Sprint fool its customers?? Say it ain’t so!

Sprint has been fooling its customers for years. It’s getting to be a joke already.

When a customer has a legit complaint, there are the FanBoys and Girls, who are real Tools, that say,

“Sprints is not twisting your arm, if you don’t like it leave. But you’re not going to get a comparable plan that’s cheaper from any other carrier.”

This has been the mantra of the Sprintoholics and the Lemmings for years. Whatever legitimate criticisms & concerns the customer has of Sprint, falls on deaf ears. If you post on the Sprint Forums, the Assholes will come out of the woodwork that work for Sprint and post their Mantras, The FanBoys and Girls will also crawl out of their Caves just to tell you that your criticisms are not valid, and to defend Sprint who “Can do no Wrong, Not our Beloved Sprint.”

So I say keep complaining, and keep criticizing, and if Sprint doesn’t change their deceptive ways, then let there be a fleeing of customers, as that will be the only way Sprint will wake up and treat their customers fairly………….Oh, wait, the fleeing of customers has already began, for the last 3 years…….Sorry, I forgot………

Sprint has thought of all the angles to eventually get ALL their customers on the Newer & Better plans, for the benefit of the Customer. These plans should be called the Newer & More, Much More Expensive Plans, or The Rip Off Plans, or the Screw Plans, as many of us will have to incur Hundreds, and in some cases, Thousands of Dollars more over a 2 year contract period by switching to the more expensive plans, for the Same Exact Features, and in many cases, less features than we already have. Sprint and its Fan Base have never acknowledged this fact, and they never will. But the Customers already know this. The only way to keep your existing plans would be to use a paper cup and string, or rather purchase a clam shell device.

Hey, as long as Hesse gets paid his Million of Dollars in Salary and Commercial fees, everything is ok. Gotta keep that Yacht floating. Hey, NYC can use a guy like that to run the MTA in NYC, along with that other Schmuck running it now………..

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