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July 18, 2010

Everyone is relieved that the Spill looks like it is Now Controlled, BUT there is no applause that will be heard regarding this Catastrophe. 90 Fucking Days of oil Spilling into the Ocean, and it looks like the Leak is Finally Stopped. But 90 Days?? This is a Disgrace, and no One should be applauding this Catastrophe, and the 90 days it took to stop the Spill.

Obama didn’t get off his Ass for 50 or so Days, regarding this Catastrophe.  Obama sat by the Sidelines in ‘Wait & See’ mode, as his usual way. And DON’T believe the Standard Line Obama spews regarding doing a lot at the beginning ‘Behind the Scenes.’  Obama is as Full of Shit as they come, and as Full of Shit as any other politician. Obama could have, and should have gotten the Ball Rolling within the First Week. So because of Obama’s Hands Off attitude, Millions of more Gallons of OIL are Floating around in the Ocean then there should have been. This Spill could have been Stopped Much, Much Earlier, if only Obama lit a Fire under BP’s Asses Sooner, and got the US Government involved………………

So to BP and Obama, you Fools don’t get, or deserve any Applause, not one Clap………………………


July 14, 2010

We heard 17 minutes from the ‘used to be great’ orator, Obama, regarding the BP Oil Explosion Catastrophe. And most of that speech was about Obama’s Alternate Fuel Source Agenda. Well, not a Peep out of Obama since that ‘speech,’ about the Disaster, but that’s not surprising.

Obama is Silent on almost Everything, except Obamacare.

November 2010 & 2012 can’t come Soon enough!!!


July 2, 2010

What ever happened to the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe??? Is it over?? Did the Oil STOP Gushing from the Bottom of the Sea?? Didn’t 11 Innocent People Die in the BP Oil Rig Explosion??  It would appear there is a News Blackout on the BP Catastrophe. You don’t hear much about it anymore. Did someone send a memo to the News Agencies to keep MUM on the Issue until it is resolved??

Just Curious as to Who is Shutting up the Media?? No more ‘# of Days Watch.’ I use to hear that it was 68 Days since the Oil has been Gushing out of the Well. But No More………….What happened?? After the Obama 17 Minute Fiasco Speech….Nothing……Nada. Are the People in the Gulf getting Paid?? Are their Businesses now Flourishing???? What’s Going On???????????????

I am sure the People and the Business in the Gulf Region affected by the BP Catastrophe are NOT HAPPY about the Silence that has Overcome the Worst Oil Rig Explosion & Spill in the History of the United States!!!!!!!!!!! They get a 17 minute Obama Speech about an Alternative Energy Source, EMPTY Promises,  and then SILENCE!!!! WHAT GIVES??????


July 2, 2010

Since Obama’s 17 minute speech about an alternative energy source, I mean the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe last week, that’s it folks. You won’t hear much about it until late summer. Already, Obama’s prediction about 90% containment was wrong as most of us knew it would be. Obama once again sticks his head in the sand, and figures if he doesn’t talk about it, we’ll all forget about this BP Disaster.


June 15, 2010

Tune in to watch Obama Sling the Bullshit tonight as he addresses the nation regarding the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe!!!!


Obama is going to speak about how has been taking numbers and is going to Kick some Ass!!!! Like he told his concubine, Matt Lauer!!!

Give me a Fucking break already…………………..


June 8, 2010

The BP DeepWater Horizon Oil Rig Explosion KILLED 11 People. It appears that the Loss of these Innocent Victims have all been forgotten, except by their Loved Ones, whenever you hear about the BP oil Catastrophe in the Media, or when Obama speaks about it. While the Environmental, Economic, and all the other issues that were and are being Caused by the BP Catastrophe are Extremely Important, We should NOT Forget about the 11 People that were Killed while on DeepWater Horizon when it Exploded…..


