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July 13, 2010

Obama doesn’t want us to use the phrase ‘Illegal Aliens or Immigrants,” and neither does John McCain………. Why Not?? An Alien that enter a Foreign Country Illegally, are ILLEGAL ALIENS!! Immigrants that enter a Foreign Country without Registering, are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!

What is so Hard to Understand about that, and why doesn’t Obama want us to sue the Following Words or Phrases?? >>





The reason is because Obama wants us to make-believe that these descriptions are False, and that they don’t exist.

Obama believes that because so many Citizens of the USA are mesmerized by his very existence, that they will listen to whatever Obama says to them, and follow his every word. Obama believes that he could make nice to the Islamic Extremists if he stops using that phrase, and that they then will be our friends, or at least will not want to destroy us Anymore. Obama thinks there is No Jihad, and that we are not in a War on Terror.

And this is the reason that we are vulnerable to These Violent Islamic Extremists that have Declared a Jihad on The United States of America, some of whom come into The USA Illegally, making them Illegal Aliens!! And are the reasons that we are in the middle of a War on Terror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used ALL 4 Words/Phrases in a sentence because they DO EXIST, and are NOT Figments of People’s Imaginations as Obama would have you Believe.

Don’t Forget to use these Phrases/Words Whenever you can, because WE CANNOT, AND SHOULD NOT FORGET THAT WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR ON TERROR, WHERE UPON THESE CRAZY ASSHOLES WANT TO DESTROY US!!!!, contrary to what Obama would have you believe. If WE stop using these Words, and the Terror among us is NOT Fresh in Our Minds EVERY DAY, WE, THE USA, will be even More Vulnerable to Attacks by our Enemies, The Islamic Extremists!!!!

In Addition, by Not using the phrase Illegal Aliens, The Violent,Crimes in Arizona committed by these Illegal Aliens WILL NOT MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR!!!

What’s Next??????????????? Maybe Obama will tell us he doesn’t want US to use the words, ‘Holocaust’ or ‘Nazis’ because he wants us to Forget about that part of History also….and make-believe that doesn’t exist either, and that using those words offends Germany………….BUT Remember what the Experts say, that We should NEVER FORGET about that part of History, or stop using those words, or else History WILL Repeat itself if we Stop telling Future Generations about those Horrible Years, and what occurred by a Lunatic People, (Who btw, also wanted to take over the World, and slaughter Millions of People) and the Slaughter of millions of Innocent People.

So, does not that Rule also Apply to The Islamic Extremists, for if WE stop talking about that, then will not History repeat itself, in maybe a more Massive and even more Horrible way, such as a Nuclear Attack that will Kill Hundreds of Thousands, or even Millions of People, which is the Goal of these Islamic Extremists. Oh, less I Forget, their Ultimate Goal is to Wipe the USA off of the Face of the Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


July 4, 2010

Arizona has the right idea regarding how to protect themselves from the Crimes being committed from the illegal Immigrants. If the feds won’t enforce the Laws on the Books, States like Arizona will. They also have an obligation to the Citizens of their State to protect Them by Enforcing the Laws. Everyone else Criticizes Arizona, like King Bloomberg of new York City. If Bloomberg found NYC in the same Situation as Arizona is in regarding Crime, Bloomberg would do the same thing. Oh, wait a minute………………NYC is the City where 600,000 Citizens are STOPPED & FRISKED EVERY YEAR, FOR USUALLY NO REASON. 90% of the Stops do not result in an Arrest. And Bloomberg STOPS & FRISKS NOT ONLY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, BUT CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!And Bloomberg is Criticizing Arizona????? Bloomberg is a Hypocrite and a Joke!!! NYC STOPS & FRISKS many more people than Arizona does. 600,000 CITIZENS….. think about that for a moment

When you see people like Bloomberg Criticize States like Arizona, you can’t really can’t take it Seriously, after you see where it’s coming from…………………………..


May 1, 2010

Today there are many Protests by Pro Illegal Immigrant Groups to make Illegal Immigrants Legal!!!! WHY?? They are in the USA ILLEGALLY, THEIR CHOICE, NOW IT’S TIME THAT THEIR FREE RIDE WAS OVER!!!!

Arizona has the right idea. They are being Swamped with Illegals that are taking up Resources, including Jobs from Legal Citizens. So the only way to take care of the Problem is to ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS!!! What’s wrong with that. The Pro Illegal Immigrant Groups say these ILLEGALS should be allowed to stay because they are here so long!!!!! I say it’s TOO LONG!!!

Regarding today’s Protests, I say that if any ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS show up to the Protests, they should be Arrested. If Bail Jumpers showed up to Protest Warrants, they would be Arrested, so why not Illegal Immigrants????

Most of these Illegal Immigrants come over to the USA to have a Baby, because that baby would now be a US Citizen, but the Parents would still not be. The Parents know that the USA would not Deport the Parents, and separate the Parents from their Baby. BUT that was then, and Now is Now!!!! Now the USA will deport the Parents, who would obviously bring their Babies with them. It is not the US’s fault that they would be separating Families. It is the FAULT of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who decided to commit the Illegal Act by coming here to have a Baby, thinking they (the Parents) would have a Free Ride, or Free Ticket to the USA. Well that will not be anymore…………

If you are here ILLEGALLY, you are Illegal, and are breaking the Law………What is so difficult to Understand???? The Protesters say that Illegal Immigrants have a right to be Here…………..????????? Whatever sense that makes……..

With Terrorism on the Rise, Illegal Immigrant’s Rights are the Last thing we should be wasting time with………….

Arizona, stand your ground, and don’t give in to the Protesters!!!!!!!! Hopefully, other States will follow………