Bloomberg Photo Op With a Snow Shovel in His Hand??

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bloomberg will have a photo op of himself shoveling snow today! This Egotistical, Pompous Ass Fucked up the Blizzard Snow Removal last month, so he is calling in the Calvary for the 4 inch Blizzard LOL! we are supposed to have today!!

Bloomberg is either Firing or making Department  changes to Personnel that had nothing to do regarding the Terrible, Horrendous response to the Blizzard we had a week ago.  The 2 People who are Responsible for the No Response to the Blizzard are sanitation commissioner doherty, and the King Himself, Bloomberg. Bloomberg should Fire Doherty, and then The King himself should step down from his Throne.

Bloomberg has once again started to ‘Talk Down’ to the ‘Little People,’ and especially relishes in Talking Down to Marcia Kramer of Channel 2 News here in NYC. Marcia is the only Reporter who seems to be standing up to the Mayor, and Good For Her, and Shame on all the other Reporters who Kiss Bloomberg’s Ass at the Press Conferences.

Bloomberg chooses his words carefully when he speaks about the lack of response to the Blizzard. He says: His Administration is held to a ‘Higher Standard, and ‘We’ didn’t meet that higher Standard that the People of NYC have come to expect.’

Bloomberg has started to berate Reporters, and treat them like little kids when he is asked questions such as where He was during the Blizzard, and why his Deputy Commissioner was also out of NYC at the same time during the Blizzard. He tells reporters and the People of NYC it is None of Their Business.

NYC is in Jeopardy when it comes to Catastrophes, because of Pompous Assholes like Bloomberg who don’t feel they have to Answer to The People of NYC. In addition, Doherty should be Fired just for the Fact that he Laughs and Giggles during the Press Conferences. He should be the First to go, and Bloomberg should be right behind him.

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