HTC says their 1730mAh Battery used in their Evo 3D Smartphone Has a Maximum Charging Voltage of 4.35V??

HTC’s Evo 3D has been having Over-Heating issues as well as Over-Charging issues according to some of Sprint’s customers. Two weeks ago, HTC said they were not aware of these problems, and were unable to duplicate them, but they would pay attention to the issue stated by some customers. Sprint said there are NO problems. HTC was a little more open-minded, although when asked what their specifications were for the battery being used regarding voltage, their answer was that the charger is 5v @ 1a, which is not really a complete answer as most usb chargers are of this spec.

The voltages being recorded by some customers were sometimes upwards of 4.35v and higher. This was very disturbing to say the least, due to the fact that the maximum charging voltage of 4.2v Li-ion batteries is 4,2v +- .05v. 4.35v for a 4.2v battery is Extremely Dangerous. Coupled with High Temperatures is a Disaster waiting to happen.

HTC just came out with their 2nd response regarding the Over-charging and Over-heating issues with the Evo 3D. They Now say that the maximum voltage of their 1730mAh batteries is 4.35v.

4.35v Li-ion batteries are not commonly used. When they are used, they are usually cylindrical, and used in Laptops or Flashlights. Why HTC failed to let their customers know about the 4.35v spec in their 1st announcement is curious to say the least. And why different customers having different cut-off voltages? Some are having 4.35v and higher, while others are having 4.2v.

I use Li-ion batteries in my flashlights which have a nominal voltage of 3.7v, and at their maximum, terminate at 4.2v. Usually they terminate prior, between 4.15-4.20v, But NEVER terminate higher than 4.2v.

I don’t have a lot of faith in HTC’s announcement regarding the 4.35v maximum voltage. If anyone has any insight into this issue, it would be much appreciated.


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3 Comments on “HTC says their 1730mAh Battery used in their Evo 3D Smartphone Has a Maximum Charging Voltage of 4.35V??”

  1. Sean Says:

    I just got my EVO. Today I noticed my phone was excessively hot after being on the charger for the afternoon. It remained hot to the touch after being removed from the charger for a good hour plus. It is only my fourth day with he phone. Worth some more researching for sure. Thank you for the heads up about the voltages!!!

  2. transparnc Says:

    Yes. Keep an eye on it.
    If it continues to have a termination charge of 4.35V, I would make my concerns known to Sprint, and exchange it.
    You are within the return/exchange period. I forget if it is 30 days, or 14 days.

  3. Dave Rich Says:

    4.35V battery technology is becoming commonplace. The issue becomes identifying the battery charging voltage with the power management circuitry so that a 4.20V replacement (read “knockoff”) isn’t accidentally charged at the higher voltage. A knockoff battery may not have the proper safety equipment, such as over-voltage protection, to be charged safely at 4.35V. A quality OEM-style battery would probably disconnect the battery from the charger around 4.31V to be safe by opening at least 1 of the safety FETs.

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