City Council 2010 Blizzard Hearing Bullshit is Piling Higher Than the Blizzard Snow!!

The 2010 Blizzard Hearings in front of The City Council are in progress, being televised by NY1. The Bullshit flying around so far is piling higher than the Snow was during the Blizzard!! The idiots presenting testimony are reading from Scripts that were no doubt thoughtfully written out by the Administration’s Script and Speech Writers. They had 2 weeks to write these Speeches.

First up to testify are The City’s Commissioners consisting of Sanitation Commissioner Doherty, Fire Commissioner Cassano, Commissioner of the NYC Office of Emergency Mangement (OEM) Bruno, and Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith are falling over themselves in trying to read their scripts.

Hopefully, the City Council Representatives see through this obvious bullshit, and ask the tough questions of why there were so many failures during the 2010 Blizzard.

Oh, btw, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is absent from the Hearings. I wonder why? Hmmmmm.

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12 Comments on “City Council 2010 Blizzard Hearing Bullshit is Piling Higher Than the Blizzard Snow!!”

  1. transparnc Says:

    Bruno, Doherty, and Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith are a bunch of Imbeciles. Cassano comes off much more honest than the rest of the morons. Looks like Kelly was able to skip this Hearing. They are falling over themselves handing off the questions to one another to see who gets to dish out the BS responses to the City Council’s questions.

  2. transparnc Says:

    Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith is so busy studdering, that his answers are just jibberish. The City Council just started asking questions, and the panel of commissioners are already having trouble answering.

  3. transparnc Says:

    Looks like someone made a ton of money on a certain chain contract, those of which broke during usage, and that the City Council was not aware of. Doherty defends the chains even though they failed. No chains were put on vehicles anyway.

  4. transparnc Says:

    Christmas Day at 4pm, The National Weather Service declared a Blizzard Watch for NYC. And Bloomberg’s Administration did Nothing for 24 Hours!!
    There were reasons for this. What are they??

  5. transparnc Says:

    Even Bloomberg can see that he and his Administration are looking like the Biggest Bullshit Artists ever to Testify in front of The City Council!!

  6. transparnc Says:

    Bruno is a Dope, and should resign from his position of Commissioner of OEM.
    He is so busy covering up for the real reasons for the delay, that he is very uncreditable.

  7. transparnc Says:

    The testimony is all about what the Administration did 24 hours AFTER multiple problems were occurring.
    The question is Why wasn’t Anythng done BEFORE and Early On DURING the Blizzard??

  8. transparnc Says:

    These Commissioners look more like Bumpkins than the Tobacco Executives looked when they testified in front of Congress.

  9. transparnc Says:

    The question was asked by Bruno: Who is responsible for not declaring a Snow Emergency? Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith (who was out of the City during the Blizzard) answered that really no one because the issue ‘never ripened.’ And the question really never came up to make a decision.

    What?? You gotta be kidding me!!

    Bruno continued,and also mentioned that both Bloomberg and the Deputy Mayor were both NOT in the City during the Blizzard. He continued and said that was a discussion for another day.

  10. transparnc Says:

    It is being said that this debacle occurred because of a lack of communication.
    Imo, there was perfect communication among the Administration regarding not responding to the Blizzard appropriately because of money regarding overtime on Christmas Day, etc.
    This is proven because of the lack of appropriate response by Walder and the MTA.
    This was from the TOP, no doubt. There may not have been a specific word or words said regarding these Inactions, But a General feeling and innuendos indicating that the Administration will Hold off regarding the response, or act in a way that will save some money.
    The City is now installing video equipment, GPS, etc. on the Vehicles for future occurrences to reduce the chances of this ever happening again, BUT the City has always responded appropriately without all of the excess equipment which is being called for.
    There is a Specific Reason (s)for this Lack of Response, and it is not that there were no scouts, GPS, Video Equipment, etc.

  11. transparnc Says:

    Goldsmith has passed off more questions to Bruno than Jets Quarterback Sanchez did the other day!!
    Looks as though Bruno is better at dishing out the BS than Goldsmith is.
    Goldsmith has now stuck up for Bloomberg regarding the lack of information Bloomberg had early on due to Goldberg and others in the Administration. This is No Surprise regarding Bloomberg’s Concubines being the fallguys.
    It is being said that The Mayor was not in charge, and neither was the Deputy Mayor. Doherty is now saying he is the Fallguy.
    Meanwhile, Blommberg is Ulimately Responsible, and not his Concubines.

  12. transparnc Says:

    Bruno, Goldsmith or Doherty will most likely resign after these hearings, is my guess. Bloomberg will have No Choice but to ask one of these morons to resign. Doherty is most likely the The Top Pick, but Bruno follows closely behind. Goldsmith is not far behind either, But since he passes off most of the questions, and the ones he does answer have no substance, he is most likely least likely to be asked to resign. Although after seeing him testify, the People of NYC should be very worried that this idiot is the Deputy Mayor.
    Who knows, The 3 of them will most likely have a meeting with Bloomberg and pick straws.
    One thing is for sure, after the People of NYC see this Hearing, and the Testimony of the Imbeciles, The People will realize that NYC is in worst shape regarding it’s leaders than could ever have been imagined. And these Poor Leaders include Bloomberg, as he is the Top Leader.
    Bloomberg is Lucky he didn’t have to Testify in front of the City Council, as he may have come out with the most egg on his face.
    I only hope that the People of NYC can see this Hearing, if not Live, than later on, to see the Terrible Shape this City is in regarding the Leaders we entrust our lives in. This Hearing is Exctremely Telling and Educational, and should be Watched by Everyone in NYC, and even those who don’t live in NYC.

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