Petshealth Care Plans, or any Pet Insurance from Canton, Ohio, or Hartville Pet insurance. This Plan goes under many names. In fact, I spoke to a Puppet of Hartville Pet Insurance named James, who said that the ASPCA is not really affiliated with the Petshealth Care Insurance Plan. Yet, the ASPCA name is plastered all over the Websites, as well as on the Claim Forms. This guy james is a real TOOL, talking to you softly, like he gives a shit,  all the while cursing you under his breath, and not sending emails as Promised. This Asshole is a real fucking Schmuck!!! and hopefully you will never have to speak to this Worm!!! This Idiot called me up on the day I buried my beloved, to let me know that my Appeal was Denied. I told him that my special girl would not be a Burden to his Damned insurance company anymore!! This Pet Insurance is DISGUSTING!!!!

Shop elsewhere for an Insurance Plan for your Beloved Family members, before you find yourself and your Beloved not covered under this Dreadful Pet insurance Plan. This Company does NOT care at all about the Welfare of your Family Members, and only cares about their  Bottom line.

Contact me for the particulars through this post regarding any info you need to see why ASDPCA Petshealth Care Plans are not the right choice. This Company nickels and Dimes your claim, until they end up paying you Pennies on your Dollars. This Company has this strangely down to a science.They will take almost 2 months to settle your claim and receive  your Pennies, BUT they will take ONLY 2 days to Deny your Appeal!!!


SEARCH THE WEB FOR UNLIMITED HORROR STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While almost every insurance company will have some sad stories, and unhappy customers, The ASPCA Insurance Company has Many, Many more sad and terrible stories. The ASPCA should Disassociate themselves from this Horrible Pet insurance Company (if they are lending their name to this Pet Insurance Company) because The Hartville Grp stands for the Opposite of what the ASPCA stands for regarding the Welfare of Animals. At one end of the Spectrum, the ASPCA is there to Protect Animals, and at the other end, This Insurance Company is there to make sure that you will receive the least amount of Coverage for your Pets, as they are NOT concerned about the Welfare of your pets, as their 180 Day Pre-Existing Condition Clause upon Renewal proves, as well as their Many Exclusions.

If this Insurance Company was created by The ASPCA, The ASPCA should be ashamed of themselves.

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