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City Council 2010 Blizzard Hearing Bullshit is Piling Higher Than the Blizzard Snow!!

January 10, 2011

The 2010 Blizzard Hearings in front of The City Council are in progress, being televised by NY1. The Bullshit flying around so far is piling higher than the Snow was during the Blizzard!! The idiots presenting testimony are reading from Scripts that were no doubt thoughtfully written out by the Administration’s Script and Speech Writers. They had 2 weeks to write these Speeches.

First up to testify are The City’s Commissioners consisting of Sanitation Commissioner Doherty, Fire Commissioner Cassano, Commissioner of the NYC Office of Emergency Mangement (OEM) Bruno, and Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith are falling over themselves in trying to read their scripts.

Hopefully, the City Council Representatives see through this obvious bullshit, and ask the tough questions of why there were so many failures during the 2010 Blizzard.

Oh, btw, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is absent from the Hearings. I wonder why? Hmmmmm.

Marcia Kramer of Channel 2 CBS News Stands Up to Bloomberg!!!

January 7, 2011

Marcia Kramer of Channel 2 CBS News here in NYC is the ONLY Reporter that:

1) Stands up to Mayor Bloomberg, and doesn’t back down

2) Asks Bloomberg the TOUGH Questions w/follow ups (if Bloomberg lets her get a follow up question in!)

All of the other reporters throw ‘Softballs’ at Bloomberg during the King’s Press Conferences. Marcia Kramer should be Applauded for doing her research, and asking the Questions that Matter. The other Reporters should have their Press Credentials REVOKED!!!

You can tell Bloomberg doesn’t like Marcia, and can’t wait to cut her short when she asks her questions. Bloomberg usually doesn’t even answer her questions. For instance, Marcia brought up the FACT that the Deputy Mayor and Bloomberg were not in NYC during the Blizzard, and asked the Mayor where he was, and should both the Deputy Mayor and Bloomberg both be out of NYC at the same time in General? Bloomberg told her that he or his Administration does not divulge that information, etc. and hurriedly picked another reporter for the next question. Bloomberg does this EVERTIME regarding Marcia’s Questions. Bloomberg Dreads Marcia’s Questions. Bloomberg treats Marcia like a pest when he calls on her, and can’t wait to go on to the next question. Actually, Bloomberg shows her very little respect. Her fellow reporters can Learn a little something from their Colleague.

Marcia Kramer………KEEP on asking the Tough Questions, and don’t settle for his Half Ass Answers. You should be Applauded by the Execs at Channel 2 CBS News!! And the People of NYC should applaud you for Standing up to the Mayor, and not letting him Bully you. Ask the tough Follow Up Questions to Bloomberg’s Lack of Response to your Original Questions, and Hold him Accountable.

Don’t let him talk over you, or pass you up so early.


December 29, 2010

RT @Keith Olbermann: NYC #blizzard Data: 120 ambulances stuck in snow, 3 hour EMS wait for critical calls, no Snow Emergency ever declared, per WCBS-TV RT



Sanitation Commissioner Daugherty says the Sanitation Department was caught off guard!! This is a Croc of Shit!!! Bloomberg and Walder tow the same line of Bullshit. I should say that these 2 Concubines tow the same line as their King Bloomberg!!!

King bloomberg tells the People of NYC to stop Yelling and Complaining, and to go see a Broadway Show!!! He is a COMPLETE ASSHOLE!! If the People of NYC did not know this before, they should know it now!!!

No Snow Chains put on Emergency Vehicles!!!! Jay Walder, King Shmuck ll (right behind King Bloomberg ‘The Smuck’) says that is a decision that was made that will be looked at as to why no chains were put on the Buses, etc. We thought they would break, he says, and that there would be noi one to put them back on!!! Walder and Bloomberg think that the People of NYC are a bunch of Dumb Assholes!!!

People have DIED in NYC due to the Lack of Response by Bloomberg regarding Proper Preparation for the NYC 2010 Blizzard!!! Emergency Services such as Ambulances were not able to get through Unplowed Streets. Those lives will never be brought back, even if the Families of the Deceased go to a NYC Broadway Show, as Bloomberg suggests!!!!

Bloomberg, and the rest of the NYC Commissioners responsible for the Inactions regarding this Storm should be Ousted from Office, and Contributory Negligence Charges should be bought up on these FOOLS, in regards to the People that died partly due to Their Negligence of these ASSHOLES to call for a Snow Emergency, and for the ‘Games’ the Sanitation department played because they have Grudges against Bloomberg, and for the Negligent Decisions made by Jay Walder and Bloomberg regarding the Lies and Inactions in Preparation for the 2010 Blizzard.

This is a Disgrace, and more than a disgrace because People Died because of these Inept Fools. They are Not Fit to Hold Office and should be impeached and/or Fired. And then Hauled into caught to be held responsible for All Deaths Associated with this Blizzard due to their Negligence!!

King Bloomberg a Huge Failure in the 2010 NYC Blizzard!!

December 28, 2010

Bloomberg, King of the Turn-Arounds. He is now Blaming the public, the tow truck drivers etc. for the failures of his Administration regarding the 2010 Blizzard Clean up!! Bloomberg and his Concubines tow the same Line of BS!!
While there is some truth to what they say, it is NOT an EXCUSE for their lack of declaring a Snow Emergency, and leaving the city an utter Mess before, during, and after the 2010 Blizzard!!
This Idiot bloomberg rants and raves whenever a Reporter has a legitimate question or statement regarding the lack of services during this blizzard. Hopefully, a Reporter will stand up to the King’s Arrogance, and not fear they will lose their jobs. During the 10 years of this Ass’s tenure, hardly one reporter ever stands up to this Imbecile’s arrogance. it is really a sin. Marcia Kramer seems to have stood up slightly to the king’s tirade, but I would have to review the Tape. I did hear that bloomberg started to get upset as usual at her questions.

Why didn’t this Idiot call for a Snow Emergency?? And why weren’t the streets being salted before the Snow Storm to alleviate the build up of snow. We have had worse, and we were not in the mess we were during and after this snow storm. 4000 Emergency Calls backed up. Ambulances getting stuck in the streets because the streets were not cleared. Fire Response at 20 minutes, No Bus Service. No MTA service (Blame Bloomberg’s Buddy, Dumbass Jay Walder for that one also) and on and on!!

Bloomberg, King Shmuck!! Another 4 years of this Asshole…. Unbelievable. Hopefully the Ass will take a job in Washington, so we can be rid of him and his Concubines which number in the 1000’s.
Once bloomberg is gone, so will 1000’s of other Assholes in his inner circle aka Administration. Can’t come soon enough.

Bloomberg has once again proved his ineptness, and the king once again blames the ‘Little People’ for HIS Failures. His Arrogance is beyond definition, But this should be no surprise as when an Elected Official reverses the Vote of the People not once But twice, regarding term Limits so he is able to BUY the Mayorship for $130 Million Dollars. NYC has ceased to be a Democracy a long time ago, and is the First Monarchy to be seen in the USA!!

For once, Bloomberg was right. The City was and is in Dire Straits, thanks to Bloomberg himself. Bloomberg Reaped what he Sowed, and the ‘Little People’ will bear the Brunt of his Arrogance for another 4 years, making it a total of 12 years that We have to deal with this Monarch.