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July 16, 2010

Governor Patterson of NYC has just passed the Stop & Frisk Bill, preventing the NYPD from keeping private Data Bases on Citizens of NYC. High Praise for Governor Patterson on putting and End to the Illegal Tactics of the NYPD, and Congratulations to the Citizens of NYC for getting one of their many rights back, of which many have been stripped away from them by Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly of the NYPD!!!!

Patterson did not cave in to the BS requests by Kelly and Bloomberg, who tried to persuade Patterson to Veto the Stop & Frisk Bill. Kelly knew he had a problem, so he tried to water down the Bill thinking Patterson would then Veto the Bill, BUT Patterson didn’t fall for the Kelly Trap. Bloomberg was undoubtedly working in the Background and forefront to try to have the Bill Vetoed, BUT to No Avail……………


June 29, 2010

The other day, a 2 bit thug was able to talk his way into Police Plaza One, which is the NYPD Headquarters where Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has his Office. This common criminal talked his way into NYPD Headquarters, and went into a Lieutenant’s office, one office down from the police Commissioner’s, and stole 2 Laptops and seven phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The criminal was eventually caught, and was arraigned. Before the Judge ordered the man be held on $50,000.00 Bail, the Judge looked at the guy and the DA, and laughed because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The Judge said ‘you mean to tell me that this guy was able to get into Police Plaza One after 9/11??’ and shook his head.

When asked by a Reporter, Kelly shrugged off the Breach of Security, and said this guy was well-known as a 2 bit thug, and has a long history of arrests.  Um, Kelly, this common criminal broke into YOUR HOUSE!! Supposedly one of the most secure Buildings in New York State. YOU could NOT even PROTECT YOUR OWN ‘HOUSE’ and you expect the Citizens of NYC to think that you would be able to Protect Them from a Terrorist Attack???? You gotta be kidding us!!!!

This common criminal could have well been a Terrorist or Terrorists who could have done severe Mayhem in Police Plaza One, and you shrug it off. WE all know this was a HUGE Embarrassment for you, and Heads must have Rolled over this one. The Cops that let this guy into the Police Plaza One must have been reassigned to Traffic Duty in a Crap Neighborhood somewhere. Kelly may have shrugged this HUGE EVENT Publicly, BUT behing closed doors, this guy had to be Fuming, and I would have liked to hear what King Bloomberg had to say about this Huge Breach of Security. Oh, and let’s not Forget the Huge Laugh that the Terrorists had over this one!!!! And this is after 9/11 and after the Attack in Times Square.

The NYPD can’t even Protect their own Backyard, and for sure, they Cannot protect US either!!!


May 2, 2010

Police Commissioner Kelly of NYC just gave a very informative News Conference. He was very cordial, and let the Press ask whatever they wanted, even though some of the Press asked the same questions 2-3 different times. Kelly answered any and all questions, even if he had to answer the same questions over and over again. The Press obviously ran out of questions to ask, which means Kelly was very thorough. The NYPD is doing what they do best, which is The Investigation. There are many clues for which they can investigate, due to the many surveillance cameras in NYC, in addition to the Videos taken by the people who were in Times Square, including the Tourist that may have captured the Terrorist Punk in a video he took. NYPD Investigators are en route to PA to look at the Video. They already have a description of what may turn out to be the Asshole Terrorist, which is a White Male in his 40’s that is seen in the alley right where the car was, taking off one shirt and putting on another. No doubt the investigators will be comparing the Video to the Surveillance Tape they have to see if they are looking at the same person.

Hopefully the NYPD is checking for any kind of Explosive Devices all over the City, including the Subways. Tomorrow is Monday, the beginning of a very busy work week. Since there was a Car Bomb in Times Square, it would make sense to check the Times Square Train Station, in addition to other Subway Stations. We all know how these Asshole Terrorists like to Fuck with us after they deploy their Destructive Attacks. For instance 9/11 also means 911 for Emergency Services, etc.The Times Square Car Bomb may have been a diversion, or a hint of things to come. But more than likely it was a Bumbling Terrorist who luckily failed at what he set out to do.

Hopefully, the NYPD is taking advantage of this quiet Sunday, and checking all over the City for any Destructive Devices that the Asshole Terrorists may have planted, in addition to the Times Square Car Bomb….


April 13, 2010

This Asshole NYPD Cop, Captain Barry Gelbman had 3 horses put down because they couldn’t make the long trip in a Horse Truck, due to Sores on their Legs. Sores!!!!!……………so this asshole Cop has the Horses Killed. The representative from the ASPCA stood there in Horror while this piece of Shit Cop gave the Order to have these Horses Killed. All because of a Sore. In time, the sores would have healed. The horses had a Good 10 years of life left. But what does this asshole cop due to thank these Horses for their Service to the NYPD serving Assholes like Captain Barry Gelbman? He has them Killed………

He could have given them time to heal and then transport them. He could have adopted them out. But no, this piece of shit has them Killed…This cop should be brought up on charges…………..