June 8, 2010

Obama felt the need to Defend himself, regarding his response to the BP Oil Spill Disaster, to Matt Lauer. Too Little, Too Late Mr. President. Get Angry all you want, and defend yourself all you want, BUT your actions, or rather, In-Actions speak Volumes, and your Anger now doesn’t mean Squat at this point, 50 Days after the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe. Obama sees the Public Reactions regarding his Late Actions to the Disaster, and obviously had no choice but to come on TV and be Interviewed by his Buddy, Matt Lauer, who no doubt, threw Obama Softballs during the Interview.

Obama thinks his Golden Tongue will talk his way out of the Public Perception of Obama’s Re-Actions to the BP Oil Spill Disaster being Too Slow. Well, 50 days Later he is trying to change the Minds of the Public. No Doubt, that the Obamacans who will look for any excuse to give Obama a free pass , and will buy his Load of Crap. But hopefully, most will see Obama for what he is, a President who took weeks to react strongly to the BP Oil Rig Explosion & Oil Spill Disaster, and get off his Ass and do something. And see a  President whose back is against the wall, and is doing a PR Political Damage Clean Up Campaign, that will Fail Miserably!!!!

Obama, Too Little, Too Late. Your In-actions the past few weeks Tell the True Story, and Your strong words and defense of your actions 50 days later do little to change that……………


June 6, 2010

Obama on Terrorism >>>>

He forbids his Administration from using words & phrases like >>

Jihad, Islamic Extremists, War on Terror, etc. …………….because he doesn’t want to make things worse. Obama says he doesn’t want to make enemies and inflame the Tensions between the Terrorists and the USA.  Obama says that nothing will get accomplished if you Fan the Flames, so to speak………..

Obama on the BP Oil Spill Catastrophe >>

Obama says he has chastised BP in Private. Obama says he doesn’t want to Fan the Flames regarding BP as a Company, or it’s Executives because that would hamper the Goal of trying to get this Oil Spill resolved. Obama says it is enough to let his ‘feelings’ be known to BP Executives in Private, but doesn’t need to get Angry at them in Public!!!! Btw, Obama waited WEEKS until he showed Hints of being ‘angry’ with BP. WEEKS!!!!!! Now that Obma Huffs and Puffs every so gingerly at BP after WEEKS of doing NOTHING, we, the Public, are supposed to Fall for Obama’s Charade of Flexing his Muscles at BP?? Obama has No Choice but to be Angry at BP at this point in time, 48 DAYS LATER after the Oil Spill Catastrophe. But even now, Obama treads lightly when speaking about BP and this Oil Gushing Catastrophe. He tells the World he is Showing Restraint. Obama is showing WEAKNESS, and a willing to placate BP, and play both sides of the fence.

OBAMA IS A FOOL!!!!! He sits by the Sidelines, and just watches as time passes by. He doesn’t want to Anger the Terrorists, so he keeps his mouth shut. He doesn’t want to Anger BP Executives, so he keeps his mouth shut.

Everyone knows that the opposite would happen if he Balled out BP in Public. It would light a Fire under their Asses, and it would get this BP Oil Spill Disaster resolved quicker than it is now. And if BP is not going to get this thing resolved until August, when the Relief Wells will be completed, then why not Ball BP out in Public now?? It would not make a difference. The reason may be because Obama needs Big Oil’s Money for a Re-Election Bid in 2012, and wants to be ‘NICE” to these Assholes.

And why doesn’t Obama want to play hardball with the Islamic Extremists (which Obama forbids ALL to say) ???? Maybe because Obama is Scared of them, and figures if he is nice to them, they won’t ‘Bother’ us anymore…..

For some reason, that is not yet fully realized, Obama refuses to play Hardball with the Islamic Extremists, or with BP. Why is this?  Well, I will leave that up to Smarter Minds than mine to contemplate…………


June 6, 2010

Enough is enough already. BP is doing SQUAT!! and the Government is doing SQUAT!!! Or even the little they are now doing, has comes WEEKS TOO LATE!!!!! They are still not doing enough regarding OIL SKIMMING with BARGES, etc. What is Holding up these ASSHOLES from doing the Job 100%!!!! Fucking more weeks will pass by, until the Governemt does ‘a little’ more!!!

