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Hey Bloomberg, Get a LOAD of This…………Fit For a King!!

October 30, 2009

The only Throne this King  R18722_layout.inddshould be sitting on, is this one.     

That’s about the right proportions!

If he loses the Election, I will personally buy him his very own Monogrammed Throne!

I Got a New Job for Bloomberg……………………

October 28, 2009

…………………when he’s voted out of office. We can all chip in and get him a Train Ticket (since he loves mass transit so much) and send him over to Newark New Jersey, one of the Most Dangerous Cities in the USA. Since Bloomberg says his War on Crime is Working; cough! cough! Newark can use a guy like Bloomberg. Maybe we can chip in and get Police Commissioner Kelly a Train Ticket also, and send both of these Merry Men on their way. Let’s see how the Criminals of Newark treat these Bozos!

They have real Criminals who will give Bloomberg a Run for his Money. Not like NYC, whose crime has been way up, btw, contrary to the BULLSHIT that Bloomberg and Kelly have been telling everyone. 

Don’t forget to Spread the Word, to run Bloomberg the Fuck out of  Town.

Let’s Get Rid Of King Bloomberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 28, 2009

Take a look at this video >

And see what our friends have to say over here, along with another video >

We all have to stick together and get the word out, so WE can VOTE KING BLOOMBERG Out of Office.

I am linking to other threads and videos of those who have the same ideas. We gotta vote the King outta of the Mayors Office.

It is after all, City Hall, NOT a KINGDOM where the King sits on his Throne, and tries to push the Middle Class out of New York City.

Bill Thompson appears to be a Mayor For the People, unlike Bloomberg, who is a Mayor for his Chronies.

Since 2000, 1 1/2 Million New Yorkers have moved out of the State. Most of those New Yorkers that have moved were from New York City. Bloomberg doesn”t give a Rats Ass because he would like NYC to be the land of the Affluent. He has had 8 Years to accomplish his goal, and he has been successful. If  Bloomberg is given another 4 Years, he will be very close to accomplishing his Goal.  

The citizens of New York City can accomplish the Task of getting Rid of the King. Just Vote him out, and show him the Fucking Door.

Thompson/Bloomberg Debate Tonight @7pm…………2nd Round

October 27, 2009

Thompson and Bloomberg go at it tonight in their 2nd and Final Debate, before the Nov.3rd Election.

Don’t forget to watch!

Hopefully King Bloomberg will put one of his Size 5 shoes in his Mouth again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Ugly Truth About King Michael Bloomberg!!!!!

October 27, 2009
 This letter was forwarded to me. And since it points out some stuff that I think the voters of NYC should know, I am posting it here.
There is a reference at the end regarding President Barrack Hussein Obama. I personally do not care for this guy as I think he is also a Big Bullshit Artist, and that he served a lot of Kool-Aid to the People of the USA, and that he continues to serve it today. But many voters are waking up to the fact that Obama doesn’t walk on Water, and that he is not the Second Coming.
But anyway, this is not what this post is about. It is about not voting in King Bloomberg, because if you do, the Common People of NYC won’t have a Chance, and NYC will continue on its way to becoming More of a Police State.
Fuck Bloomberg and VOTE FOR BILL THOMPSON. The Common People must Rise Up and Vote King Bloomberg Out of Office, and send him on his way the Fuck Outta Here. Read on >

Oct 26 2009

An Open Letter to all New Yorkers—and a Call to Help Bill Thompson Help us Take Our City Back



by Mike


October 26, 2009

Re: Michael Bloomberg v. The People of New York City: The Spin v. The Facts

This letter accompanies our review of Michael Bloomberg’s ruinous eight-years as mayor of New York City. It describes the facts of that record in detail and contrasts them with the spin that the mayor and his publicists have employed to tell a different story.

In preparing this document, we also want to publicly thank Bill Thompson for having the courage and determination to take on New York’s richest, most powerful man and his vast network of wealthy allies. We can only imagine what a difficult and thankless task it must be.

He could have taken advantage of the term limits override and sat out the next four years in the Comptroller’s position. He wouldn’t have had to endure the sleazy attack ads, the exhausting campaign, and all the punishment that comes with such an uphill battle. But without him, we would not have had a choice: Michael Bloomberg, the most arrogant public figure we have suffered in our life time, perhaps with the exception of George Bush, has thumbed his nose at our vote to limit elected officials to two terms. If elected, he will continue to wage what can only be described as a class war on ordinary New Yorkers.

