The Sprint/HTC Evo 3D Fiasco………

Recently on June 24, 2011, the Sprint/HTC Evo 3D was made available to the Public. Almost a year ago to the day, the HTC Evo 4G was made available to the Public by Sprint and HTC. The Evo 4G broke all records I believe for the most Android Smart phones sold, then and now. The Evo 4G was a Blockbuster Hit for Sprint as well as HTC. Sprint couldn’t keep them in Stock, and HTC couldn’t manufacture them fast enough to keep up with the Demand. I waited a few months after the Evo 4G became available to purchase one, as I was so used to the Windows OS, and Android was fairly new at the time. I haven’t looked back since!

The Evo 3D has been available for at least 2 weeks. While this is a short amount of time, I think it is long enough to see how sales are going, and they are not going well. This is evident by a few things >>

1) there has already been 2 price drops in only 2 weeks time
2) the Evo 3D is being made available to the European Market. This may be because HTC sees the writing on the wall regarding the poor sales of the device in The USA, and wants to hedge their bets so to speak.
3) the feedback on the forums.
4) Sprint’s deafening silence on the sales figures of the Evo 3D in contrast to the Evo 4G a year ago
5) the overwhelming supply of the Evo 3D available in Stores. No back orders, no lines, etc.

HTC and Sprint figured that with such a Blockbuster as the Evo 4G, they wanted to ‘Improve’ on their Record Selling Device and ‘make it better.’ Nothing wrong with this idea as a year had passed and technology, especially in the ‘Android’ department is extremely fast growing. So what they did was take the Evo 4G and add a 1.2Ghz Dual Core Snapdragon processor, upgraded from the 1Ghz processor from a year ago, increased the ROM from 1GB to 4GB, increased the RAM from 512mb to 768mb?, gave it Sense 3.0, upgraded from the Sense 1.0, and gave it a 3D 5mp Dual Camera lenses, changed from the 8mp camera from a year ago, a side mounted switch to change from 2D/3D and a dedicated side mounted camera button.

The above Upgrades were very welcomed from the Sprint Community, but there was a lot of criticism surrounding the 3D camera such as ‘is it really necessary?, ‘it’s a gimmick,’ it doesn’t work,’ it’s a downgrade from the previous 8mb camera,’ 3D technology on cellphones is in it’s infancy,’ I would have purchased the Evo 3D if it didn’t have that 3D on it,’ etc., etc. On the other side of the aisle were those saying ‘3D technology is the wave of the future,’ ‘if you don’t like the 3D, just turn it off,’ ‘I want to be one of the first in the USA to get the first 3D Android device,’ I want to show off the 3D pictures to my friends,’ etc., etc. As I mentioned, there was a lot of criticism surrounding the 3D camera on the Evo 3D, and many were saying this was and is the reason for the poor sales. The 3D camera has it’s supporters and detractors. The supporters tell the others to get over it and just flip the switch if you don’t want the 3D. Well it’s more than just that. Because of the Dual 3D dual camera lenses, you have the following which can’t be switched off >

1) the screen is different in order to view 3D pictures so the viewing angles are different and some say the screen is darker.
2) there is a camera side switch and a camera side button. Some don’t care for these switches on the side of their device
3) the physical appearance of the phone is different due to the 3D dual camera set up
4) because of the dual 3D camera lenses and the battery, there is no room for a kickstand.

In addition, let’s not forget that Sprint’s advertising dollars mostly concentrated on the 3D camera aspect of the Evo 3D. We saw this in commercials as well as print. While I give consumers more credit than just to concentrate on what Sprint wants you to concentrate on, there are reasons why Millions of Dollars are spent on Advertising. Because it Influences Consumers! In this case, maybe for the worse. Sprint didn’t concentrate on publicizing the internal improvements of their device, but instead chose to concentrate on selling the 3D aspect of their Evo 3D to consumers.

