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September 11, 2010

I guess the Reverend Jones from Florida proved his point. That there are many muslims out there that would like to KILL us all……..

But we knew this already. The Leaders of the Free World shuttered at the very thought of what the muslim extremists were threatening to do to us poor Infidels if the Koran was burned. Was this Fear attributed to only a ‘Handful” of Extremists as Obama alluded to? Of course not, it was a fear generated because of the Millions of muslim extremists throughout the World.

The Reverend received over a Hundred Threats to his Life (Most likely Hundreds.) Our Troops were threatened. Our Leaders were Fearful. The Dumbass imam that is the leader of this Ground Zero mosque said that if the mosque were to be moved to a different location, he Feared that there would be Worldwide Retaliation by the muslim extremists. That the muslim extremists would consider the moving of the mosque a Direct insult, and Inflame these Terrorists. Is this because there are only a Few? Of course not. Who gives a Rat’s Ass about these Asshole muslim Extremists, and why does everyone try to Appease them? They want to wipe us off the face of this Earth, and if it were only a few muslim Extremists, no on would be Fearful. This Asshole imam is saying that we should not get the Terrorists Angry, because they might retaliate against us. Oh, ok, so I guess build the mosque, so the extremists can be our friends and respect us, and not chant ‘Death to America’ anymore. The mosque will make it all better. And these Islamic Extremists will then call off the Jihad. THIS IMAM IS ONE OF THE DUMBEST ASSHOLES ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET IF HE THINKS WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE GOING TO BUY INTO HIS PROPAGANDA.

The Terrorists win again,  and are Laughing at the way they were able to generate fear, without hardly lifting one of their little Fucking Terrorist Fingers, just because some idiot in Florida wanted to Burn a Few korans. And that is a Shame. Especially on 9/11,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


September 9, 2010

People burn The American Flag, which I think is Fucked Up, BUT that is the 2nd Amendment in play.

SO why is a big deal to burn the Koran?? People are more Outspoken about this, than they are about Flag Burners. I think burning the US Flag is despicable, and I haven’t heard as much Fear about that, as I have heard about the koran burning.

Obama, the FBI, other Government LE,etc., etc. go to or call the Reverend in Florida to ‘express’ their concerns. The General; of the US Army expresses his concerns. Why is this??? It appears that there are many more Radical muslims running around, than People would have you believe. They say how it is only a few muslims that are Radical and Extremists. If that was the case, People would not have Fear in their Hearts, if the muslims were Upset. But it appears that there are likely Millions of Radical muslims all across the USA and the World, and People are acting on Fear, and Fear alone, that these radicals may strike up Against Us. SO, I guess the answer is to turn tail. The muslims will really respect that. They are laughing at everyone, about the Power their Radical Extremists wheel, and the Fear that they are able to generate.

What a Shame……………..


September 9, 2010

This imam finally broke his silence, and what does this imbecile say? He says that if they don’t build the mosque at ground zero, the Muslims be be angry, and we may have to fear an attack or attacks.

This guy is an idiot. He is trying to use scare tactics, in order to build the ground zero mosque. Who is using politics now? And why do we have to fear muslims, and be very afraid if we get them angry, and try very hard to appease these Schmucks? How about other religions. Do we also have to be very afraid of the Big Bad Jews, or the Angry Catholics, of the evil Hindus?? Of course not, only the muslims are radical enough to want to kill everyone on the Face of this Planet.

Look at the poor Artist in the Netherlands that was killed by a radical extremist because he drew a cartoon of Allah, or what these guys  prey to. Or look at the poor Muslim woman who was a Top Politician, who spoke against the extremists. She had to flee her country, never to come back because of Threats to her Life by the muslim radical assholes.  The radical muslims are akin to the Pit bulls. People say that Pit bulls are very nice dogs, and it is only a few that will want to tear you apart. The same with the muslims. They say there are only a few that want to kill everyone. So why is this imam want us to be Very Afraid of the muslim world, and not want to get these Hotheads angry. Why is the General of The US Army afraid of a backlash, if the guy in Florida burns the Korans? Why does Obama not want to get the muslims mad. Because, most likely, it is a very large ‘minority’ of muslims who want to kill everyone, and we have to be very afraid, and not Piss them off. Unlike Every other Religion out there , WE have to cater to the extremist muslims.

This imam says that they will be angry at us, and we will have to fear attack, because they will take the moving of the mosque as sentiment against the muslim religion…………….NEW FLASH……………….these extremists, of which there are many, hated us before the ground zero mosque, and will hate us well after this monstrosity never gets built. They hated us before this guy burns the korans, and they will hate us after.

The ‘Death to America’ mantra these Assholes chant has existed way before the issue of the mosque, or the issue of the burning korans.They hate everything America stands for, and want to eradicate us from the Face of the Earth. Anyone who thinks that the mosque issue will make it worse is just playing politics, and creating fear of something, which had previously existed, and will Exist Forever. Just look at Israel to see how long Hatred lasts, and to what extent hamaas will go to try to eradicate Israel form the Face of the Earth. The same is true of the muslims and America. The same thing………………Now this imam, as well as obama, want The USA to turn tail and RUN from the Big, Bad, muslim Extremists…………You gotta be kidding me.

As for the guy in Florida who wants to burn the korans………………so fucking what. Again, because everyone is afraid of an attack by these radicals, obama, the General and everyone else doesn’t want this guy to burn them. If it was only because of a Few Individuals who are Radical muslim extremists, no on would give a shit. But the reason everyone is concerned is because there are Many muslim extremists out there who want to kills us. MILLIONS of them. And that is more than a Few. And that’s why everyone wants to turn tail, and appease these radicals, because then, they think these radicals may leave us alone, and want to be our friends. Good Luck!!!!

The Radical Extremist Muslims who have called for a Jihad against America will NOT stop until they accomplish what they set out to do. And hopefully that time is Ions away.