Obama’s Secret Service Team Involved in Prostitution Scandal in Columbia

12 Secret Service Agents were sent home to the USA from Columbia, because they were involved in a Prostitution Scandal in Columbia.
I’m very surprised that the Secret Service was involved in a Protitution Scandal such as this. Secret Service Agents, although Human, are usually beyond reproach. That’s because they are of a certain Caliber Law Enforcement Level, the Best of the Best regading Integrity.
Can’t remember the last time the Secret Service was involved in a Scandal, at least of this magnitude. Would be interesting to see the Identities and Background information of those Agents involved.
Although that information may not ever be made Public, unless there was Criminal Activity involved.
If the prostitute (s) in question was (were) under age (I believe under the age of 18) which is a possibility, that would be a Criminal Offense under US Law, and the offender would be arrested and charged accordingly with Child Prostitution, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, etc. no matter what the local laws regarding age of consent are in the Country of the offense.



Up to a dozen Secret Service agents in Colombia for President Barack Obama’s trip there have been relieved of their duties amid allegations of misconduct. The Secret Service did not detail the accusations but said they did not affect security for the president, who landed in the country Friday for a…
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One Comment on “Obama’s Secret Service Team Involved in Prostitution Scandal in Columbia”

  1. transparnc Says:

    I wonder if the Secret Service is ‘Dumbing Down’ their hiring practices as of late, and promoting personal to Agents to Protect the President, when they do not have the Capability,Fortitude or Integrity to hold the postion.
    This is really Surprising as I’ve mentioned before, and deserves a much closer examination of those involved.
    In addition, this smells of a possible set up on the part of Columbian operatives. But even if this is true, the Secret Service is obviously Aware that this may have been the Case, and would have avoided the situation.
    I’m scratching my head on this one. It’s as if the Agents involved left their Training and Brains at home………….
    Oh, and don’t be surprised if when the Agents are Fired, which they most likely will be (or some will be relegated to desk duty in the National Library,)that at least one of them comes out with the True Story of what happened, who was involved, and what has been going on in the Secret Service regarding the Presidential and Vice Presidential Details, including, but not limited to the change in Hiring Practices, Promotions, etc.

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