See here for a synopsis on the most Disgraceful Pet Insurance ever offered >>

‘Hartville/Petshealthplan/ASPCA – The third oldest pet insurance company in the US. They were founded in 1997 and sold the Petshealth brand using the Garfield logo. In around 2006, the entered into a partnership with the ASPCA to sell ASPCA Pet Insurance. Every policy sold under ASPCA Pet Health Insurance donates up to 10% of the premium to the ASPCA. Due to this relationship they are the fastest growing pet insurance company in the US and second largest. They have approximately 100,000 policies in force. The parent company is Hartville Group but they also have an in-house brand called Hartville Pet Insurance along with their Petshealth Care Plan and ASPCA Pet Insurance brands. They use reasonable and customary to do claims payouts.’

They have over 100,00 customers, and that is due to the ASPCA affiliation. I venture to guess that the 100,000 member figure is way down, since the word has gotten out that this is  the most Deplorable pet insurance ever to made available to the Public. New memberships are falling, and Existing Customers are dropping their policies like Hot Potatoes…The ASPCA should disassociate themselves from this Abominable Pet Insurance, as it taints the good name and reputation of the ASPCA.  No doubt that the Hartville Group pet insurance would go out of business very quickly if the ASPCA went on the record, and spoke the truth of the Deplorable Tactics that the Hartville Group has been using, so as not to pay the claims submitted. BUT because of the 10% kickback on all Premiums, the ASPCA may be reluctant to do that. BUT I believe that the ASPCA is losing more in contributions, because of their affiliation with this Despicable Pet Insurance Company, and therefore would profit from their disassociation with the Hartville Group, and the Petshealth Care Brand.

The Hartville Group, which is a ‘Penny’ stock, has fallen approximately 50%,  from 70 cents to 35 cents, in a matter of months, which is proof that this Company is failing, due to lack of new customers sign ups,  and the fleeing of existing customers. In addition, the CEOs are most likely taking High Figure Salaries, as well as Astronomical Bonuses, and further driving the Company into the ground.

Stay away from this company, and drop them if you are an existing customer. You will save your Beloved Pet and yourself a lot of grief.

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