I just heard on NY1 that a man was killed in or outside Bartini’s Lounge in Forest Hills, Queens, in Forest Hills Square, right near the LI Railroad, but I didn’t see anything on the Web or in the news about it. Why is this?

The man was Black. May this be the reason why this has not been publicized? Is the 112th Police Precinct keeping a lid on this one? Is the Queens Community Council being silent on this one because it is the Holiday Season?? Why is this story not getting more Airtime??

A Mother’s Son was Killed. They say the man was jumped in Bartini’s and the Bouncers were part of the group of men that beat the Crap out of this guy who eventually died. The Mother is asking for anyone that knows anything about this to please step forward, so the Whole story can come out.  If it is true that the Bouncers joined in on beating this Man to Death, should this not be known?? Hopefully a full investigation by Law Enforcement is taking place, and not a Cover Up.

Who owns Bartini’s? Do they have connections with the City? Do they have connections in the 112th Precinct?? Is this why this Story is not getting any Airtime?? Come on now. A Man is MURDERED IN FOREST HILLS, Queens AND NOT A PEEP!!! What is going on here??

Hopefully this Story will receive the Airtime it needs, so that Justice can be Served. Let’s hear what Really Happened at Bartini’s, whether The Man that died was at Fault, or whether it was some Thugs at the Bar who were at Fault, which may include the Bouncers participating in this possible Crime……………..

Some more info >>

Haroon Walfall, 33, went to Bartinis Lounge in Forest Hills Friday night with a cousin and a friend. They told his Mother about a dispute inside that lead to his death.

Waide said, “He was talking to this girl. Apparently she had her boyfriend there. And maybe he got jealous and he attacked my son. And his friends came at him and they started beating him. They were all stomping at him. Stomping at his face with his boots.”

Waide says the bouncer threw her son out. In the car, Walfall complained of the pain, and his cousin took him to Franklin General Hospital where he died.

Waide got the call in Florida from her youngest son, “He said ma, your son is gone. He’s gone ma, he’s gone.”

Gone, with no real answers about who or why. The NYPD says the investigation is ongoing, but no arrests have been made.

The reality of a lost son is setting in. Walfall came to the United States from Jamaica as a toddler and just got his U.S. Citizenship six months ago.

The results of Walfall’s autopsy are pending.

Note >>

This is my take on this situation, as Beatings have happened many times before  in Austin Street’s Bars over the past couple of Decades. And Mobs have existed in the Bars of Forest Hills for years. Be forewarned if you go to a Forest Hills Bars, that many thugs are lurking. And these Suck Ass Pussies like to Fight. BUT they like to Fight 10 on 1!! Because 1 on 1, many of these Thugs would get the Crap Beaten out of them!!

This sounds like a Mob mentality ensued. A girl was approached by a Guy. The Girl happened to have a Boyfriend at the Bar, which Walfall may not have known about. The Boyfriend hits the guy, and then his friends also jump on Walfall. The Bouncers may have jumped on this poor guy also, as the original group of thugs that jumped the guy were probably friends of the bouncer(s).

The Bouncers then throw Walfall out of the Bar, so as not to have the Bar liable for his injuries. (so they think) If they didn’t throw the guy out, the Police would come and take a Report On Scene, and No Bar wants that. They would rather kick the guy out, and if the Police come by later, it is better for the bar, then to have them come On Scene. BUT in this case, this choice may have backfired, because Walfall is Dead. Now, the Police should be conducting a Very Through Investigation, and the Detectives should be questioning all involved individually. BUT even still, an Investigation after the fact is better for Bartini’s, then if the Police came on scene during the May-lee, or immediately afterward. One of the reasons is because everything would be ‘Fresh’ so to speak in people’s minds, and some of these Punk Ass thugs may have still been at Bartini’s. Instead of Police coming on scene Hours, or even Days later.

The people involved in the beating and Killing of Walfall are most likely laying low, and it is doubtful anyone who knows who was involved  in this Beatingwill tell any True Tales to Law Enforcement. This is truly a Tragedy, and I feel a Miscarriage of Justice may be the  outcome.