I think it’s much more than just the 3D camera that accounts for the poor sales. HTC and Sprint not only made internal changes to the Evo 3D which is welcomed by the vast majority of consumers, but they also made a few external changes, and I’m not just talking about the 3D dual camera. The following external changes were made >>

1) the Evo 3D is slightly longer and narrower
2) the screen resolution is different, as well as the viewing angles. Some say the screen is slightly darker.
3) the rear cover is of a different texture, which encloses the 3D dual camera lenses.
4) there is no kickstand
5) there is a camera switch (2D/3D) and a camera button on the lower right side of the device
6) the usb/charging port is on the side, not on the bottom
7) the speaker is smaller

As you can see, there were many physical changes made to the Evo 3D as compared the Evo 4G. Some say for the better, and some say for the worse. Some say these changes are no big deal, and an improvement. All I’ll say is that there was a lot of Noise surrounding Customer’s dismay at not having the kickstand on the Evo 3D. To me it’s no big deal, but the general consensus is that it is a big deal. I’m pointing out that just this minor change is a Deal Breaker to many which shows the sensitive temperament of customers, and that one never knows how customers will react to change, no matter how insignificant Manufacturers such as HTC, or service providers such as Sprint may view them.

There’s an old saying ‘If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it.’ This doesn’t mean that Manufacturers and Providers shouldn’t make improvements to older devices in the manufacturing of their Newer & Improved Models. Of course they should, and it is almost Mandatory for them to do so by upgrading to the current technologies made available in the course of a year, but HTC/Sprint did more than just that. And there lies the problems and the reasons why the Evo 3D is not selling nearly as well as the Evo 4G, or as had been predicted by HTC and Sprint. Sprint and HTC made too many changes to their Award winning Evo 4G in hopes of repeating it’s success with the Evo 3D, but in doing so, achieved the opposite.
Sometimes ‘Less is More,’ and in this case, that never rang so true.

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14 Comments on “The Sprint/HTC Evo 3D Fiasco………”

  1. Robin Says:

    If HTC’s goal was to produce one phone that stole sales from everyone else, they wouldn’t release so many phones. Rather, their strategy is to offer lots of choices and gain the collective market share.

    Also, the Android smartphone market is very different now than it was a year ago when the Evo 4G launched. The choices in top-of-the-line phones is much greater, making it that much harder for any given phone to stand out. HTC understands this and is diversifying. The numbers don’t lie. HTC is on a roll for 2011. Just google for their earnings.

    In the end, your blog article pretty much can be condensed into the following: you think 3D is a gimmick and therefore the Evo 3D is a failure. While you’re entitled to that opinion, you’re really missing the forest for the trees.

    • transparnc Says:

      Nope. Even though 3D is considered a Gimmick by the Majority of Consumers, that is not the jist of my Article as can be ascertained by reading it’s Entire content.
      HTC & Sprint thought they were going to have another Blockbuster as they did with the Evo 4G. That didn’t happen, and this article explains the possibilities why.
      HTC is on a roll, and there Sales are on a Fantastic Rise. The basis of my Article is Not how HTC is succeeding regarding their Sales of the Multiple Devices they are manufacturing, But how HTC & Sprint are doing regarding One Device, the Evo 3D. HTC’s success as a Whole is a whole different Topic altogether.
      HTC and Sprint Failed regarding their Marketing Strategy surrounding the Evo 3D as has been evidenced by its lack of Sales, feedback from Consumers, excess stock, multiple price drops, etc.
      I get a feeling it may be You who cannot see the ‘Forest through the Trees’ as you have alluded to.
      Supply & Demand, and as I mentioned, HTC & Sprint Missed the Boat on this One. Hopefully the next device HTC & Sprint make available to its Customers will be more in line with what the Majority of their Customers want in a device.

