King Bloomberg is still Fuming over his BS idea of Congestion Pricing not getting passed.

So what is a King to do when his Concubines don’t agree with him?? He gets even. How?? By making more Pedestrian Islands in NYC, and closing more & more streets. This is all done under the Guise of making NYC Greener and more enjoyable.

What is happening is that Bloomberg is>>

– reducing the number of streets available to Cars & Trucks

– forming more pedestrian islands, and this is done by closing and/or reducing the number of lanes available to Cars & Trucks

– changing traffic patterns in NYC

– etc., etc.

By doing the above, Bloomberg is making NYC less available to Cars & Trucks and other Motor Vehicles. So if  Bloomberg can’t reduce the amount of traffic in the City, by invoking Congestion Pricing, the King will make sure that he closes and restricts as many NYC streets as possible,  so that it will be more Difficult for Motor Vehicles to get around NYC, and maybe they will just leave their Cars home.

I doubt it. Cars will still come into the City. And Bloomberg is making the Environment more Polluted in NYC because the Motor Vehicles will be Idling more and more, due to street restrictions, and the traffic will move slower, which will cause the pollution Levels in NYC to be even Higher than they are now.

Good going Bloomberg, Job well done. Hail to the King!!!

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  1. Manhattan Downtown Says:

    Does anyone realize that while Bloomberg has been watch the fief, the Apple has lost a total of $400+-million in parking revenue alone because he, along with DOT commish and Kelly refuse to control parking permit abuse? Aside from reducing the Car-Bomb threat offered by the presence of hundreds of false parking permits (remember the white van at Times Square?), the reduction in illegal parking with placard abuse eliminated would be worth $46-million a year. There was a slight reduction in placards for a little while but now that the dust has settled a little – but at this time THOUSANDS of Court Officers and NYPD commuters are again flooding the streets everyday – Traffic agents are still instructed to give these government commuters a free parking pass which everyone acknowledges is just bad for the City. Congestion Pricing will NEVER get passed until Bloomberg gets rid of the elephant sitting illegally at OUR public parking spots – Why? Because in order to pass this law – Bloomberg would have to continue giving out free parking passes to Court Officers, NYPD, Fire Department, etc. and turn a blind eye to thousands upon thousands of daily parking violations by his own workers – we all know that’s simply not going to happen!

  2. Manhattan Downtown Says:

    To clarify – I am speaking of $46-million lost in Parking METER Revenue every year (Schaller Consulting, 2006) – it’s probably more than that currently. Multiply that by how many years Bloomberg has been ignoring this revenue loss while he’s been in office!

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