This is the usually protocol of Owners and Bouncers of Bars. When there is a problem like this, they always kick the Single guy out when he’s injured and let the thugs stay. No way would the Bar owners or Bouncers call 9-1-1 to get this guy some help. They almost Never do……If the bouncers or owners of this bar called 9-1-1, Walfall ‘May’ have gotten the necessary Emergency Medical Treatment by the Paramedics on scene and in the Ambulance, en-route to the Hospital. In retrospect, Walfall and his buddy should have called 9-1-1 themselves. The Police would have been called, and would have taken a Report On-Scene. Even if this had happened, the Police no doubt would have chalked this up to ‘just’ a Bar Fight, and try to talk the complainants out of making a report. hey may have said something like > ‘If you make the report, then we would have to Arrest everyone involved, and it may just be better to sleep it off.’ Or something to that effect. BUT at least Walfall would have gotten Emergency Treatment, which may have been the difference between Life and Death. Although Walfall may have Refused Medical Treatment (RMA.) This of course is all Speculative.

Hopefully there will be a thorough investigation, but this Tragedy may be just swept up under the carpet as ‘just another drunk guy beaten up who sadly died,’ and the thugs who perpetrated this possible ‘Crime’ will get away with contributing to Walfall’s Death. Truly a Sad Tale. Let’s all hope that Justice, if due, is Served………………………

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  1. Topkat Says:

    Your version of what happened is based on your imagination! You have no idea what happened. Yes, police sould have been called right away, but if this guy was there with his friend & his couisin, then THEY should have called police. Also, bars are not responsible for fights between patrons. Maybe bouncers got between the guys fighting & then threw them out. You really don’t know, just making up your own version of it. I was also surprised that nothing was on the news about it.

    • transparnc Says:

      If you see “NOTE” that says this is my take on the situation, and the question marks after certain thoughts, these are my thoughts as to what MAY have happened, as I wasn’t there, and there is a Strange Silence, and a media Blackout on this Very Sad Event.
      My thoughts are also based on what occurs on Austin Street over the years, as well as other Bars. If you think all that I wrote is just Imagination, you have to get out of the House more, and see what the Real World is about.
      If you read the News over the years, what I have stated happens often in Bar Situations, and Many Bouncers are just Complete Jackoffs, and that’s A FACT!!
      In addition, you probably are unaware of the History of Bar Owners and the Crap that goes on on Austin Street. As I said, get out of the House a little more and smell the Stale Air that is Floating around on Austin Street………And even though the comments I mentioned are just my take on what MAY have happened, as there were a few scenarios I mentioned, it is likely not to far off from what really happened on that Fateful night…….
      Experience goes a LONG WAY to decipher certain occurrences In addition, Bartini’s is a close knit hangout, and dollars to donuts, the group of Aholes that jumped this poor guy were very good friends of the Bouncers, or well known to the Bouncers……….

      • swan Says:

        Yes the bouncers knew these guys. The Bouncers held Haroon in his shirt (neck area) and walked him to the group of thugs that beat him badly. They are gang members and they go to Bartini all the time. MERRISA KRYSTAL HAKIM is the girlfriend of the gang leader who used Haroon to get her boyfriend jealous so they could beat him. She is a BITCH. Her boyfriend and his thugs killed Haroon. Anyone who saw anything that night should go to the 112th Precint. This case is not dead. Things are happening slowly but surely. Will update you some other time.

