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Dr. Mehmet Oz: High Arsenic Levels: 50% of USA Apple Juice Imported from China!!

September 15, 2011

The Debate about whether the Arsenic Levels in Apple Juice is Safe has begun, started by Dr. Oz. Arsenic in Apple Juice? Well, there is Organic & Inorganic Arsenic in Apple Juice, the former bing the ‘safe’ type of Arsenic. Didn’t know there was a ‘Safe’ type of Arsenic we can digest, let alone our children?

While the Arsenic debate is continuing, what came as a Surprise to me was that 50% (an additional 10% Imported from other Countries) of the Apple Juice we drink in the USA is Imported from China!! The US doesn’t allow China to Export Whole Apples because of the way China grows Apples regarding Pesticides used, etc. But China is Allowed to export Apple Juice Concentrate because the US Agricultural Dept. says that processing eliminates most of the contaminants. China is the country which Poisons our Infants with Contaminated Baby Formula, Murders our Beloved Pets with Contaminated Pet Food, the same China that Poisons our Children with Lead Paint they use to Manufacture Toys, Manufactured Drywall used to build of Thousands of Homes in Florida a few years back, emitted Corrosive Gasses, and All of the Sheetrock had to be Removed from All of these Homes.

I do my Best to stay away from Anything Made in China, which is getting Very Hard to do the past few years. But One thing is for sure….Now that I know that our Apple Juice is made from Apple concentrate, which is Imported from China, I will be thorough in checking the Origin of the Apple Juice Ingredients.
It appears if you don’t drink Concentrated Apple Juice, All will be fine. Btw, sometimes the Country of Origin may not be stated, But we now know that 90% of the Apples are Imported from China. I will Not take a Chance on any Consumable Product whose Ingredients are Imported from China. I did not know this, and I’m glad Dr. Oz brought this Fact to everyone’s attention.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oz is getting heat from almost everyone involved. The FDA sent a Notification to Dr. Oz 5 days before the  ‘Arsenic Apple Juice’  show was to air, stating that if he were to go on the air and speak about Arsenic Levels in Apple Juice, he would be causing an unnecessary fear in the Public, and that the Levels of Arsenic in Apple Juice are Safe, etc. We all know we can Always believe what the FDA tells us LOL! Good for Dr. Oz not backing down. While I don’t watch his show much, when I do, he appears to be a ‘straight-shooter.’

As I mentioned, the Fact that 60% (50% imported from China) of the Apple Concentrate used to process Apple Juice in the USA are Imported from China, should be more than enough Cause for Concern to the Citizens of the USA to question whether they want to consume Apple Juice themselves, and even More Importantly, whether they want their infants and children Drinking this ‘Tainted’ Apple Juice. Another question is Why are we Importing Apples?? There aren’t enough Apples here in the USA??