We know that many voters remain indifferent or confused, even overwhelmed by the hundreds of millions of dollars of free and paid political messages aimed at convincing them that the record of financial mismanagement, neighborhood destruction, civil liberties and civil rights abuses, and all the other misguided policies and programs has been a record of achievement.

Many political and civic leaders have been intimidated and even threatened with retribution in the form of campaign contributions and grants withheld, contracts and subsidies not renewed, and all the rest of the tools available to punish those who would speak out. That is why this is an election in which the people must lead the leaders.

Michael Bloomberg’s defeat would send a powerful message that The People are still out there. That message would reverberate throughout the country. It would even be heard in Washington D.C. where the moneyed interests – the interests that Michael Bloomberg embodies and represents – have used their wealth and political power to rob ordinary citizens of their life savings. As this document shows, the mayor is doing precisely that in New York.

Things have already gone very far in that direction. We sense that this is a climactic moment in our history. We’re pleased and honored to do our small part to help Bill Thompson and through him, President Obama take back our city and our country from the hedge fund operators, real estate barons, leveraged buyout artists, investment bankers, and all the rest of the skimmers and scammers who stand with their leader, the would-be oligarch Michael Bloomberg.

Very truly yours,

Neil Fabricant, Founder, Fed Up New Yorkers
Alan Howard, Coordinator, New York City Obama Grassroots for Thompson
Lucy Koteen, President, Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats
Allen Roskoff, President, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club
Robert Holden, President, Juniper Park Civic Association, Inc.
Nellie Hester Bailey, Director, Harlem Tenants Council
Jessica Shiller, Professor of Education, Lehman College
Judi Francis, President, Park Defense Fund
Ben Kabak, Transit Blogger, Second Avenue Sagas

* Organizational affiliations for identification

Bloomberg is Buying Your Vote…..$$85 Million and Counting!!!!!!

October 24, 2009

Bloomberg has spent $$85 Million so far on his campaign. He is out their trying to buy the votes of the Citizens of NYC because he knows he has not EARNED your vote. He is trying to buy them, as he does with everything else. He is on track to spend $$108 Million by the time the campaign is over. Show King Bloomberg that Your Votes Cannot be bought!!!!

The ARROGANCE of the King to think that he can buy your vote. But then again, this is the same guy that told the voters of NYC to go screw themselves when he reversed Term Limits. He has no respect for the Citizens of NYC as he has shown over the past 8 years. This Idiot does not care for anyone but himself, and of course, his own EGO. If you vote this PIECE OF SHIT into office for another 4 years, he will extend term limits again when his term is over. This will be never-ending… Oh, I forgot, the asshole mentioned that he will not extend term limits for another 4 years if he wins this election. He said that with a GRIN,  in the last debate when questioned. We know how well Bloomberg keeps his word. He’s just a Fucking Bullshit Artist, and he is playing the Voters of NYC like a Fiddle. If he gets elected for another term, Bloomberg will keep getting Richer because his Businesses will increase in value. In addition, his 1000’s of  Chronies, like Police Commissioner Kelly, who will continue to Run his Police State, will still have their jobs. Sadly, it will be Business as Usual. Think about it, if Bloomberg is out, so will his whole political circle, at least most of them.  8 Fucking   Years is more than enough time  to have the King of NYC sitting on his Throne. Let’s Vote this guy Outta Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VOTE THE ASSHOLE OUT OF OFFICE. I am not a Big Fan of Thompson, but Vote for Thompson rather than King Bloomberg. At least Thompson respects the Citizens of NYC, unlike his Opponent, King Michael Bloomberg!!!!!!!!

Bloomberg is More Full of Shit than The New York City Sewers!!

October 23, 2009

73544957AS009_gmhcBloomberg is a Big Fucking Bullshit Artist. He had said that Thompson was one of the Best Comptroller that NYC has ever had. Now he says that he really didn’t mean it when he said it. Let’s examine this for a moment >

There are only 2 conclusions that you can gather from this >

 1) Bloomberg really did mean it when he said that Thompson was one of the Best Comptrollers that NYC ever had, which would mean that he is LYING  now………………………OR………………………….

