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Jose Baez & Casey Anthony May Soon be an Item, If They are Not Already!

July 17, 2011





Possible Lovebirds?




casey anthony was released from the County Jail earlier this morning, with her savior/attorney Jose Baez at her side.


If not already, anthony and baez will be an Item shortly. When this relationship hits the Media, Baez will say; “There weren’t any loving feelings before or during the trial, but after spending time with casey regarding her Security the past couple of months, the Love just Blossomed out of no where. It is Truly a Blessing, and I am Grateful to G_d for introducing the two of us.”
They will continue and express their Love for each other, saying that “in 3 years of speaking to each other almost everyday, and going through a life & death situation as we have both have, one cannot help but get close to one another, and in our case, this blossomed into a Loving relationship as a result.”

Baez will cut a Multi-Million Dollar deal with some Media Agency, and will be set for Life (or until casey meets one of Life’s Unfortunate Happenstances.)
Baez was a Loser before this Trial and then became an Attorney. He will Never be able to Duplicate the ‘success’ he had with this trial. The trial was a ‘Circus,’ and everything fell into place for Baez.
Clients will hire him at first, if he chooses to continue being a trial lawyer, but the cases won’t have the outcome he had with anthony.
Baez probably realizes this, and if anthony hasn’t already, is already trying to snare Baez as her paramour, Baez no doubt has been, or has lured anthony. Baez is as shrewd and conniving as anthony.
Baez and Anthony will most likely have a child (G-d Forbid) and that child, unfortunately, will have less of a chance at living a full life as compared to children who don’t have a Monster like anthony as a Mother………………