      • Guyver Says:

        I don’t think they failed. I think like Robin said the landscape is different than it was a year ago and I also think that since 3D is still emerging that the 3D is future proof. It will start increasing in sales as more and more people come to 3D in their homes. They said the same thing about 3D in the theaters. It’s a gimmick. It’s not ready but after about a year they started filming most movies in 3D and the majority of box office revenue comes from 3D sales. Then 3D tv’s came out. Critics said the same thing. about a year later people started slowly buying 3D tvs for their house and sales are picking up. The EVO 3D is no different. They will hit records with this phone. Just not in the first few weeks like the phones that hit huge records in a week and die out a month later.

    • i agree with some of your points,but he was saying what i was thinking. 3d was a gamble that they should not have took,but the bright side is they might be coming out with the evo 4g+. would have gotten the evo if it was not for that 3d crap.

      • transparnc Says:

        Yes, the Evo 3G was a Gamble that didn’t work out for Sprint & HTC, at least not here in the USA. The Evo 3D is also being made available in Great Britain next month.
        The Evo 4G+ has been made for the Korean market. HTC should have shipped the Evo 3D to Korea, and gave Us the Evo 4G+. But hopefully, HTC & Sprint won’t attach any 3D cameras and all the Junk that goes with it, to any new devices in the near future. Maybe once 3D is perfected, But even then, the Evo has a 4.3in. Screen. Who gives a Rat’s Ass about 3D on such a small screen?
        Looking forward to the next HTC Evo? 2, or I may even look at the Samsung Galaxy 2 coming to Sprint.(aka ‘Within’ on the Sprint Network)

  2. transparnc Says:

    And the Evo 3D Fiasco Continues.
    Not only are they not selling that well But >>

    1) The bootloader is Locked when HTC Promised it would be Unlocked by the time Customers received theirs on June 24. Now HTC says that they expect to send an OTA unlocking the bootloader in Late September!! WTF!! The Developers over at XDA may have it Unlocked way before and they are starting from scratch!!
    2) There have been numerous Complaints about the Evo 3D Over-Heating and Over-Charging. After a few days of these Complaints, HTC publicly said that they are Not aware of any of these issues and have not been able to duplicate them, but will continue to keep us posted, or some BullShit to that effect. Meanwhile some Customers’ Evo 3D’s are getting Burning Hot and their Batteries are Charging to 4.38v which is way out of spec for a Li-ion Battery whose nominal voltage is 3.7-3.8v. Specifications say that charging should stop at 4.2v +- .05%
    Btwe, SDprint and HTC have failed to give their aCustomers the specifications of the charging system for the Evo 3D. When asked about the Specs by HTC would only say that the Charger is 5v @1000mAh. NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!
    This is written on the Charger! HTC only gave a partial answer, which means very little and really has Nothing to do with the question asked of them, But the Charging Specifications for a Li-ion battery with
    3.7 – 3.8 nominal voltage is widely available.

  3. Tom Says:

    First of all I bought a evo 3d and love the phone. The 3d part of it has grown on me. Love that I can watch a 3d movie if I want to. I have not had any problems with it at all. Let’s not forget Sprint changed there upgrading prices since the first evo came out. So u can’t get a full discount price on it. Unless you were a new customer or had your old sprint phone for more then 2 years. That’s why sales r not where the first one were.

    • transparnc Says:

      Check Out Wirefly and Amazon. They’re practically giving away the Evo 3D.
      I’m glad you like the phone, But many customers are on Gold Premier, and can get a full upgrade after 1 year.
      Check out the price info below at for New and Existing Sprint Customers. These Price Drops are Unprecedented for a High End Smartphone.
      And the Evo 3D hasn’t even been out 2 months yet!

      HTC EVO 3D now only $49.99 at Wirefly for New Customers.
      Only $69.99 for Sprint Customers eligible for an Upgrade.

      There have been numerous price drops on the Evo 3D in a very short period of time. And it’s not because they’re flying off Sprint’s shelves. If they were, there wouldn’t be one price drop.
      Again, I’m glad you’re happy with the Evo 3D, But Sprint & HTC missed the boat with this one…………………..

