Conan O’Brien will be airing his show on TBS this November.

The George Lopez Show is Funny, and I believe that it will only be a matter of time until the Network gives Lopez back his time slot, after Conan initially takes over it.

The problem is that Conan has been off the air awhile, and in the Interim, I believe that Lopez has gained a lot of support. How many Viewers he has, I don’t know, But I will presume it is many. I doubt that the Conan Fans have been waiting with bated breath for their Hero to come back. When Conan does come back, I think his ratings will suffer, and not be near where Lopez’s ratings are, and Lopez will once again have his coveted time slot back.

Btw, George Lopez is no dummy, and I believe he realizes the above, and knows it is only a matter of time until he gets his time slot back. So he’s just going to lay back, and let his show speak for itself.  The viewers will be so pissed when Lopez is moved, that there will be a little Uproar about that, and maybe even a Boycott of Conan’s Show. I have a feeling that Conan is going to be in for a Rude Awakening come this season. But, hey, what does he care? He already received $$40 Million Dollars when he left or was removed from the Tonight Show. Well, I think he does care, as his Ego must be larger than his Bu-font.

I don’t think Leno’s Ratings ever recovered, so Conan may want to use that as an example of what can happen to him.

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