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NYC’s Upper East Side 4′ 11″ Groper is Still On The Loose!!

July 22, 2011

August 9, 2011 Wednesday >>

Person in Custody in Queens. Possibly Pint Size Bastard, The East Side Groper!! >>

Cops Nab Pint-Sized Upper East Side Serial Groper

UPDATE: August 6, 2011 Saturday

The Groper has Attacked up to 10 Women so far. He is getting More Violent. The last Victim he Kicked & Punched. Police Commissioner Kelly had said that this Groper was Harmless when the Groper first started attacking Women. I said that this Groper was not harmless and that a Grope is a Hair away from a Rape.
Guess Police Commissioner should find another job if he thought that Groping was not a hair away from a Rape. He knows better, and was just Bullshitting the Public as Usual. At least I hope he knew better. If not, he should strip himself of his Rank!!

They better catch this Asshole as soon as possible, or hopefully a Citizen will catch this Punk Asshole, and Punch him out until the cops come to get him.

UPDATE: The Asshole caught in Central park is 5′ 2″ Short, and is NOT the  4′ 11″ Height Challenged Asshole who has so far Groped 7 Women on the Upper East Side!!
The E. Side Groper is Still on the Lose!!!!!!!!
Be Careful, and Stay Alert!!

UPDATE: August 6, 2011 Saturday
The above Link is INCORRECT. The NY Post was wrong in Publishing the above Link.

The Groper is STILL on the Loose, and has expanded his area where he has been Attacking his Victims. He is Getting More Violent, So Remember to >>
Be Alert!
Protect Yourself!!

‘East Side groper’ strikes again, in Central Park

Read more:

6′ 5″ 300lb. Punk Ass Bitch in an Orange ‘Clown’ Outfit wanted for Attempted Rape in NYC

July 16, 2011

This 6′ 5″ Punk Ass Thug dressed up in his Orange Ghetto Clown Outfit is wanted for Attempted Rape in NYC early this morning. This Bitch was with 2 other Cohorts, one of whom wasdressed up in a Jolly Green Giant ‘Outfit!’
Here’s the Link >>

Police Search For Attempted Rape Suspect

Hopefully someone will recognize one or more of these Thug Punks.
How the girl escaped is a Miracle!!
The Big Fuck in the Orange Outfit will get to wear his Favorite color when they slap on his Orange Prison Jumpsuit!!

This is what’s called ‘Trolling for Rape Victims’, and’ Predatory Behavior’ by these 3 Punks and others like them. Don’t think that these 3 Assholes just happened to see a 25 year old girl and say “Hey, let’s Rape her!” No, more like “let’s go walking around the city at 2:30 in the morning and see if there are any woman in the streets by themselves, either leaving a club or bar, or on their way back home, and let’s Rape her.”
These Assholes, and Assholes like them, are Called PREDATORS!!
And they are Walking out on the streets Every Day & Every Night!!
Be Alert, Be careful, and Protect Yourselves!!

Leiby Kletzky; The Truth Behind the 8 Year Old’s Senseless Slaughter!!

July 15, 2011

First and Foremost, let me say this:

‘May You Have a Peaceful Journey, Leiby Kletzky. And May the Evil That Committed Unspeakable Acts Upon Your Body, BUT Not Your Soul, be Tortured for the time left he has on this Earth, and Continues to Burn once his Time on Earth Ends and his Never-ending Time in Hell Begins…………..’

The Monster, LEVI ARON, who Kidnapped 8 year old his birthday Is next week) Leiby Kletzky wants us to Believe that Leiby ‘Seeked’ him out, and that Aron just wanted the Little Boy’s Companionship to just sit around and talk. After speaking with the boy in his apartment, he was just going to let Leiby go the Next day. But because of All the Publ;ivity, the Monster Panicked and Killed Leiby, then Dismembered him, throwing the Leiby’s Body in a dumpster 2 miles away except for Leiby’s Feet which were found in his Freezer!!

Hopefully, and most Assuredly, The NYPD and LE are not Buying this Assholes Benign Tale except for the part of Killing the Boy and Dismembering him. This Asshole knows he cannot talk his way out of the fact that he Killed & Dismembered the Boy, But he thinks he is trying to put himself in the Best light he can.

He’s not admitting to:
– Kidnapping Leiby                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Committing Perverted Acts Upon Leiby                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      – Why he kept Leiby’s Severed little feet in his Freezer!!

– if Panicked, why not dispose of ALL of Leiby’s body parts in the dumpster 2 miles away?                                                                                                                                                                                                   – the real reason he brought the Leiby back to his house; from a supposedly benign ‘Just wanting Companionship, sitting around the ‘Campfire’ and then let the Boy go “Story” escalating to; Panicking, Killing, Dismembering, Keeping the Feet, etc., etc. is a Tale that even Captain Ahab couldn’t Spin!!

