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October 3, 2010

I was flipping through the channels tonight, and heard this rapper singing on SNL. I took a closer look and saw it was West. The guy couldn’t carry a tune, and his sketch was Bazzar, to say the least. Justin Bieber, who is almost tone deaf, carries a tune better than Kanye West!!!!!

The FBI should use West’s Music as a Hostage Taker clearing tool, like they do with Heavy Metal & Bright lights, and other never ending Annoyances to drive the hostage takers Loony. Kanye West’s Music will work Wonders for these situations. The Bad Guys will empty out Quicker than you can say “Kanye West SUCKS Big Time!!!”

West truly Sucked Big Time!!! I watched it for 2 minutes before changing the channel, because he was getting me Nauseous!!

I then came back to SNL after this West’s Freak Show was over.

I saw it was the end, where the Stars are waving Good Night to everyone. West looked like a real Fucking Clown, dressed in Red, with that Fucked up looking Gold Jewelry of his. He looked like he was snorting Coke or something from inside is hand, as he kept it real close to his mouth and nose, and the guy looked Freaked out on something.

This guy Kanye West is an Ass, and he proved it again tonight. How this Asshole makes Millions of Dollars is beyond me!!! And people pay to see this Freak??? Give me a break……


September 27, 2010

Sound like David Beckham may have cheated on his wifee a couple of times. This is all Alleged, but it looks like those who really know are coming out of the woodwork, including the madame who supplied the Girls.

looks like the ‘All Pissed Off Act’ that Beckham is displaying may be all an Act, or angry that he’s getting called out on the carpet about his alleged acts of infidelity. If he did cheat on his wifee, how the fuck did he think he could get away with it, unless his wiffee knew he was allegedly cheating anyway.

This Creep Beckham lost his temper with a photographer the other day when asked about the alleged cheating. This guy Beckham is a real fucking asshole. He craves the Media, with his wife, and seeks their attention when they need them, But now he gets Pissed, and tries to provoke the Photographer and almost Threatens the Photographer!!! A Real Fucking Punk!!! This must all be an act for his wifee. Deny, Deny, Deny as they always say.

Time will tell.

Here is an excerpt pertaining to ITW>>

Yesterday, we covered the first excerpts from In Touch Weekly’s cover story this week, all about David Beckham’s “affair” with a prostitute back in 2007. Allegedly, Beckham screwed the hooker five times over the course of a few months, at the price of $10,000 a pop (so to speak). Just hours after ITW’s story came out, the Beckhams’ lawyer announced that the Beckhams’ would be suing, and that they denied the whole thing. But, whatever. I think it’s true, ITW thinks it’s true, Jezebel thinks it’s true, and I think most people who have followed the Beckhams’ tabloid life and marriage think it’s true. Anyway, In Touch Weekly just sent out a second part to their story, almost as if they aren’t concerned with potential lawsuits whatsoever. Jezebel had better excerpts from the story too, so here are many more details. Just FYI: Some of this might be a slightly NSFW, but not really.


September 14, 2010

It’s about time that Martha Stewart was bounced from Network TV!!!! What the Fuck took so long?????

This Bumpkin will now have her show on the Hallmark Channel. Good Riddance to this Ahole!!!!


September 13, 2010

Conan O’Brien will be airing his show on TBS this November.

The George Lopez Show is Funny, and I believe that it will only be a matter of time until the Network gives Lopez back his time slot, after Conan initially takes over it.

The problem is that Conan has been off the air awhile, and in the Interim, I believe that Lopez has gained a lot of support. How many Viewers he has, I don’t know, But I will presume it is many. I doubt that the Conan Fans have been waiting with bated breath for their Hero to come back. When Conan does come back, I think his ratings will suffer, and not be near where Lopez’s ratings are, and Lopez will once again have his coveted time slot back.

Btw, George Lopez is no dummy, and I believe he realizes the above, and knows it is only a matter of time until he gets his time slot back. So he’s just going to lay back, and let his show speak for itself.  The viewers will be so pissed when Lopez is moved, that there will be a little Uproar about that, and maybe even a Boycott of Conan’s Show. I have a feeling that Conan is going to be in for a Rude Awakening come this season. But, hey, what does he care? He already received $$40 Million Dollars when he left or was removed from the Tonight Show. Well, I think he does care, as his Ego must be larger than his Bu-font.

I don’t think Leno’s Ratings ever recovered, so Conan may want to use that as an example of what can happen to him.


July 30, 2010

Just heard that jennifer lopez aka The Mammal Killer,’ may be hosting American Idol.

