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July 1, 2010

Obama is speaking about how things were. Today is Today, and most Immigrants are coming to the USA to ‘Get Over.’

Obama brings up examples of hard-working immigrants coming to the USA today. Obama gotta wake up, and see what Reality is, not Fantasy. Look to Arizona to see what is happening Today, NOT yesterday.

This is a Politically Correct Speech, and Obama is Detached from Reality, as he has mostly been. We have 11 Million illegals here today, and since 9/11, The USA has to start enforces the Laws that are already on the Books, not giving Free Passes to the Illegals. Some Laws have already started to be enforced by the Federal Government, and certain States like Arizona are starting to enforce LAws that are already on the Books. Arizona has a Tremendous Crime Rate, which are mostly committed by these Illegals.

Most are still in LaLa Land like Obama, and can’t see the Forest through the Trees. Bringing up how The USA was founded by Immigrants is how it WAS, NOT how it IS………………..

Obama is using Arizona as how NOT to do things. But States such as Arizona and others See and are Living the Reality of Illegal Immigrants, and how it affects their lives, and are taking steps to fix the problems, so the law Abiding Citizens can live in Peace. I think other States will follow.

Obama will try to persuade the Dissenters with one of his BS, Golden Tongue Speeches, BUT People are not buying his line of BS like they used to. He will criticize those who are trying to Enforce Illegal Immigrant Laws already on the Books, BUT this will most likely backfire, especially after 9/11……..

Obama’s Speech is a Big Bag of Wind. He’s bringing up E Pluribus Unum, and now he’s speaking about the Jews, and bringing up Examples of these Great Immigrants.  AGAIN, THAT was THEN, and NOW is NOW.  His Speech really is Long Winded, and I think most are losing Interest, except for the Obamacrats, who like to see Obama Flap his Jaws, even though not much is coming out of it. He’s reciting verses from I don’t know what. This Speech is really one of the worst I have heard from Obama. Talking about Lamps and Beacons. What in the world is this guy speaking about!!!

Obama once again is Criticizing the Republicans for making Immigration Reform a divisive issue, and once again playing Partisan Politics. Obama has to be one of the Most Partisan Presidents in recent History. He blames the Republicans, but should look in the Mirror to see who is really to blame.