Talk is Cheap!!! What happened to the days of old?? The Gulf Coast should light a Fire Under someone’s Ass, whether it be BP or the Government!! Nothing is getting done by playing by the book. In the old days, a little Coercement went a long way to getting things done, when people would otherwise just sit on their asses!!!!

It has been almost 2 FUCKING MONTHS since the oil has been Gushing into the Gulf Coast. The BP Disaster has ruined many lives, including the Livelihoods of those whose Families have had businesses in the region for over a CENTURY!!!!  The Wildlife are dying by the Hundreds evry fucking day. BP is Prohibiting the Workers from taking any pictures of the Dead marine Life because they don’t want the Public to see these heart Breaking Pictures!!

Sitting down with Obama and eating some Crawfish in front of the cameras, which was just a Publicity Stunt, and speaking with a President who has done nothing to FIX this Disaster, has accomplished Nothing!!! NADA!!!! Obviously, The Gulf Coast residents would love to tell Obama to go Fuck Himself, but they know they may get more with Sugar than Spice. BUT IT HAS BEEN 48 FUCKING DAYS!!!! since the BP Oil Rig Blew up because of BP’s NEGLIGENCE!!!! and 48 Days of Non-Stop Gushing Oil because of Obama’s Do Nothing, Wait & See Attitude. Obama has been Useless in helping to Stop the Gushing Oil. Obama is Useless Period, in Leading this Country from Crisis. Whether it be the BP Oil Spill Catasrophe, or Protecting this Country from The Islamic Terrorists, which Obama says don’t exist!!

The Gulf Coast should deal with this Crap the Ole Fashioned Way!!! and Light a Fire under the Asses of these Assholes! Then, and only then will things get done!!!


June 5, 2010

Obama apologizes for the behavior of the USA. He apologizes for the mishandling of the BP Oil Spill. This guy apologizes for everything, and thinks that the Public is so gullible, that they will say ‘oh, ok, things are fine now!’

Obama is supposed to be able to Act when things occur, not stand by the sidelines, and then when the public is in an outrage, just apologize, and thinks that makes things all better.

Obama is not a Doer, he is a Watcher. Obama is not a Preventor, he is an Apologizer. Being President is way over his head. He should go back to being a Community organizer, because that’s all he is capable of. This guy is like a fish out of water in his new position as President of the United States of America. It is only a matter of time when his Actions, or Inactions will get us in a Whole Boatload of Trouble. His In actions have already gotten the Environment, the Residents of the Gulf Coast, and the poor innocent animals and mammals in a whole Shitload of Trouble. Now it looks like they will have to wait until August to stop the BP Oil Spill from Gushing out of the ground. And then it will take years to take care of the Environmental Catastrophe, as well as the Economic Catastrophe. The POTUS can’t even handle a Fucking Oil Spill because he says it is ‘Unprecedented!’ What happens if we are attacked with a Dirty Bomb or something Similar? Obama will be Useless because he will have no clue as to what to do because that event will also be ‘Unprecedented!!’ Help us all!!!! This guy is a Bumpkin!!! No one feels safe with Obama as the Leader of the Free World. It is a Big Joke, and would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

I even heard a caller on CNN blame Bush for the BP OIL Spill, and continue to say that the Republicans caused the Oil Rig Explosion and Oil Spill because they wanted to make Obama look bad!!!!! And it is Ignorant Voters such as this Asshole that got Obama elected!!!

Keep on Apologizing, because the Public will show they accept all of your apologies when they vote you out of office in 2012…….If we all can get through to 2012 Unscathed!!! So far, it doesn’t look good.

Btw, if this BP Catastrophe happened in an Election Year, Obama would have about as much chance of winning Re-election as a Republican did when Obama ran in 2008!!! The Party will be over for Obama, Family and Friends in 2012………and hopefully the Damage that is done by the Inaction or Actions of Obama won’t destroy this Country.