  2. Dwightworrell Says:

    I am haroons friend ,,, I hang with him everyday………
    The bouncer there purposely took him into an ambush of everyday patrons….
    Also…. Haroon and that girl marrissa j . Are also close friends…. Her boyfriend and those pussies jumped him for no reason…… There will be justice……

  3. Dwightworrell Says:

    No the police was not called on scene ….
    They were trapped two stories down and getting jumped by at least sixteen drunk punks…. Being thrown out the bar they couldn’t stay there in shock and dazed…..
    That place is a deathtrap…. Only one way out up n dow steps…. Two stories down in the ground …… They were beaten with chairs and tables …. And now my boy haroon isn’t here anymore because some guy was jealous for nothing…….. And thats fact

    • transparnc Says:

      I take it you meant Haroon was trapped 2 stories down, getting jumped by the gang of Pussies.
      Btw, I wonder if there is any Fire Code Violations going on at Bartini’s?? as if there is ONLY 1 Egress, that would seem like a real Fire Hazard. There may be another Fire Exit though. I am not sure. Should be looked into though. Bartini’s should be looked into further regarding Ownership and the People that are employed there. A Background Search should also be done regarding it’s Security (and I use that word lightly.)
      Have you been questioned by the NYPD since you were there On Scene? And if so, how did that go?
      Do you know any of the Thugs that jumped your friend, Haroon?

  4. Stokelife Says:

    Me and my friends have been there many times, seen at least 2 bloody fights. Ambulances came, police came but the club stays open. really suspect now that I look at it. Sad.

    • transparnc Says:

      Yes. It is really sad. This place looks like it should have been shut down long ago. But I truly believe that there is something or someone protecting that club.
      It may be an affiliation from the previous owners of Danielle’s and the owners of Bartini’s, but I am not sure. This is only conjecture. But I do know that the previous owner of Danielle’s was a partner with the then owner of Bartini’s. The previous owners of Danielle’s were a son and his father, who was a Higher up in the NYPD. I don’t know if this relationship still exists though. And I dont know who the owners of Bartini’s currently are. I mean the real Owners, and not the owners listed on paper.
      Sometimes there are instances where owners of clubs and/or bars have Felony records, and cannot secure a NYS Liquor License. The owners then go out and get a friend or acquaintance to have them put the Liquor license under their name (using them as a Shill.) Meanwhile this ‘Shill’ really has nothing to do with the club and/or bar, except to have the Liquor License under their name, so the club can exist. Obviously you can open a club and/or bar Without a Liquor License, BUT obviously you wouldn’t do any business. I am speaking in general terms, BUT something else that should be investigated.
      ALL of these and other things should be looked at thoroughly. BUT as with Danielle’s, it may take a couple of Catastrophes to finally shut down a dubious club. We shall see what happens, BUT as of now, there is still a Strange Silence going on with this Sad Story. I fear that since Haroon died away from Bartini’s, this also will be swept under the carpet, until a similar or even worse situation happens again.
      Many people will be going to Bartini’s during this holiday season, and afterward without ever knowing what happened on that fateful night for Haroon, and May be putting their own Lives, and the Lives of their Loved ones in Jeopardy. All this because The Media has a Blackout on this Catastrophe………….Who in their right minds would risk going to this Bartini’s if they knew what had happened there, and the type of Thugs that hang out there.

      • swan Says:

        There might be a strange silence as you call it. Dont count this one dead yet. This killing will not be swept under the table info comes up everyday.

      • transparnc Says:

        Thank you very much for the Updates. And Hopefully Haroon will be able to Rest in Peace soon, once the Perpetrators (Murderers) of this Horrendous crime are brought to Justice, including the Bartini Collaborators. And if any of the officers in the 112th Precinct are found to have also Helped ‘Stall’ this Investigation, they should also be brought to Justice, hopefully before any of them Retire and start collecting their Pensions. Once they start feeling the heat, they always protect their pensions.
        Keep us all Posted.
        Thanks, and my Heart goes out to Harron, his Family and Friends.

