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September 8, 2010

The Hartville Group, Inc, and its subsidiary, Petsmarketing Insurance.Com Agency are guilty of Animal Cruelty, due to their Bad Faith handling of submitted claims by their Insured. This is detrimental to the Health and Well Being of ALL of OUR Beloved Pets, and is therefore an act of Animal Cruelty, by a Company, ironically, which is endorsed by The ASPCA, which is an Institution that Stands for the Rights and Welfare of our Beloved Pets and other Animals.

Call your local ASPCA to complain about this Disgraceful Company, and their Endorsement and Recommendation of this Despicable Company.

STAY FAR AWAY FROM Petsmarketing Insurance.Com Agency, Inc.

September 8, 2010

This company is a Subsidiary of The Hartville Group, Inc. located in Canton, Ohio, which is the Administrator for the ASPCA Petshealth Care Insurance Plans………

Check out the WEB and see all of the Horror Stories, and the Conflicts of Interest associated with the CEO of The Hartville, Group Inc., Dennis Rushovich, and The ASPCA and the North American Pets Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA)

Why is no one getting a fair shake on the handling of their Claims???? Check out the many Horror Stories, and the Facts about the ASPCA Petshealth Care Insurance Plans and The Hartville Group, Inc. in Canon, Ohio. There is hardly one satisfied customer in any search on the WEB. There may be a few,but most likely they work for The Hartville Group, Inc. or the ASPCA. This Pet Insurance Company is a Disaster, and WE, the Insured, as well as our Beloved Pets are the ones who are suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!