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STAY FAR AWAY FROM Petsmarketing Insurance.Com Agency, Inc.

September 8, 2010

This company is a Subsidiary of The Hartville Group, Inc. located in Canton, Ohio, which is the Administrator for the ASPCA Petshealth Care Insurance Plans………

Check out the WEB and see all of the Horror Stories, and the Conflicts of Interest associated with the CEO of The Hartville, Group Inc., Dennis Rushovich, and The ASPCA and the North American Pets Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA)

Why is no one getting a fair shake on the handling of their Claims???? Check out the many Horror Stories, and the Facts about the ASPCA Petshealth Care Insurance Plans and The Hartville Group, Inc. in Canon, Ohio. There is hardly one satisfied customer in any search on the WEB. There may be a few,but most likely they work for The Hartville Group, Inc. or the ASPCA. This Pet Insurance Company is a Disaster, and WE, the Insured, as well as our Beloved Pets are the ones who are suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hartville Group, Inc. (HVLL) Stock Information aka PETSHEALTH CARE INSURANCE

September 7, 2010
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HVLL — Hartville Group, Inc.
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Why are Real-Time Level 2 Quotes not displayed for Hartville Group, Inc.? Find out more.

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What is the Hartville Group, Inc. the administrator for ASPCA Petshealth Care Insurance HIDING??

They filed papers, so that under a 1934 SEC Rule, they no longer have to make their information Publicly Available…….

The reason may be that this company is in dire straits, which is the reason they are NOT paying Valid Claims to Policy Holders!!!!!


September 4, 2010

Take a look at all the exclusions of this Abominable Pet Insurance Plan, administered by the Hartville Group, Inc., in partnership with The ASPCA……….

ASPCA Petshealth Care Insurance

Hartville Group Inc.

Petsmarketing Agency, Inc.

3840 Greentree Ave SW, Canton, OH 44706

EXCLUDED CODES (applied to this claim)
Please review your plan for a full description of the scope of coverage and exclusions.
Refer to page 3 of this statement

1. Preventive care or routine check-ups including but not limited to pre-surgical tests or procedures, dental cleaning or scaling, vaccines;
2. Pre-existing/recurring illness or injury which existed prior to the effective date of this plan or unless there has been a period of one-hundred eighty (180) days since
its diagnosis, cure and last treatment;
applicable to existing Plan Renewals
3. Special diets, foods or supplements;
4. Costs arising out of or are related to breeding, pregnancy, whelping or nursing of your pet;
5. Holistic, homeopathic, herbal, acupuncture, rehabilitative or chiropractic treatments;
6. Experimental or investigation procedures and treatments, either surgical or medical, or organ transplants;
7. Behavioral problems, consultations and treatment;
8. Grooming or grooming supplies including but not limited to nail trims and routine anal sac (gland) expression;
9. Flea, heartworm or other parasitic preventive treatments;
10. Elective procedures such as docking of tails, removal of dewclaws, removal of eyelashes or cropping of ears;
11. Time and travel expenses to the veterinarian’s premises or hospital;
12. Costs for illness or injury which arise out of racing, coursing, commercial guarding or organized fighting of your pet;
13. Intentional injury to your pet by you or a member of your household;
14. Diagnosis and treatment of any hereditary, genetic or congenital condition of your pet or conditions directly caused by such defect;
15. Health certificates or vaccination tags;
16. Boarding;
17. Medical waste, taxes or postage;
18. Costs for an illness or injury which manifested prior to the current Plan Period are not covered.
19. A portion of this charge exceeds reasonable costs which is the customary fee charged for a given treatment or procedure within the geographic area in which the fee
is incurred.
20. Additional Exclusions referred to in the remarks section; as well as in your plan.
21. Multiple Incidents (more than one) of foreign object ingestion in a 12 month period.
22. Diagnosis, treatment or surgery related to Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) or Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) damage that occurs or is symptomatic within 12
months of effective date of plan.
23. Incident Limit. Amount is over the incident limit.
24. Annual Limit. Amount is over the annual limit.
25. Not covered by plan. This item is not covered by the plan.
26. Timely Submission. Claims must be submitted within 180 days of the date of service. Claims exceeding 180 days are no longer eligible for coverage.
27. Prior to effective date. Date of service is prior to the plan’s effective date.
28. Incident Limit. Amount is over the Continuing Care coverage incident limit.
29. Lifetime Limit. Amount is over the Continuing Care coverage lifetime limit.
30. Costs for an illness or injury which manifested prior to the current Plan Period and prior to the initial effective date of the Continuing Care coverage are not covered.
Incident – All treatments for an illness or injury including related, secondary or resultant illnesses or injuries regardless of whether the illness or injury requires multiple
Illness means any sickness, disease or medical condition not caused by an accident which first manifests itself after the 30 day waiting period.
Injury means bodily harm caused by an accident occurring while this plan is in force.
Occurrence means the first manifestation of an illness or injury that was or should have been diagnosed by a veterinarian.

