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Obama and Chicken Little Have Something in Common!!

July 26, 2011

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama is trying to use Scare Tactics and BullShit to try to Force the Republicans into making a decision regarding the Debt “Crisis.” Obama is Attempting to Scare the Voters of the United States Of America, and put the Blame Entirely on the Republicans, because they Won’t bend to his Strong Arming.  Hopefully the Obamacans will see through Obama’s Bullshit, Unlike last time where he Mesmerized All the Voters who were looking for the Second Coming, and thought Obama Walked on Water!!



October 22, 2010

Juan Williams said what most everyone thinks. It’s just that Juan speaks his mind, and with restraint I may add, while others are so worried about Political Correctness, that they are doing a Disservice to the Public by trying to Water down the Issue of Muslim Terrorists. These PC assholes most likely tell their loved ones exactly what to look out for, as Juan Williams alluded to, but in Public, these PC Aholes are 2 Faced. I am sure these spineless bumpkins don’t tell their Loved ones to look out for Hasidic Jews running around with bombs strapped to their bodies, or the Dangerous French running around with Pastry Bombs!!!

NPR is as Spineless as they come, and has other Agendas, such as the relationship they have with Soros, in addition to wanting to get Williams out of there because of his association with Fox 5. The Spineless Asshole who made the call to Williams, and didn’t have enough nerve for a Face to Face, should be Fired. She is one of the Biggest Assholes ever to exist. Hopefully Juan has Legal recourse, not to just get money due him if NPR broke his contract illegally, but to bring NPR on the Carpet, in front of the Whole World to see,  so they can see what Assholes NPR is. And also to continue this story so it doesn’t just become a 1 Day News Blip.

In addition, ALL Public Funding to NPR should STOP Immediately.


Juan Williams, Good for you. You did a Service to the American People, and you showed that Freedom of Speech is a 2 WAY STREET!!!!

The USA already knew what Juan meant when he said what he said, because the Polls show that 70% of Americans think the exact same thoughts. And it is not about hysteria, BUT about REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, Obama forbidding anyone in his Administration, and restraining others from speaking the following terms >

Islamic Extremists, Jihad, War on Terror, etc. is not working. He wanted the American Public to not use these words, because it showed Islam in a bad light. And he thought the Public would be trained to also not use these words, or relate Terrorism with Muslims. Well, News Flash, The Master Plan Did NOT Work!!!!! Another Bumpkin. Hopefully, he will be a Paper Tiger after the Midterm Elections, and be back in ChiTown in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both Dates can’t come Quick Enough!!! He’s about as Weak on Terrorism as Bill Clinton was……..After all, all the Muslim Terrorist plans that led up to 9/11, occurred on Clinton’s Watch, Not Bush’s……………..


September 26, 2010

What is Obama hiding regarding his Harvard education. Percy Sutton, a very reputable man, was made to sound like a stupid, old man before he died. And that is a real shame, considering this man was not only one of the smartest men to live, but also a Hero in WWll.

I listened to this video, and Percy Sutton sounds as Smart and level headed as ever. Yet in response to what Percy Sutton said regarding Obama’s connection to an Arab Sheik of dubious distinction, Obama said that as you get older, recollection of things in the past are not as clear, or something to that effect. Yeah, and Obama never knew of reverend wright’s dumbass racial, American hating sermons. Obama is one Dumbass BS Artist.

And why is the media shunning this topic, which at the very least, should be explored???

See here >>

American Thinker Blog: Percy Sutton dies; His Obama revelation


September 23, 2010

Hey, it’s been a while since Wright has been seen. And Wright has even kept his mouth shut all this time. How does he do that?

Where did Obama and his Administration squirrel him away to, and how much money was he paid to enjoy himself on some Island somewhere?

Had to take a lot for Wright to be Silenced. He must be Far, Far away on some Remote Island, or Resort. The Administration took good care of this guy. Afterall, Obama’s main Reverend was Dissed, and Obama can’t be too happy about that, and I am sure Obama took real good care of him for his troubles. But how does Wright keep all this Hatred to himself, regarding his Racist Diatribes?? You know, the Sermons that Obama never knew about, and never heard in his 21 years of going to this guy’s Church. Oh, and no one ever told Obama in 21 years of Wright’s Hateful Sermons. Obama, just another Bullshit Artist in the BS World of Politics!!