2) Bloomberg didn’t mean it when he said that Thompson was one of the best Comptrollers, which would mean that he was LYING then 

King Bloomberg is what they call an Opportunistic LIAR, which means he lies whenever he has to, in order to put himself in the best light.  While this is a quality of most politicians, the point here is that Bloomberg tries to come off as holier than thou, and he ain’t. Bloomberg, in my opinion, is even a Bigger Bullshit Artist than most of them.  What makes him a cut above the rest is his 16 Billion Dollars, which, along with his Ultra Egotistical Attitude, makes him think that he is entitled to whatever he wants. And in order to get it, he will do anything. This includes Bullshitting the Numbers when it comes to the statistics regarding student graduation, and Bullshitting the numbers when it comes to Crime being the lowest in the City. While the statistics show what he says to be true, it is the way that those statistics are arrived at. Anyone can calculate and manipulate statistics in order to prove their point.

Bloomberg is nothing but a bully, which is the reason the Board of Education has not endorsed either Candidate as of yet. That is because if they endorse Thompson, Bloomberg will make sure that their Contracts, which are to be negotiated, won’t be as lucrative, if they didn’t endorse Thompson. The B of Ed disagrees with Bloomberg wholeheartedly regarding the school average of the Students. They know that the statistics are being manipulated. Bloomberg puts fear in people because of his power and money, and I can safely say that Hardly Anyone Respects Bloomberg because he deserves it. They Respect him because he asks them to and people fear him.

Vote this Asshole out of office and No One will have to Fear Bloomberg Again. Bloomberg and the rest of his Chronies will be out of Office, and NYC can become the Democracy it once was. Hey Bloomberg, don’t let the door hit you on the Ass on your way Out!!!!


October 13, 2009

73544957AS009_gmhcAppears that Thompson is winning the debate so far. Or at least he has a slight edge. He brought up the Term Limits Topic very nicely. He made some good points about the Topic but it was in the first half of the Debate. But I feel that this is a Topic that has been on Voter’s Minds and will remain at the forefront regarding whether Bloomberg will be re-elected or not.

Stop & Fisk is being Brought up. 600,000 NYC Citizens have been Victims of Stop & Frisk. It is a Bias and Racist Tool of Law Enforcement.

Stay tuned.

Debate is almost over. Slight edge to Thompson in my opinion. Bloomberg has had 8 years, and as Thompson has said, “Eight is Enough.” Amen to that.

We shall soon see the fruits of these 2 Candidates Labor. HOPEFULLY, The Voters will Speak Loudly & Clearly, when they Cast their Votes on November 3, 2009. Bloomberg’s answer to the question of Betraying the Citizen’s Trust when Bloomberg ignored the People’s Wishes about Term Limits, is that People will vote on Nov. 13 and we will see if term Limits was that important to them. Bloomberg is a POMPOUS ASS!!!!! The People voted already for Term Limits and Bloomberg did all he could to reverse term limits. It does not matter if Bloomberg  has done a good job or not. He should have never been on the Ballot and therefore no one should vote for Bloomberg.

Btw, if  Bloomberg does get in, we will be more of a Police State than we are now. 600,000 Citizens Stopped & Frisked will be a Drop in the Bucket. I always think of this QUOTE that puts everything into perspective, when people like Bloomberg have the attitude of “whatever it takes to lessen crime, we will do”  >

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security”


-Ben Franklin 


October 13, 2009

King Bloomberg’s mantra is, “Crime is down in NYC. It is the lowest it has ever been.” I don’t see it. Maybe Bloomberg is talking about a different city. Maybe Mayor Booker of Newark, NJ needs Bloomberg to put as Bigger Spin on the Crime Rate there as he is doing here. CRIME IS PRETTY HIGH IN NYC!!!! Bloomberg, quit Bullshitting the Citizens of NYC!!

Maybe Crime is down on the block where you live, but Crime is Rampant in most of NYC’s Neighborhoods. Everytime I turn on the News, Every Day there is at least one killing. Whether it be A Shooting, A Stabbing, A Bludgeoning, A Beating, etc., etc. Bloomberg, WHY DON’T YOU ASK the Citizens that live in Neighborhoods such as Bedstuy, Brownsville, Crown Heights, Bensonhurst, etc. if Crime is down in their Neighborhoods? WHY DON’T YOU ASK the Parents of the Children that have been MURDERED due to a STRAY BULLET, or a MUGGING or a STABBING or other CRIMES of VIOLENCE?

Hey, Bloomberg, do these Neighborhoods not COUNT? The Families that live in Many of these Crime Ridden Neighborhoods are afraid to Step Out Into The Streets, whether it is at night or during the day. They are afraid to let their Children walk the streets but they have to because they need to go to School, etc. These people live in FEAR mostly Every Day. They are Fearful of becoming a Victim of Crime. Some that are interviewed, just shrug it off and say, “It’s just a way of Life, this is it, and we just have to be as careful as we can.” But inside, they are FEARFUL and also ANGRY that this is how it is for their Children and for themselves.