Over 30 Exclusions, and the ASPCA and Hartville Adminstrators of this Despicable insurance will make sure that EVERY CLAIM falls under one of these many exclusions.

Stay far away from this Pet Insurance, before it is too late, and you and your beloved become just one of the many sad stories that are occurring every day………………..


September 4, 2010

‘Plans are underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company and administered by
Petsmarketing Agency, Inc., a subsidiary of the Hartville Group, Inc.’

Call the ASPCA and complain to them about their Petshealth Insurance Plans, and the deplorable tactics used by the Hartville Group, so as to pay as little as possible on your claims. Call the ASPCA, write them, email them, and contact them in any way you can to let them know that this is an abomination as it pertains to the welfare of your Pets…….

This Pet Insurance is a Disgrace, and an embarrassment to the ASPCA. It may be that the ASPCA doesn’t know about the deplorable tactics being practiced by the Hartville Group, in the name of the ASPCA. Notify the ASPCA and make your feelings known. If need be, stop all contributions to the ASPCA until they Disassociate themselves with the Hartville Group, and Petsmarketing Insurance………..


September 3, 2010

See here for a synopsis on the most Disgraceful Pet Insurance ever offered >>

‘Hartville/Petshealthplan/ASPCA – The third oldest pet insurance company in the US. They were founded in 1997 and sold the Petshealth brand using the Garfield logo. In around 2006, the entered into a partnership with the ASPCA to sell ASPCA Pet Insurance. Every policy sold under ASPCA Pet Health Insurance donates up to 10% of the premium to the ASPCA. Due to this relationship they are the fastest growing pet insurance company in the US and second largest. They have approximately 100,000 policies in force. The parent company is Hartville Group but they also have an in-house brand called Hartville Pet Insurance along with their Petshealth Care Plan and ASPCA Pet Insurance brands. They use reasonable and customary to do claims payouts.’

They have over 100,00 customers, and that is due to the ASPCA affiliation. I venture to guess that the 100,000 member figure is way down, since the word has gotten out that this is  the most Deplorable pet insurance ever to made available to the Public. New memberships are falling, and Existing Customers are dropping their policies like Hot Potatoes…The ASPCA should disassociate themselves from this Abominable Pet Insurance, as it taints the good name and reputation of the ASPCA.  No doubt that the Hartville Group pet insurance would go out of business very quickly if the ASPCA went on the record, and spoke the truth of the Deplorable Tactics that the Hartville Group has been using, so as not to pay the claims submitted. BUT because of the 10% kickback on all Premiums, the ASPCA may be reluctant to do that. BUT I believe that the ASPCA is losing more in contributions, because of their affiliation with this Despicable Pet Insurance Company, and therefore would profit from their disassociation with the Hartville Group, and the Petshealth Care Brand.

The Hartville Group, which is a ‘Penny’ stock, has fallen approximately 50%,  from 70 cents to 35 cents, in a matter of months, which is proof that this Company is failing, due to lack of new customers sign ups,  and the fleeing of existing customers. In addition, the CEOs are most likely taking High Figure Salaries, as well as Astronomical Bonuses, and further driving the Company into the ground.

Stay away from this company, and drop them if you are an existing customer. You will save your Beloved Pet and yourself a lot of grief.


September 3, 2010

I am wondering if the people appointed to see how much of your claim is paid, get paid an Incentive Commission on how much of your claim they do not pay. If your claim is $1000.00 and they are supposed to pay 80% ($800.00) as stated in your policy, but they pay only 20% ($200.00), it is likely that these people are getting paid a commission on $600.00. I believe that this is a standard practice in the Insurance Industry.

