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July 10, 2010

This Story was just Aired tonight on AMW.

The US Marshal Service is also on the Case.,

Citizens in Florida keep on the lookout for a Violent Serial Rapist who has Attacked 4 women in Palm Beach County, and most likely has Attacked Women in Broward County. He seems to Attack every 4 1/2 months, and is due to attack again any day!!!!!!

This Rapist is one of the MOST VIOLENT RAPISTS that the Cops have Ever Seen!!!!!

From what I understand, the Residents of Palm Beach & Broward Counties did not even know until Tonight, that this LUNATIC was running Rampant, Violently Raping Women. Com’on Law Enforcement in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, and in Florida in general, it takes 18 Months to Finally let the Public know what is going on???!!!!!!!

These Victims may have avoided being Victims by taking Precautions, if they were Alerted that this ANIMAL was on the lose!!!

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Serial Rapist Terrorizes Florida Women

home top  story Police Fear He’ll Strike A Fifth Time

Police say a Hispanic man is attacking and raping like cops have never seen before, and the U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Task Force is on the hunt for this creep. So far, DNA has linked the rapist to four attacks in Palm Beach County. They fear he will strike again soon. Help stop him before a fifth attack happens.
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