If this Asshole has a Family, and maybe they have Pets, I hope they are ripping this Punk a new Asshole!!!!

This is an NYPD Cop who has no problem issuing orders that cause the Death of Living Creatures. He can give an Order  that involves the  killing of Innocent people just as easily as he gave this Order. The NYPD should consult their Shrinks to see the Whole Picture of what this Event Really Means!!! If this Cop gives an Order that Kills Innocent Citizens, The NYPD and the City will have a huge lawsuit on their Hands, besides blood which they could have avoided.

This cop, Captain Barry Gelbman most likely suffers from Penis Envy, due to the Horses being more of a Man than Captain Gelbman. Gelbman most likely never made a Bad Guy Collar in his life, and the majority of his arrests were probably of people pissing in the streets, or drinking a Beer out of a brown bag. So he figures it is time to show the NYPD what a Man he is, by giving the Order to Kill Innocent Horses for No Fucking Reason!!!!

This idiot, who is Head of the NYPD’s Mounted Unit, thinks he is God, who can dish out Death Warrants to the Horses that serve his unit, when there is Absolutley no need for it. This is a Cop that we want on the Streets to serve the Citizens of NYC? We all know what type of people get off on killing innocent animals, don’t we? These are people who end up Torturing Animals, Killing Animals, Torturing People and Killing People. It is a Proven fact. The fact that this Asshole does it behind a Badge and a Gun, does not change the fact that this Guy has Sadistic Tendencies, and should be checked out by the Shrinks in the NYPD, and most likely bounced from the Force, if it is Found that Captain Barry Gelbman is Not Fit for Duty!!! This Cop’s record should also be checked, to see if there are any complaints, or any other issues that should be investigated.

This Cop, Captain Barry Gelbman is a Bad Cop, and this incident is most likely just the tip of the Iceberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a News Conference the other day regarding his contributions to Animal Care & Control Bureau of NYC and his helping out Animals in need. NYC is a Leader when it comes to the Care of its Beloved Pets, and the Law Enforcement regarding Animal Cruelty. Bloomberg should look at what Captain Barry Gelbmnan did and do something about it. But that is Doubtful, since Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly are Buddy, Buddy.

Captain Barry Gelbman should be investigated, and this incident should not be let go.

PETA should get involved, as well as The ASPCA, regarding investigations into this matter, and to put pressure on NYC to start their own Investigation…………

RIP to these 3 Fine Horses Who Served Well, and Died too Soon……………………….

I see that this Asshole Cop has been called on the carpet by NYPD Brass. I hope an Early Retirement is Forthcoming for this PunkAss Cop who Kills Other living Creatures for No Reason!!!! And who SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO CARRY A GUN!!!! AS HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT!!!! In addition, I hope he Faces Charges of Animal Cruelty before he is Dismissed from the Force.


February 22, 2010

The verdict just came in regarding the 3 NYPD that were on Trial for sticking a Baton up a Guy’s Ass. NOT GUILTY.

I hope that the 3 cops were really not guilty of sticking the baton up the guy’s ass. If they were guilty of this act, this has been a real Travesty of Justice.

Just because a Jury finds you not guilty, does not necessarily mean you are not guilty of what you are accused of. I look forward to hearing how the jurors arrived at their decision. Whether there was a Technicality, or whether they thought they were guilty, but there was not enough evidence, etc.

We all know that Cops are rarely found guilty on charges they are brought up on. It’s hard enough to bring Cops up on charges. This occurs more often than it should. While there are times that cops are not guilty, there are more times than not when they are found innocent, when they are most likely guilty of their crimes. This happens all too often in NYC which is why there has to be Federal Oversight of the NYPD.

If the “victim” really did stick a stick up his own ass to entrap the cops, than he should be brought up on charges!! 

The fact that the one cop already had 2-3 complaints on him with the CCRB is very interesting, even though those complaints were dismissed. We all know that the CCRB is one Big Fucking Joke, which is another reason the NYPD needs Federal Oversight!!!!

If the Cops are really guilty, then this is just one more reason we need Term Limits regarding the Mayor’s Office. This all starts at the top, from Bloomberg, to Police Commissioner Kelly, and down the line. When you have the same Regime in place for 8 years which will soon be 12 years, this is what happens. The Cops know what they can and cannot get away with, and the Top Morons keep the Status Quo.

With Bloomberg, you get Kelly and 2000 other Chronies running this City. And corruption is allowed to fester. Whether corruption has to do with Money or Power, it is still Corruption. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

When Bloomberg was voted in for a 3rd term, we voted for the same old NYPD, the same Corruption, the same Board of Education, etc. and the same Old Shenanigans…………………..

A real shame that WE will all have to deal with The Same Old Bullshit for another 4 years. But WE have no one to blame but ourselves for voting Bloomberg and his 2000 Cronies to another 4 years……………

Other Big Cities take a look at what is happening in NYC and be Forewarned. Don’t let this Type of Corruption happen in your City.