It has been 8 Years with The King we have now, and many years with other Mayors that have come before King Bloomberg, But these NYC Citizens still live in Fear. It is not nearly as bad as it was when DAVID DINKINS was the Mayor of NYC but Crime is still very Rampant.

I have not even spoken about the other Violent Crimes such as RAPE, ASSAULT, HATE CRIMES, MUGGINGS, ROBBERY, ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON, etc. Yes, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, CRIME is ALIVE AND WELL IN NYC. You are just perched too High Up On Your Throne to see it. But I truly Believe that you know Crime is running Rampant in NYC and you are Just too Full of Shit to let the people know that, and to be HONEST with them. After all, you are the same BULLSHIT ARTIST that LIED to the CITIZENS of NYC and told them last Spring that the SWINE FLU was Nothing to worry about. That there were only 1500 cases of NYC Citizens that contracted the SWINE FLU, and that you would not talk publicly about it anymore because it was no Big Deal. Fast Forward to 3 weeks ago, and you said about 800,000 NYC citizens may have contracted the SWINE FLU. Fast Forward to last week, and you now say that 20-30% of NYC Citizens probably contracted the FLU. That comes out to around 1.8 Million – 2.4 Million NYC Residents. Nobody believes a word that comes out of your mouth because you are so full of shit. I would venture to guess that your girlfriend doesn’t Believe a word that comes out of your mouth either. And she only stays with you because you are worth 16 Billion Dollars. Which ain’t a bad reason, btw.

So, to we the Citizens who are affected by Crime every day, and to the Citizens who have been Ignored that live in High Crime War Torn Neighborhoods, DON”T VOTE FOR BLOOMBERG and DON”T GIVE HIM 4 MORE YEARS TO KEEP FUCKING THINGS UP. You’re Children Deserve Better and Bloomberg is just Ignoring them as he doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass for Anyone but Himself.



October 11, 2009

King, errrrrr, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is brainwashing his NYC Lemmings. This guy is making people believe that the City cannot function without him, and that it would be devastating for the voters not to vote for him. Many people are falling for the old “Sky is Falling” trick. Hey, most of the people who live in NYC are followers not leaders, hence the reference to Lemmings. The Lemmings will follow Bloomberg anywhere, even off a Cliff, no doubt.

People, wake the Fuck up. Bloomberg bullied the City Council to get the Term Limits reversed and Bloomberg is Known for using BULLYING Tactics to get his way. If he doesn’t get his way, he goes Ballistic. Take Quinn, Who is the leader of the City Council. She was being investigated not too long ago. But since leading the Council to vote for NO Term Limits, I have not seen or heard a Peep about her investigation. No doubt that this was the Favor Bloomberg did for her for helping him out. Getting the Investigation delayed or even ended was no doubt orchestrated by Michael Bloomberg.

ATTENTION NYC VOTERS, You have the POWER to NOT VOTE King Bloomberg into Office for a third term. A term for which Michael Bloomberg is not entitled to anyway. Grow a set and let Bloomberg know he’s not wanted to be King of NYC for another 4 years. EIGHT Years is long enough. NYC did fine before it even heard of Michael Bloomberg and it will do fine after King Bloomberg leaves office.

Don’t let this guy Bloomberg Brainwash you into believing that we can’t do without him. Don’t let his BILLIONS OF DOLLARS coerce you into BUYING YOUR VOTE!! We, as Citizens of NYC will not be led by an individual WHO WOULD BE KING!!!! If you don’t like Thompson, then DON’T VOTE FOR ANYONE. Bloomberg should have never been on the ballot anyway. If you like Thompson, then take a chance. BUT under NO Circumstances should you let Bloomberg BULLY YOU, SCARE YOU, COERCE YOU, FALSE PROMISE YOU, LIE TO YOU into voting for him. AND DON”T LET BLOOMBERG BUY YOUR VOTE WITH HIS CONSTANT COMMERCIALS EVERY FEW MINUTES THAT YOU ARE BEING BOMBARDED WITH, which by the way, is a form of BRAINWASHING!!!!

Tell Bloomberg he’s NOT WANTED and DON’T VOTE FOR HIM!!!!!!!! Show him that his Money CANNOT Buy Votes!!!!!!