Remember the piece of shit, maria aguilar, the hump that beat the shit out of a Bulldog, and Blinded her and Maimed her for life? This ASSHOLE Beat her Dog many times over the course of a year, which is how old I this poor Dog was. I hope when this Piece of Shit is sentenced to Jail, she will receive the same ‘care and affection’ she gave this poor Bulldog!! Aguilar is some piece of Shit, as is her husband and Son for letting this go on for over a Year. They should all be found Guilty of Animal Cruelty or Animal Abuse, whichever is the Higher Charge.

I would like to know who her Veterinarian was. This Asshole Vet saw the Dog 12 times in 7 months!! This Vet had to know there was abuse going on, and never reported it to the proper authorities, as far as I know. This Vet is as GUILTY as Aguilar. This Vet may have prevented many more Beatings of this poor dog if he  had opened up his mouth.

12 Times in 7 fucking months!!! You gotta be shitting me!!

I am presuming the Vet knew there was abuse going on, just like a Pediatrician would know a Child was being abused, if he mother kept bring in the Child with certain types of Injuries.

I hope this Veterinarian is being Investigated, so that maybe he to, will face Justice, and a Suspension of his License.

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