Take a look at all the exclusions of this Abominable Pet Insurance Plan, administered by the Hartville Group, Inc., in partnership with The ASPCA……….

ASPCA Petshealth Care Insurance

Hartville Group Inc.

Petsmarketing Agency, Inc.

3840 Greentree Ave SW, Canton, OH 44706

EXCLUDED CODES (applied to this claim)
Please review your plan for a full description of the scope of coverage and exclusions.
Refer to page 3 of this statement

1. Preventive care or routine check-ups including but not limited to pre-surgical tests or procedures, dental cleaning or scaling, vaccines;
2. Pre-existing/recurring illness or injury which existed prior to the effective date of this plan or unless there has been a period of one-hundred eighty (180) days since
its diagnosis, cure and last treatment;
applicable to existing Plan Renewals
3. Special diets, foods or supplements;
4. Costs arising out of or are related to breeding, pregnancy, whelping or nursing of your pet;
5. Holistic, homeopathic, herbal, acupuncture, rehabilitative or chiropractic treatments;
6. Experimental or investigation procedures and treatments, either surgical or medical, or organ transplants;
7. Behavioral problems, consultations and treatment;
8. Grooming or grooming supplies including but not limited to nail trims and routine anal sac (gland) expression;
9. Flea, heartworm or other parasitic preventive treatments;
10. Elective procedures such as docking of tails, removal of dewclaws, removal of eyelashes or cropping of ears;
11. Time and travel expenses to the veterinarian’s premises or hospital;
12. Costs for illness or injury which arise out of racing, coursing, commercial guarding or organized fighting of your pet;
13. Intentional injury to your pet by you or a member of your household;
14. Diagnosis and treatment of any hereditary, genetic or congenital condition of your pet or conditions directly caused by such defect;
15. Health certificates or vaccination tags;
16. Boarding;
17. Medical waste, taxes or postage;
18. Costs for an illness or injury which manifested prior to the current Plan Period are not covered.
19. A portion of this charge exceeds reasonable costs which is the customary fee charged for a given treatment or procedure within the geographic area in which the fee
is incurred.
20. Additional Exclusions referred to in the remarks section; as well as in your plan.
21. Multiple Incidents (more than one) of foreign object ingestion in a 12 month period.
22. Diagnosis, treatment or surgery related to Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) or Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) damage that occurs or is symptomatic within 12
months of effective date of plan.
23. Incident Limit. Amount is over the incident limit.
24. Annual Limit. Amount is over the annual limit.
25. Not covered by plan. This item is not covered by the plan.
26. Timely Submission. Claims must be submitted within 180 days of the date of service. Claims exceeding 180 days are no longer eligible for coverage.
27. Prior to effective date. Date of service is prior to the plan’s effective date.
28. Incident Limit. Amount is over the Continuing Care coverage incident limit.
29. Lifetime Limit. Amount is over the Continuing Care coverage lifetime limit.
30. Costs for an illness or injury which manifested prior to the current Plan Period and prior to the initial effective date of the Continuing Care coverage are not covered.
Incident – All treatments for an illness or injury including related, secondary or resultant illnesses or injuries regardless of whether the illness or injury requires multiple
Illness means any sickness, disease or medical condition not caused by an accident which first manifests itself after the 30 day waiting period.
Injury means bodily harm caused by an accident occurring while this plan is in force.
Occurrence means the first manifestation of an illness or injury that was or should have been diagnosed by a veterinarian.

Over 30 Exclusions, and the ASPCA and Hartville Adminstrators of this Despicable insurance will make sure that EVERY CLAIM falls under one of these many exclusions.

Stay far away from this Pet Insurance, before it is too late, and you and your beloved become just one of the many sad stories that are occurring every day………………..

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