  5. arnold harris Says:

    History repeats. 24 years ago chris oconnor was murdered by bouncers at la mour east on queens blvd. Go to

    • transparnc Says:

      I read your link, and a real tragedy indeed. I am hopeful that within time, Chris and his Family will see Justice served, and the Murders, Corrupt Politicians and Law Enforcement which have covered up the case all these years will be brought to Justice.
      I remember when the 112th precinct was covering up and protecting the sons of mafiaso which were involved in some very bad beatings in Danielle’s on Austin Street in the early 90’s.
      Seems like at least a few cops were on the take back then. And most likely in the 80’s as most likely occurred in Chris’s case. May he Rest in Peace, and Justice be Served so he can truly Rest in Peace.
      My condolences to his Family and Loved ones. Keep up the Fight.

  6. transparnc Says:

    I remember that Murder.
    That was all over the News if I remember correctly.
    I think Law Enforcement was always looking for ways to shut down that Club, BUT it appears the Police aand/or Politicians are Protecting Bartini’s from Bad Publicity just as they Protected Danielle’s.
    A shame, a real Tragedy. Haroon is Dead, and Not a peep in the Media still.
    The Powers to be in Forest Hills, including Law Enforcement, Politicians, The Queens Representatives, etc. are succeeding in Shutting this story down!!!

  7. transparnc Says:

    Not a Fucking Peep about the poor guy that got killed at Bartini’s!!
    And the Corruption of Forest Hills, and the PD continues forward. And The Bum Fuck Establishment called Bartini’s is allowed to stay in Business.
    So there will be a Next Time regarding a Violent Act at this establishment. I am confident that Haroon was NOT the First Violent Act to occur there, and most likely many, many more Violent Acts have been Swept Under the Carpet, and the PD has looked the other way.
    Where is the Investigation of this Bartini’s??
    Where is the Justice for Haroon?
    Where is the Investigation into the Owners of this Bartini’s?
    Where is the Investigation of it’s Employees?
    Where oh where is Al Sharpton regarding this Death??
    I figured he’d be all over this one!! I guess the powers to be were able to Shut the Mouth of the East up on this one.
    Too bad, as he may have been able to get something done.
    I guess Black on Black crime doesn’t get Sharpton’s Attention!!
    But it did happen at Bartini’s, which is, or used to be owned by Italians, in the White Neighborhood of Forest Hills, and there must have been a couple of white guys involved in this Horrendous Crime.
    And even if not, this Crime should be receiving more attention that it has. and one more question??
    Why is this Crime being Swept Under the Carpet, and Hushed??

  8. swan Says:


    • Marie Davis Says:

      I heard they arrested someone in the case but we haven’t heard about it in the news. I wonder why?

      • transparnc Says:

        Most likely the same reason the 112th Precinct doesn’t tell anyone about the 2 Thugs that are Sticking up the Citizens of Forest Hills at Gunpoint. Shoving a Gun into the Heads of innocent citizens. There has been a several of these Armed GunPoint Robberies in Forest Hills But the 112th Precinct and Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce is Not Alerting Anyone of these Violent Crimes.
        This is the way Bloomberg and Kelly and Company keep the Crime Stats ‘low’ in NYC.
        In the case of Bartini’s, I think it is a combination of the above, and most likely Bartini’s is Well Connected in the Political World and is keeping the Covers on this one. A real shame, but hopefully We can keep this story alive and the apparent Cover up that is ensuing, by writing about it, and talking about it.
        Thanks for posting and keeping everyone Updated…………….

  9. swan Says:


    The investigation is on going, so contact the 112th precint. Contact the Queens DA’s office and let them know you need information on this case. They have a lot of information. These thugs that killed Haroon will come to justice soon. Bartinis will close one day. Those bullshit people and their death trap night club will not be there forever. That is a promise.

    • transparnc Says:

      I hope Haroon is getting some Justice. I am unaware of any news regarding this story, as it appears that this blog is the only information covering it.
      If anyone has an Update, please Post.
      Wonder if this Asshole club bartini’s is still open??
      Hopefully it has Closed Down, or was Shut Down!!
      If it is still open, all I can say is that Corruption is still Alive & Well in Forest Hills, NY, and that People’s lives aren’t worth much there…………………….
      If People Stopped Patronizing this place, bartinis would have no choice But to Shut Down!!

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