Search the Web and see all the Horror Stories regarding the ASPCA Petshealth Care Plan Insurance Policy, administered by the Hartville Group, on behalf of the ASPCA…………………………..


September 3, 2010

Are all over the Web, posted by Pissed Off Consumers, on behalf of the loved ones they thought they purchased insurance for. If you check Consumer Complaint Websites, there will be Many more complaints regarding ASPCA Petshealth care Insurance, when compared to complaints about other Pet Insurance Companies. I would say that for every 1 complaint about the other companies, there are 25 complaints about Petshealth Care Insurance, administered by the Hartville Group, on behalf of the ASPCA………………

This Pet insurance Company is a Disgrace, and the ASPCA should be ashamed of themselves for associating themselves with the Hartville Group. Just read around the Web, to see the Disgusting policies of The Worst Pet Insurance Available anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Search before you purchased this Deplorable pet Health Insurance Policy.

I used to contribute to the ASPCA because they do so much good for those who cannot speak for themselves, our beloved Pets and other Animals, BUT their Pet Insurance is Despicable, and stands for the Opposite of what the ASPCA stands for.

I call for others to Disassociate themselves from the ASPCA until they distance themselves from the Hartville Group, who they have chosen to be partners with. Many Consumers thought they purchased Health Insurance Protection for their loved ones, only to find out that their Claims will be scrutinized to the point where you will be lucky you get 25% paid on your total claim. And that’s after they request records from your Vet multiple times. They have people on the Payroll whose sole purpose to exist, is to find every loophole they can so as not to pay your claim. These people most likely get an incentive commission on how much of a claim they do not pay out on.


September 3, 2010

Be aware of The ASPCA Pets Health Care Plans. Besides all of the issues with this Plan as mentioned in other posts, and across the Web, their Appeals Process is also Abominable!!! While it takes 6 weeks to process your claim, Petshealth Care aka Hartville Group Pet Insurance aka ASPCA Petshealth Care Plan Insurance takes only 2 Days to process your Appeal, which usually will not come back in your favor. No surprise there, as the same Incompetents that process your claim, also process your Appeal.



September 3, 2010

Because of the ASPCA and their chosen Ignoramuses named the Hartville Group to run this Abomination of a Pet Insurance Plan, most Pet owners will never buy another Pet insurance Plan again. That is a shame, because most of the other Pet insurance Plans out there are decent companies, and fair companies, especially when compared to The ASPCA Petshealth Care Insurance Plan.

Stay far away from the ASPCA Petshealth Care Insurance Plan, and The Hartville Group, and shop around for other Insurance Companies to Protect your loved Ones. Trupanion appears to be a very Reputable Company, and fair with the payout of their claims, and Pets Best is a good insurance company for those who have older Pets that no other Company will cover.

Look around, and don’t let the Despicable Petshealth Care Plan run by the Hartville Group, and created by the ASPCA, discourage you from getting Health Insurance for your beloved pets. Pet Insurance is a great concept, and really works to help Protect our Pets, when the Company is a reputable one, and has the welfare of your pet highest in mind.

The shame is that the ASPCA does wonders on behalf of those who cannot speak up for themselves, But their Insurance Plan is an Abomination regarding the Welfare of your Pets…….


September 3, 2010

While this would seem to be ok, and I am all for the ASPCA and their admirable work they do on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, it appears that this may be one of the reasons that the Hartville Group, the company chosen by The ASPCA to execute all claims, to not pay out on any and all claims. They are supposed to pay 80% after deductible, but on average, they pay 24%. Just look around on the Web, and you will see all the sad stories regarding this Despicable Pet insurance Plan. It is utterly Disgraceful the way that >>

1) The Hartville Group runs this Pet insurance Plan

2) That the ASPCA allows the despicable behavior on the part of the Hartville Group to continue, regarding the lies, broken promises, and the Genuine lack of concern for your beloved pets when it comes to covering them under the Policy that you purchased.

The hartford Group will twist and turn and Manipulate all claims, so that they fall under their over 30 Exclusions. They will say a procedure was done, contrary to the reason the Vet ordered the Procedure!!

The ASPCA (regarding their Abominable Pet insurance) and the Hartville Group are a disgrace, especially the weasel over at the Hartville Group named JAMES……..