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July 10, 2010

This Asshole Van Der Snot has not been in the news lately. Why is this??

He supposedly is still in Peru. Have we all gone on to the Next Story, and this Animal will just be Tucked away in a Peruvian Prison, until he is Eventually Accidentally Killed in Prison, after he is Ravishly Raped by the Inmates. If so, so ne it. But at least let the Public know what’s going on.

Did he admit to other Murders of Young Innocent Women. Is he an International Serial Killer??? Has he lost 50 lbs. in Jail?? Is he on a Hunger Strike?? Don’t let him get too thin, as his Inmates would like him to have some Meat on him so they have something to Hold on to while they Pound his Ass all Day & All Night Long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 15, 2010

Van Der Snot is crying like a Baby. He’ scared shit of the Peruvian Jail he’s in. He says he will give up the location of Natalee Holloway’s body in exchange for being moved to a Jail in Aruba. Hey van der snot, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!  You will never get transferred to an Aruban Jail where you will get the Pillow Talk treatment as Before, because of your Daddy. The Aruban Assholes are the Idiots who let you go in the first place, and the Aruban Idiots are partly responsible for Stephany’s Death in Peru!! No doubt that if you were transferred to Aruba, you would escape with the help of the Aruban Authorities within a year or so.

You’re a SUCKASS, PUSSY, MOTHER FUCKER AND YOU WILL ROT IN A PERUVIAN JAIL UP UNTIL THE DAY YOU HANG YOURSELF……… And No Doubt you will end up giving the location of Natalee’s Body, and eventually admit to the many other Girls you have Slaughtered all across the World!!!

What’s the matter van der snot???? You can Kill and Slaughter innocent Woman, but you can’t do the time once caught???? What you did to these Poor Woman will only be a taste of what will happen to you in a Peruvian Jail. Once the Heat is off and the Cameras are gone, it will only be a matter of time until you are Ravished by every inmate in the Prison. And then you will be transferred to the other Prisons in Peru, so those Inmates could also get a Piece of your Fucking Ass!!!!! By the time the inmates are done with you, you will look forward to jumping off that Tier with some Bed Sheets strung around your neck!!!!


June 8, 2010

joran van der snot confesses to Peruvian Authorities, saying he murdered Stephanie in the Hotel Room because she looked on her Laptop, and saw that van der snot was questioned for the Murder of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. When Stephanie questioned van der snot about the issue, he says he snapped and killed Stephanie.

Van Der Snot is going to the scene of the crime later today, with Law Enforcement, to re-enact the Murder.

The only thing that rings true about the Confession is that vander snot Butchered this poor Girl!!!!

Bye-Bye van der snot….May you enjoy the next 35 years in a Peruvian Prison, and a Bat up your Fucking Ass every Fucking Day for the Next 35 Years……..and then afterwards, Face Extortion Charges in The USA, but maybe before, the Asshole Cops in Aruba will have the Guts to Prosecute you for the Murder of Nancy Holloway, after you most likely Confess to that Murder also, seeing that your Life is Basically over, and with your Ego, you will not be able to help yourself, and will Brag about the Murder in Aruba. In addition, this Scumbag is most likely Guilty of a whole bunch of Unsolved Murders across the World in the Past 5 Years, and Prior, and hopefully will Confess to those Murders also.

Most likely, this Scumbag won’t last the 35 Years, and will take the Easy way out, and End it All. Or maybe he will meet his demise at the Hands of His Fellow Boyfriends……errrrr Inmates. And I doubt Peru has Protective Custody in their Prisons, so van der snot will be spending his Years in General Population. And I have a feeling that his fellow Inmates will welcome a Handsome boy from the Netherlands, with his Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. van der snot will be passed around like a Bag of Ice in the Sahara Desert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!