There is a Reason you need a Change in Politicians. It is only Common Sense that when you have the Same Politicians in Office because they Change the Laws to Extend term Limits, you will get the same Protocols that they have put in Place. For good or for Bad, those Protocols will not change. With new leadership comes new Ideas and Changes in the Regime, and Corruption is not allowed to Fester because of the very Change in Personnel.



February 13, 2010

The NYPD may be Corrupt and engage in Illegal Acts, including Horrendous Acts of Police Brutality,  and it’s Leadership, including Police Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg may have lost Control of the NYPD, But check the above Story out.

The only Difference between the NYPD and the PD of Schenectady is the size of the Force. Schenectady may have only a Handful of police officers, all of whom have engaged in Illegal Activity, Buy the NYPD has police officers who engage in the same and worse activity. It’s just that the NYPD consists of 35,000 police  officers, and the Bad police officers get lost in the shuffle.

The officers of the NYPD engage in a wide array of illegal activity, from Murder as was the case of the 2 detectives that carried Hits out for the Mob, and were finally Prosecuted decades later, and are now serving Life Terms in Prison, to the cops on the beat who get Discounts on their food Purchases from Bodegas, restaurants, etc. which btw is illegal. And let us not forget the Hundreds of cases in which the NYPD engages in Perjury while Testifying Under Oath in Court. As one “Corrupt” NYPD Officer once told me, “When we go to Court, we TESTILIE.” For those of you who don’t know what that word means, it means that the officer or detective goes in front of the Court and Testifies Under Oath as to the facts of the case, but lies (Commits Perjury) about the testimony they are giving, so that the “facts” fit the Case. And that is the meaning of the word “TESTILIE.” And this is not the exception, But the Rule. Obviously, Commissioner Kelly or Mayor Bloomberg don’t feel that this is worth Investigating, as it would Jeopardize Present and Past Court Cases, which would then end up as Retrials or outright Dismissals.

So by not investigating the Act of TESTILYING, The NYPD continues the Status Quo and will continue to engage in this Illegal Practice, among others.



February 12, 2010

The New York City Police Department is out of control, and has been out of control for a long while. The NYPD needs Federal Intervention. The NYPD has to be held accountable for their horrendous behavior regarding Police Brutality.

Just look at the most recent stories that are in the news >>

1) 3 cops are on Trial for Shoving a Baton inside a Man’s Asshole

2) NYPD Cop allegedly kicked a Man’s leg twice, while placing him under arrest for violence, breaking it, requiring Titanium Rods. The Victim is mamed for Life. charges dropped by the DA, and Police Brutality charges against the NYPD and a Lawsuit aginst the City are sure to follow.

3) NYPD Cop arrested by Internal Affairs for allegedly Sexually Molesting his 8-year-old niece.

4) 2 NYPD Cops found Guilty of raping a young Women, when she called to file a complaint against her boyfriend. The 2 Cops took the report, but came back later on to the victims apartment under the guise of requiring more information. The Cops entered her apartment and Raped her.

The above stories are only the tip of the Iceberg. While it is true in certain cases that the arrested resists arrest, the NYPD Bullies sometimes go the extra mile and Inflict Permanent Damage to certain victims. because a person breaks the law, does not give the NYPD Carte Blanc to do as they please regarding Violence. Some Cops take resistance as a Green Light to inflict as much Damage as possible, and Testilie sp?about the Incident Afterwards. the descriptive word Testilie sp? was once explained to me by a NYPD Cop who was proud of this Tactic!!

BUT in 2 of the above Cases, the VICTIM of Police Brutality at its Very Worst was purpertrated against INNOCENT VICTIMS, and not criminals.

This is Indicative of a Police Department which is OUT OF CONTROL!!!


One of the reasons the above happens is due to Leadership. The NYPD is Headed by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, and his boss is Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The same leadership has been in place for 8 years, and will continue for another 4 years. By the time this Regime ends, it will have been in place for a total of 12 Years. The Police Brutality will continue at this pace for another 4 years. The NYPD will have free rein to do as they please until hopefully as new Leadership is put in place 4 years from now.

Although certain Cops are prosecuted for their Brutality, many cases go unreported. the Cops know how the Game works, and with the same regime in place, they know what they can get away with. Without change, The NYPD will continue without much Intervention. This is why we NEED Federal Oversight of the NYPD. The NYPD cannot Investigate themselves. This is true of any Paramilitary organization, which the NYPD as well as Other police Departments across the United States are.

There has always been bad apples in the NYPD but lately there appears to be Many More. NYC needs the help of the federal Government. I think many Citizens of NYC would agree that this is True. Hopefully there will be Oversight and Accountability in the Near Future, but I don’t have much faith that this will happen.

We not only have the Criminals to Worry about, BUT we have to Worry about Harm coming to us from the NYPD. Remember, you don’t have to be a criminal to be a VICTIM of Police Brutality. You may just be an Innocent Citizen who becomes a Victim of NYPD Brutality. The NYPD has Carte Blanc, and YOU just may be the next victim.