Are all over the Web, posted by Pissed Off Consumers, on behalf of the loved ones they thought they purchased insurance for. If you check Consumer Complaint Websites, there will be Many more complaints regarding ASPCA Petshealth care Insurance, when compared to complaints about other Pet Insurance Companies. I would say that for every 1 complaint about the other companies, there are 25 complaints about Petshealth Care Insurance, administered by the Hartville Group, on behalf of the ASPCA………………

This Pet insurance Company is a Disgrace, and the ASPCA should be ashamed of themselves for associating themselves with the Hartville Group. Just read around the Web, to see the Disgusting policies of The Worst Pet Insurance Available anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Search before you purchased this Deplorable pet Health Insurance Policy.

I used to contribute to the ASPCA because they do so much good for those who cannot speak for themselves, our beloved Pets and other Animals, BUT their Pet Insurance is Despicable, and stands for the Opposite of what the ASPCA stands for.

I call for others to Disassociate themselves from the ASPCA until they distance themselves from the Hartville Group, who they have chosen to be partners with. Many Consumers thought they purchased Health Insurance Protection for their loved ones, only to find out that their Claims will be scrutinized to the point where you will be lucky you get 25% paid on your total claim. And that’s after they request records from your Vet multiple times. They have people on the Payroll whose sole purpose to exist, is to find every loophole they can so as not to pay your claim. These people most likely get an incentive commission on how much of a claim they do not pay out on.

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