Lopez gotta be one of the most obnoxious entertainers out there, and in addition, has a Fur Clothing Line, where thousands of Innocent Mammals are unnecessarily Killed, for the privilege of  lopez to perpetuate her Expensive Fur line, so she can continue to profit off the Carcasses of these Innocent, Tortured Mammals……

I hardly watched American Idol before, and I will definitely not be watching it at all, if they have Lopez The Mammal Killer hosting the show.

If others out there have a Conscience, I suggest you also Boycott American Idol to show your Disdain & Disgust  with their Decision to have lopez host the show. Lopez never gave a crap about the ‘Little People,”  so others should show her the same respect, and change the channel……………..


July 18, 2010

…Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

This guy Jake is as Gay as they come. If he comes out of the Closet, then, and only then, will all his BS make sense.

The Fact that Jake is most likely Gay, is ok, BUT don’t take your Closet Gayness Frustration out on Vienna. In addition, the way Jake made a Karate Chop directed at Vienna shows the World that Jake is most likely a Frustrated Maniac, in addition to being a Frustrated Homosexual. Vienna is Lucky her relationship with this Bum didn’t work out, or no doubt jake would have assaulted her by now because of his lack of control regarding his bottled up Anger.

And to Vienna, don’t Blame yourself even the Slightest, as the demise of this relationship was entirely Jake’s Fault. And you were 100% right when you went to the Media, because if You didn’t contact them first and tell the true Story, Jake would have definitely Sold his Story.No Doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


July 12, 2010

Carrie Underwood of American Idol Fame is getting married. She is spending one Million Dollars on her Wedding!! I give this Marriage 3 Years at the most before these 2 Split.

Just my opinion based on these types of Whirlwind Marriages, especially of the Entertainment kind, and the fact that Carrie Underwood has been a Star for a Short time, as well as a Multi Millionaire, and is most likely jumping into this Marriage thing to complete the Total Fantasy………………………Fame, Money & Love……………


July 5, 2010

I don’t even watch The Bachelor, but heard about the Jake and Vienna breakup. I was switching channels, and came upon the Interview between the two. I watched the interview, except for the last 2 minutes, knowing that most, if not all of this BS is all Staged. BUT I must say by the way Jake was acting, this guy must be Gay, and that is the reason the 2 broke up. Jake did not come out and say he’s Gay, but from his actions, it appeared that he did things to break up the relationship, and by watching him in the Interview, I figured the guy just doesn’t like Women. Either that, or the guy has a Small Penis, which is why he was never intimate with Vienna. Jake made all kinds of excuses like being Emasculated by Vienna, etc. I think Jake was Emasculated Before he met Vienna.

In addition, this guy Jake has a NASTY TEMPER, as could be seen when he told Vienna to SHUT UP!! Even though Vienna was dramatic, I tended to believe her, and knew there was a piece of the Puzzle missing which Jake did not discuss. Either that he is Gay, or has a Small Penis. This guy Jake looks like a real Asshole by watching the way he treats Women. As I said prior, I think he treats women the way he does as a Mask for something he is Hiding from us all…………


May 15, 2010

Tom Cruise, once again, was on Oprah. No jumping on Couches this time. I watched a few minutes, to take a look at a Real Live FREAKAZOID, and I wasn’t disappointed!!!

Cruise is Part of the Freakazoid Cult named Scientology. No doubt he has tried to get Winfrey to join his Cult, as his concubines in the Sect can use the Publicity. These Nuts believe that the Inhabitants of Earth are Descendents of Space Men, and that one day the Space Aliens will come back to visit.

Imagine Intelligent People Joining the Cult of Scientology, and trying to Recruit others to Join them in their Freakazoid Quest!!!

If Cruise, Travolta and the rest of the Scientology Freakazoids weren’t Famous and Rich, no one would have them on their Television Shows, or pay one bit of attention to them. But because of their Fame and Money, they are Viewed as a Commodity, to the Advertisers and to the Cult of Scientology.

One thing that Famous Freakazoids, like the ones mentioned, and others allow us to see , is the Inside Cult World of Scientology and how this Cult is nothing but a Cult, and shows us to stay Far, Far Away from this Frekazoid Cult!!



February 19, 2010

Is it me or does Tiger Woods look like he Lightened his Skin, similar to Sammy ‘The Idiot” Sosa, but not as bad??

Looks like Wood’s Handlers advised him to Lighten his skin, thinking it would get him more Sympathy from the Public during his BullShit Speech!!! Either that, or he wore tons of Make up which made his skin Lighter…..

If this is true, they must take us for a Bunch of Fools!!