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April 18, 2010

Tiger Woods had that Asshole Commercial Airing on the Golf Channel, ESPN, etc. I mentioned in an earlier Blog that the Commercial was most likely for his wife to see, to gain sympathy. I also said that Elin ‘The Slammer’ Nordegren would not be phased by this Commercial of Wood’s Father speaking to him. I thought that the Commercial was a Manipulation to get The Slammer to Cry, and get her to love him again, and feel sorry for him. I said that it would not work.

Apparently I was wrong regarding one thing and correct regarding another……..

1) Elin Nordegren was very close to Earl, Tiger Wood’s Father. They had an Excellent relationship with each other, and Elin could talk to Earl about anything. It is said that Earl was like a second Father to Elin. It is said that Elin had tears running down her face when she watched the Commercial, because she Missed Earl so much.

2) I was correct that the Commercial was One Big Manipulation on the part of Tiger Wood’s to get his Wife Elin Back, and to hit her right in the Heart, hr Emotional Heart, because he knows that Elin and Earl were very close. And maybe with this commercial, Elin would feel that if EAarl was Alive, he would want the both of them back together as a Family again for the sake of the Marriage and the Children.

If it is True that the Commercial was One Big Manipulation,  Shame on Tiger Woods……………..


April 11, 2010

Not bad for a guy that has been away from the sport of Golf for 5 months.

But I have lost any respect I have for this Asshole >>

1) he cheated on his Wife with over 20 Broads.

2) he didn’t give a shit about his 2 little kids when he decided to cheat on his wife. The fact that these kids would have to live with a Mother who has to put up with her being upset regarding their Father’s Cheating. The fact that the kids would have to relocate many times and travel all over the World to get away from the publicity. And the rest of the crap that these poor little children have to endure.

3) Woods was held as a Role Model, even though people have said he was not a role model, and it was the media who put him up on the Role Model Pedestal…..WRONG………….it was Woods and his supporters who put him up on a pedestal, like Oprah Winphrey and the Rest of the high Profile Public Figures. Saying things like;  this will be good for the African American Community regarding having Tiger as someone to look up to, and who has broken the Color Barrier, etc., etc. Other Black children will want to get into the game of Golf, and things like that. But all of a sudden, these same people say he was never a role model, etc. BULLSHIT!!!! Now that he has fallen from grace, these BS talkers now change their tune..They and Woods knew that he was a Role Model to many, including the African American Community, Kids and Adults alike. To deny it now is a load of  Crap. Woods Fucked up and let down many children.

Charles Barclay says woods was never a role model, and parents didn’t tell their kids to be like Tiger, and to look up to him. Charles Barclay is a Fool, because Parents held Tiger to a Higher Level because Tiger held himself to higher Standards, and Woods was an African American who made it in the World’s eyes and in the World of Golf, which is 99.9% White. Barclay knows this to be true, but is on an Anti-Role Model Crusade, so is trying to use Tiger as an example, to fit his own Agenda……Woods WAS a Role Model, and he and others knew it. Including his Advertisers such as Nike. He fucked up, and let Millions of Kids down. He let the African American Community Down. Woods is No Longer a Role Model, and is just a Golfer, albeit a very good Golfer. But Parents should No Longer tell their kids to be like Woods.  In fact, Parents should never look up to these Athletes, Movie Stars and the like. Instill your own High Qualities to your Children, and don’t look up to these Hyped up Athletes and Movie Stars….You and your kids will only be let down in the end…….