  4. Tom Says:

    Well that is your opinion. The 3d is a huge upgrade over the gen 1 evo. I do not agree with your sales statement. With my best buy discount I didn’t pay a lot for the phone. And our store sold 39 3ds the first day. 12 more then the first evo. With sprints new plans and only 1 year after the first we were not expecting the sales of the first evo.$699. At our store

  5. Tom Says:

    Also this happens on wirefly, amazon,ect… new android phones are coming in all the time. Take a way the contract and the phone is still the same price. Doesn’t change my opinion of the phone 1 bit. I believe in the u.k. the evo.3d is the highest price of any android phone ever $850. Why does HTC have shortages I wonder. Bottom line is I skipped the first evo cuz I didn’t like the display or the gpu. And I’m glad I did.

  6. Tom Says:

    Lol, this is funny. Wirefly is selling sprints sgs2 for discount price of $149. It’s not even out yet lol. That is one of the hottest phones out right now. Clearly wireflys pricing has nothing to do with sales of the phone. It’s cuz people don’t want to buy a smartphone online where they would have to send it in if they have a issue. These online stores have to sell them cheap.

  7. transparnc Says:

    I just purchased another Evo 4G on eBay as a Back up, since the EOL is coming in October. I’ll probably have to wait until next Spring, for another HTC to come out that I like. I will take a look at the
    Galaxy S2 though when it comes out in a couple of weeks.
    16mb or internal memory, 32gb Micro SDHC card (customer supplied?) Amoled Plus Screen, 1.2Ghz Dual Core Processor, etc.
    I hear what all of you that have purchased an Evo 3D are saying, but 4gb of Internal memory and only 1gb left for the User because of Sense 3.0 and the 3D camera??.Sprint could have put their money into other features which are more important to the Masses.
    I still say that Evo 3D Sales are as slow as all Hell.
    Btw, those Ping Pong Commercials, as well as those Spaghetti ads on the Web showing off the HTC/Sprint Evo 3D Top Feature, 3D, don’t do a thing for me, and I would venture to guess that they don’t do a thing for the Majority of Customers.
    It appears that the Evo 3D has a Niche regarding being a Favorite of a Minority of Customers, But that Niche does little for the Sales of the Evo 3D.
    An Evo 4G+ will be Welcomed, although many of us with the Evo 4G are still Extremely Happy. The Development is Phenomenal, and is still Ongoing………

  8. Crissa Says:

    I recently got this phone, because it cost ‘the same’ as other options… And I already had the expensive Sprint plan, so it made no diff if I got this or that (I should send in the mail-in, on that point…) I wasn’t going to get it because 3D is such a gimmick – I like 3D, but what use are photos I can’t show anyone? – and that 3D doesn’t work on the widgets.

    The screen is brighter – has a wider range of brightness even – of any phone I’ve tried. So that argument is all sorts of wrong.

    The case I bought totally has a kickstand. That argument is bunk, too. I liked the original cover, but it doesn’t have much bump space for the camera, and it has no color – aside from red around the #D camera you can’t cover.

    There’s lots of reasons not to like the phone… But all of them apply to any Sprint phone. I don’t get the USB on the bottom issue; the Moment has it on the side, too.

    Biggest complaint I have? It’s heavy. So was the 4G. The cable that came with it doesn’t have tactile keying – you can’t hold the cable and know which orientation it is without touching the tip or looking at it. Since I plug it in the dark all the time, this is actually a big annoyance. Which is funny, the cable is really well built otherwise.

    I know, this is a really late comment… But I think it’s important to point out.

    I really wish they’d sprung for 3D widgets.

    • transparnc Says:

      Thanks for your reply.
      As a note, I got myself the Samsung Epic 4G Touch about 3 months ago, and all I can say is WOW!!
      It’s not LTE, but if Sprint drags their Asses with LTE like they did and are with 4G, it’ll be years if ever if LTE gets off the ground, but that’s for another discussion LOL!
      You mentioned the Evo 3D Dislplay is the best of any Sprint Phone??
      Really? How ’bout the SE4GT?

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