This Pedophile, Psychopathic, Murdering Monster came across Leiby in the Street, saw an easy Target and talked him into getting into his car .After going to the dentist and paying a bill, he picked the boy up from the corner where he was told to wait for the Monster 8 minutes later. This Bastard took Leiby back to his attic apartment where this Asshole lived with his Parents, Committed whatever Unmentionable Acts to poor Leiby, Smothered him afterwards or during his Heinous Acts, and Dismembered Leiby’s Body. He kept the Boy’s Severed Feet in his Freezer because he couldn’t help his Sick, Perverted urges to keep a Trophy and/or keep the Boy close even in Death, and dumped the rest of Leiby’s Body in a dumpster 2 miles away.

Hopefully The Truth will come out and This MONSTER meets It’s Demise before, during or after Trial while in Prison………

The Thugs of NYC ‘Own’ More Land than Donald Trump!!

June 19, 2011

With all the crime that has been going on as of late, it appears that the Thugs of NYC Control a lot of Property, more than Donald Trump! and the NYPD is Powerless to do anything about it. Yeah, the Cops go into a Neighborhood for a couple of days to show their presence, But after they’re gone, the Thugs are back in. In East New York the other day, 9 People were shot at a House Party. One victim has died since. In Brooklyn and the Bronx there were no less than 5 individual Shootings where the Victims were a 5 year old, a 6 year old, a 15 year old and a 16 year old that were caught in the crossfire. An 82 year old woman was Raped by another thug punk on Madison Ave. a few days ago. An 81 Year Old Man was Mugged a couple of weeks ago and Died from his Injuries the other Day.
These Felonious Crimes are no longer contained to just some Neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the Bronx, But these thugs are spreading out and committing these Crimes on Madison Ave. and all over NYC. This has been going on for a while, But it appears that Bloomberg and Kelly are playoing Ostrich and Putting their heads in the sand as it is bad for Tourism, and goes against Bloomberg’s Mantra.

These Thug punks and Gang members don’t care about human Life because they are Human Excrement. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly have been Quiet on these Heinous Crimes that have been committed. Most likely because They are powerless to do anything about it. You have King Bloomberg whose Mantra is “NYC is the Safest Big City in the Country.” I and the People that live in these Extremely Dangerous Neighborhoods beg to differ. Bloomberg says Guns Kill People, No Mr. Mayor, People kill People. There was an article that mentioned Gun Crime was down in NYC But that the Murders were being committed by other means, such as Knives, Bludgeoning, Strangling, etc. So while gun Crimes were down, Murders were not because People will always find a Means by which to Kill their Victims.

When you see the Innocent people interviewed that Have to live in these Crime Invested Areas such as in Brooklyn and the Bronx, they are Scared to Death! They are Resigned to the fact that there is no way out for them, and that the Police are powerless to protect them. They usually don’t leave their homes after Dark, and keep their children in after school for fear they may be Killed by a Stray bullet for example. This has been going on for Years.

So to Future Tourists who want to Visit the Safest Big City in the Country, DON’T!!!!!!!! and to the People that have to live amongst the Scum of the Scum, Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Safe and Protect Yourselves because No One else will, Including the NYPD……………………


April 18, 2011

Be-aware and Alert out there Citizens of Forest Hills, Queens, New York. There has been a rash of Armed Gunpoint Robberies on your neighborhood Streets, and the 112th Precinct and Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce is keeping Silent on this one. So far, it has been only the Victims and their Friends and Families who have known about this Crime Spree that has been going on for quite a while.

The description so far is of 2 Punk Ass Blacks that are Robbing People at Gun Point on the Streets of Forest Hills. As far as I know, there have been no Rapes or Shootings………..YET!!! It is only a matter of time until someone is Killed and/or Raped!!! These Punks have been committing these Horrendous Crimes on the streets of Forest Hills and the 112th Precinct does not even have the Courtesy to WARN its Citizens, so they may take the proper Precautions, and Be Aware that these are 2 Punks on the Lose who are Jeopardizing the Lives of the Law Abiding Citizens of Forest Hills, Queens………….. Remember also, that up until now, no one has been Shot or Raped (as far as I know) But just Imagine the Psychological scarring that these Victims are Suffering. Some of these Scars will dissipate with time, But as we all know, Traumatic Experiences can and will most likely Last a Lifetime. Who are these PUNKS to damage a Person for Life!!! Punk Ass Bitches, that’s who. A couple of Punks who come into Forest Hill;s from other Neighborhoods to Stalk their Prey and Pounce whenever they feel like it. And the 112th Precinct are ENABLERS because they Don’t Warn the Citizens of Forest Hills that there is an ACTIVE, DANGEROUS CRIME SPREE occurring in their neighborhood.

Imagine you are taking a stroll, or in your car, and 2 Punk Ass’s come up to you and Shove a Gun in your Face, and Rob you of your personal property that you have worked so hard to own. Forget about your Valuables for the moment, as for that moment in time when these 2 Punk Ass Mother Fuckers are shoving a Gun in your Face, if you weren’t Religious before that moment, you sure  as Hell became Religious in a Heartbeat!!

Who the Hell are these 2 Punk Asses to Rob you of your property, and put you in a Position where You Can Die!!!! You know it is only a matter of time where there will be a struggle and that gun WILL GO OFF. Hopefully it’ll shoot one of these Punk Asses in the Fucking Face, and Blow His Brains Out!!!

