Frankie & Joey’s pizzeria closed down a few months ago. It was a sudden thing. Had pizza on a Tuesday, went back the next week, and POOF!!, it was closed

I gotta say that the Pizza was one of the Best in Forest Hills. That is what I mostly ate. Had the veal a few times, but it was always kinda tough, maybe over cooked? I don’t know. The garlic Knots were great. Made with Real Garlic. The chicken parm was made with real Cutlets, not the Frozen, all the same size crap that many pizza places get from Jethro, and the other warehouse restaurant suppliers.

But the Pizza was just the way I liked it. Thin crust, just the right amount of mozzarella, and a real Tasty Tomato Sauce made with real plum tomatoes right on premise. It was the sauce that made the Pizza great! I know there are those that like thick crusted pizza, loads of mozzarella, etc. But notice the way I said “I” liked it.

I stopped going to A&J years ago, when their Prices became outrageous, and their hero portions became so tiny, like you were eating in a French restaurant or something!! As of a year or so ago, a Chinese guy bought the business, and No Fucking Way am I eating at a Pizza place owned by a Chinaman!!!

Anyway, Good Luck to Frankie & Joey. Thanks for the Good Times (cue music lol!,) the Great Pizza, and may you guys have Great Success in your future endeavors!!!!

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