Don’t Piss Off By Talking About Their Beloved Evo 4G!!

It appears that there are some sensitive members on

All you have to do is inquire about the Sprint Evo 4G, and some of the members, including its Moderators get real testy. A member was inquiring about the possibility of the Evo 4G being upgraded with the Dual Core Snapdragion Processor, and the member got some rude answers. In fact, the Thread was eventually moved to the Off-Topics forum, which cannot be accessed by non-members. So if someone googles the question >

Will the Evo 4G be getting the 1.2Ghz Dual Core SnapDragon Processor,?

you will be directed to the thread, but will have to sign up as a member if you are not one already. Looks like the thread hit a Nerve, a very sensitive nerve with these members. Unbelievable, seeing it is just a device, yet people get so uppity discussing anything which may bring a topic into focus.

The Evo 4G has the 1.0Ghz Snapdragon processor, and Qualcomm has started to ship the dual core processors. This means that dual core devices will be right around the corner soon. And this May put the Evo 4G on the back burner for a while. Sprint will most likely come out with a dual core device to keep up with the Jonses, But Sprint may take a while to do so, considering the Evo 4G just came out on the Market in June 2010. And Sprint is usually Very Slow in coming out with any new Devices or Upgrades.

T-Mobile looks like it will be getting the dual core and make it available in a device called the Glacier. Motorola will also be releasing dual core devices, as well as LG. The Evo 4G looks to be a Great device though, and any Sprint device or other carrier’s devices receiving a dual core processor may not live up to the excellence of the Evo 4G. The Evo is by HTC, and the possible Glacier that T-Mobile may have is also made by HTC.

It will be interesting how all this will stack up. Qualcomm and the processor development for the Android devices are being produced at a very fast pace. No doubt, the owners of the 1.0Ghz processor devices will want to jump onto the latest and greatest processors, which at the moment will be the dual core devices, which will have the Qualcomm Dual Core 1.2?-1.5? Ghz processors.

Then the whole cycle will begin again when newer and faster processors will be made available. But it will be a wait and see to see how these dual cores perform. They are supposed to be up to 5x the speed and use 75% less power as compared to the previous 1.0 Ghz snapdragon processor.

Again, most likely gets a lot of revenue regarding advertising on their site from Sprint, etc, which may be the reasons for the piss poor attitudes of its Moderators, and some members. Then again, they just may be sensitive to any inquiries regarding any upgrades to their Evo 4G’s, because they just plunked down some big bucks for them. Whatever the reasons, I recommend not signing onto their forum as it has appeared to have gotten very biased over the last couple of years. You may sign up, only to ask an innocent question, and get shut down by the Overzealous Moderators that seem to be rampant on the forum.

In addition, some of the Moderators over there ‘talk’ to you in a way that if they ever spoke to you ‘face to face,’ they’d be singing a different tune. That’s what ‘s convenient about the Web sometimes for these ‘Moderators’ who are most likely some Snot Nose Punkasses. In life, these Moderators are most likely some Whiny, Sniffling, Picked on all their Life Assholes that have an issue with their Masculinity, so they get off on telling people off on these forums because they can feel like they have a Pair between their Legs, But in reality, they are the same Snot nose, Punk asses that wanna make believe they are someone. To these Moderators, I Salute you with a Big Middle Finger.

Anyway, looking forward to the Dual Core devices, and the feedback they get once they are made available to the General Public.

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