And where does the 112th Precinct come off and not WARN the Citizens of Forest Hills of this Very Real Danger, which can Take A Life in a Single Second, during one of these GUN ARMED ROBBERIES. And we all know that the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce is very well aware of this Crime Spree, and is also being Silent on the Matter. This is more than a Crime Spree, It Is a Matter of Life and Death for Christ’s Sake. In New York City, the only Citizens whom are allowed to Defend themselves, and be as well armed as the Criminals are the Police. The only other People whom are allowed to Carry Guns are the Criminals, because They Don’t Obey The Laws Of NYC, and the Draconian Anti-Gun, Anti-Self Protection Laws which King Bloomberg Spews across The Land. After all, the King Travels with no less than 8 HEAVILY ARMED (Not Just a few Handguns) Body Guards (NYPD Officers, On Duty and Off Duty) at All Times, and Usually More!! The only Defenseless Citizens in NYC are the Law Abiding Citizens who are just Ducks in a Barrel waiting to get Killed. The Criminals know this, and they Pick their Moment, and Pounce on Their Prey, knowing that Their Prey will most likely be unarmed, and as Defenseless as a Pig in a Slaughter House!!!

I urge All the Citizens of Forest Hills, Queens, New York to call the Queens City Council, The Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce, the 112th Precinct, your Councilman and Councilwoman and Ask these Imbeciles why ‘YOU” are being kept in the Dark about this Gun Point Crime Spree in what is supposedly a safe Neighborhood, Forest Hills, Queens. For those of us who Know Better, The Streets of Forest Hills have not been Safe for a while. It has been getting Worse & Worse. Forest Hills used to be known as the Neighborhood where the worst crime was Stolen Cars, BUT also there have been Many Rapes going on in Forest Hills for a while. Now we have Armed Robberies of Our Citizens at Gun Point on their Neighborhood Streets.

To the 112th Precinct, Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce, Queens Congress members and Senators, etc. Warn the People of these Crime Sprees to at least give The Ducks in a Barrel a little Fighting Chance!! We all know you are not worried as You are either Armed, or have Body Guard Protection with you most of the time, But that does not mean that Our Lives are Worth Less than Yours………………….

Btw, where do the Criminals go to Commit these Horrendous Crimes??? Not to Texas, Florida, or other Pro Carry Gun States which allow their Citizens to Protect themselves, But to the Bloomberg Cities like NYC where the only armed people are the Cops and the Criminals. The Law Abiding Citizens are Stripped of their Right to Protect Themselves, and these Punk Ass Criminals know this.

While it is Very Important for Law Enforcement to Capture these Criminals and Prosecute them After the Crime is Committed, it is even MORE IMPORTANT to PREVENT THESE CRIMES BEFORE THEY ARE COMMITTED. It is very Rare that a Cop is right there on Scene when the Crime is about to be Committed to prevent it (it is Not possible for them to do so.) In fact, it Hardly Ever happens, so it is up to WE, The People to Defend Ourselves, But that ain’t gonna Never happen in NYC, and other similar Anti-Self Protection Cities my friends………

BE ALERT, STAY AWARE, TAKE THE PROPER PRECAUTIONS, AND PRESERVE YOUR LIFE…………And Fight for the Right to Protect Yourselves, and those You Love!!!!!!!


October 9, 2010

See Here >>

NYC Marijuana Possession Arrests Skyrocket, Illustrate NYPD Racial

And NYC continues to be more of a Police State (City), than ever before.

And crime continues to rise, because it has already been proven that these little pot arrests don’t do much at all to prevent crimes.

One of the major reasons the NYPD is making these nonsensical arrests is because they have to show something for their efforts regarding Stop & Frisks, that are occurring at an outrageous rate of over 500,000 per year.

NYC is Truly a Police State, and is getting worse with each passing hour…………

NYC, where the City Motto should be “Rights, what Rights? You have no Rights in NYC!”


September 14, 2010

If this Guy’s Harlem District Votes him in again, It just proves that NYC gets what they deserve. I have no doubt that Rangel will be Voted into Congress again. BUT if this happens, and when he is found Guilty of his charges, hopefully Rangel will be thrown out of Congress as quickly as he gets voted in.

I believe his District thinks that the charges against Rangel have to do with a Conspiracy, and that good ‘ole Charlie Boy is just a Poor Victim. And this is what Slick Charlie is relying on. It wouldn’t be the first time a Politician accused of Criminal Activity was Voted into office. Not in New York City anyway.  I hope I am wrong, and his constituents in Harlem have half a brain to see the Forest through the Trees, and not Vote Charlie the Shmuck into office again. BUT there is a solid chance that Rangel will once again be voted in for a 21st ? Term,.

As I said, if he does get Voted in, NYC Voters are to Blame, and once again, it will prove that NYC Politics and Politicians are flooded with Corruption. And Rangel will just be Another Corrupt Politician who Holds Office in NYC. I believe that there are many, and one of the reasons for this is the way Voters Vote these Criminals and corrupt Politicians into office, even though the Signs & Facts are right in front of their Faces. It has been going on for years, and most likely will continue….