The Mitsubishi WD-65638 is an entry level DLP. The Mitsubishi WD-65837 is the Top of the Line DLP. Besides that, you can get the WD-65638 for much less money at these 2 stores >>

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Shop around and don’t let Shop NBC Rip You Off!!!!!!
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One Comment on “SHOP NBC MITSUBISHI WD-65638 @$1299.00 + TAX IS A RIP OFF!!!!”

  1. This TV is an amazing bargain. True, you can’t hang it on the wall, but it looks great on a stand, and the thick part isn’t visible unless you view it from the side. There is a free software update that downloaded automatically. With this, you do not need the 3D adaptor or IR emitter, just a 3D source and DLP Link glasses. The picture is bright, and the colors well saturated. It looked good out of the box with the default settings. The picture is almost too good, with some cable channels looking much better than others, although all purport to be HD. Using a 3D Blu-Ray player results in a spectacular picture. The IMAX “Under the Sea” DVD really felt like an IMAX theatre experience. The depth, brightness, color, and resolution were stunning. 3D material is very limited, and unlike some competitive sets, the Mitsubishi does not convert 2D to pseudo-3D. You will be limited to programs produced in 3D. The sound was mediocre with the default settings, but improved markedly by enabling the surround sound, adjusting the bass and treble, and connecting a subwoofer. BTW, you only get pseudo-surround sound with the internal speakers. If you want the real thing, you’ll need a surround sound amp and speakers.

    Excellent value
    Bright, saturated colors
    Stunning 3D
    No 3D adaptor or IR emitter required when free software upgrade is downloaded

    You can’t hang it on the wall. It’s 15.1 inches thick
    Does not convert 2D to pseudo 3D

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