September 12, 2010

Imam Feisal Rauf is an Antagonist at best. This Asshole tells the World that by Not building the Ground Zero Mosque, WE will be Inciting the Muslim World to Hate us and for the Muslim Extremists to Attack us. This guy sounds more like a Mouth for the Muslim Extremists!!!!! This guy is a Fucking Fool if he Thinks WE will fall for his Propaganda. Rauf should be Investigated as to his Ties to The Muslim Extremists. He travels around the World on Behalf of the US Government, Yet he speaks Explosive Words. Doesn’t sound like a Bridge Builder to me. This Idiot deserves a Closer Look, BUT if that happens, it will just prove his propaganda point, so I guess this Asshole is Insulating himself under the ruse of Religious Freedom. And this Asshole blames Politics for the Controversy. Another Propaganda Ruse shared by his buddy, Obama.

Btw, where is this Shmucks friend, Sharif El-Gamal, the other Asshole, who was in the Center of all this Ground Zero mosque controversy?? Where was he Whisked away to?? And how about the other Partner in Crime who had some Questionable ties to Extremists?? I hope those who have started the Investigations, continue them, and are not persuaded  by the Rantings of Rauf, who tries to Incite Violence with the Rest of the Muslim World. Why is Obama not speaking up about Raul, and telling him to reduce his Rhetoric?? Seems the only one Speaking up is Giuliani. I am not a fan of his, but I applaud him for speaking up about the Questionable Tactics of this imam, who seems to be Inciting Violence, or Threatening us on behalf of the Muslim Extremists!!!!!!!


August 16, 2010

Obama and Hamaas want the Ground Zero Victory mosque built at Ground Zero in NYC……….

No surprise there, as Obama bowed down to the king of saudi arabia!! So what do you expect??

The November Mid-term Elections & the 2012 Elections can’t come soon enough……………..


August 16, 2010

Oh, and don’t forget Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Sharif El-Gamal (who has disappeared. The imam bought him a one-way ticket back to wherever land)…………and there you have it. If the Ground Zero mosque is good enough for Hamaas, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and El-Gamal, it’s good enough for Obama and Bloomberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama and Bloomberg are in real nice Company. A bunch of Morons!!


August 14, 2010

Obama ‘Clarifies’ what he meant regarding his words spoken regarding the mosque monstrosity yesterday.He says he believes in religious freedom, but won’t comment about whether building the mosque at the designated location is a good idea or not. He said he will not get involved in that aspect of the issue.

What a Load of Shit!! The People of the USA heard Loud & Clear what you said,and what you meant yesterday, regarding your True Feelings about this mosque. Obama is a lot of things BUT he is Not Stupid, and he knows exactly what he said yesterday, and what he meant with the words he spoke. No amount of   Back Tracking will change what Obama meant when he spoke in front of the muslims yesterday. Obama is Full of Shit, and Hopefully everyone is seeing right through All his Lies!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully, the Mid Term Elections will show Obama and friends what the People think and feel, and that with the 2012 Elections, Obama finds himself out of Washington, and back in Chicago……….


August 14, 2010

Obama is pushing hard for the monstrosity mosque that the victors want to build in NYC at Ground Zero, where 1000’s of Innocent Men, Women and Children were Murdered!!!!!!!

What will happen when >>

1) The Japs want to Build a Buddhist Shrine near The Arizona in Pearl Harbor??


2) The Germans want to build a Memorial near the Holocaust Museum??

Building a Fucking mosque at Ground Zero is one of the most Ballsy ideas I have ever heard. Most Religious Peoples would never think to build a Religious Building near an Act of War Location, if it were members of their Religion that Committed these Acts of Murder and Acts of War.

This is Ludicrous, and unbelievable that this Horrendous idea is even being discussed.


July 28, 2010

……………….Obama, as well as Pelosi have been mum on the topic of Charlie Rangel. Not a Peep out of these 2. If Rangel was a Republican, Pelosi would have Ousted him from the House in a Heartbeat………….Partisan politics as Usual, and all the Democrats, including Obama, whine about is the Partisan politics on the part of the Republicans. I can hear that Fiddle now……..What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander??????

The above is enough reason to show these bumbling, inept, hypocritical Democratic politicians the door in the upcoming November 2010 midterm Elections, and again in the November 2012 Presidential Election. But the Midterm Elections will be a good start……………