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October 22, 2010

Juan Williams said what most everyone thinks. It’s just that Juan speaks his mind, and with restraint I may add, while others are so worried about Political Correctness, that they are doing a Disservice to the Public by trying to Water down the Issue of Muslim Terrorists. These PC assholes most likely tell their loved ones exactly what to look out for, as Juan Williams alluded to, but in Public, these PC Aholes are 2 Faced. I am sure these spineless bumpkins don’t tell their Loved ones to look out for Hasidic Jews running around with bombs strapped to their bodies, or the Dangerous French running around with Pastry Bombs!!!

NPR is as Spineless as they come, and has other Agendas, such as the relationship they have with Soros, in addition to wanting to get Williams out of there because of his association with Fox 5. The Spineless Asshole who made the call to Williams, and didn’t have enough nerve for a Face to Face, should be Fired. She is one of the Biggest Assholes ever to exist. Hopefully Juan has Legal recourse, not to just get money due him if NPR broke his contract illegally, but to bring NPR on the Carpet, in front of the Whole World to see,  so they can see what Assholes NPR is. And also to continue this story so it doesn’t just become a 1 Day News Blip.

In addition, ALL Public Funding to NPR should STOP Immediately.


Juan Williams, Good for you. You did a Service to the American People, and you showed that Freedom of Speech is a 2 WAY STREET!!!!

The USA already knew what Juan meant when he said what he said, because the Polls show that 70% of Americans think the exact same thoughts. And it is not about hysteria, BUT about REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, Obama forbidding anyone in his Administration, and restraining others from speaking the following terms >

Islamic Extremists, Jihad, War on Terror, etc. is not working. He wanted the American Public to not use these words, because it showed Islam in a bad light. And he thought the Public would be trained to also not use these words, or relate Terrorism with Muslims. Well, News Flash, The Master Plan Did NOT Work!!!!! Another Bumpkin. Hopefully, he will be a Paper Tiger after the Midterm Elections, and be back in ChiTown in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both Dates can’t come Quick Enough!!! He’s about as Weak on Terrorism as Bill Clinton was……..After all, all the Muslim Terrorist plans that led up to 9/11, occurred on Clinton’s Watch, Not Bush’s……………..


September 26, 2010

What is Obama hiding regarding his Harvard education. Percy Sutton, a very reputable man, was made to sound like a stupid, old man before he died. And that is a real shame, considering this man was not only one of the smartest men to live, but also a Hero in WWll.

I listened to this video, and Percy Sutton sounds as Smart and level headed as ever. Yet in response to what Percy Sutton said regarding Obama’s connection to an Arab Sheik of dubious distinction, Obama said that as you get older, recollection of things in the past are not as clear, or something to that effect. Yeah, and Obama never knew of reverend wright’s dumbass racial, American hating sermons. Obama is one Dumbass BS Artist.

And why is the media shunning this topic, which at the very least, should be explored???

See here >>

American Thinker Blog: Percy Sutton dies; His Obama revelation


September 25, 2010

The November election is around the corner, and this chicken’s ass is nowhere to be found, except on his asshole commercials.. He goes into Hiding so he doesn’t have to answer questions regarding where he stands on topics of the day.

Schumer can’t get enough of the Camera all year-long, BUT he’s a chicken shit when it comes to showing his face during election time. Talk about taking things for granted.

Schumer has been in office for too long, like the rest of the idiot Politicians, and hopefully he’ll be voted out of office. We don’t need another chicken shit representing NY. We already have enough horse’s asses!!!


September 22, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg of NYC just endorsed Andrew Cuomo, who is the Democrat running for Governor of NYS.

When Cuomo was asked about his stand on issues that are near to Bloomberg’s heart, like Congestion Pricing, Cuomo did not take a stand either way. He just said he is open to discussing it. Cuomo has not answered any questions regarding his stance on Any of the Issues. He is always on ‘The Fence.”. If elected, Cuomo will just be another Puppet in Bloomberg’s cage of Many Puppets that he pulls the strings of. Just like the City Council.

DON’T VOTE FOR CUOMO, AS A VOTE FOR CUOMO IS JUST ANOTHER VOTE FOR BLOOMBERG, and will just give Bloomberg more power because he will be able to Manipulate Cuomo into Passing More & More Restraints on the People of NYC.

Cuomo is a Tool, who is as indecisive as they come.


September 22, 2010

As King Bloomberg announces that he is backing Andrew Cuomo in the Governor’s race in New York State, Carl Paladino is now only 6 points behind Cuomo, and catching up fast. He was behind 12 points the other day. Hopefully, Bloomberg will continue to flap his gums promoting Cuomo, because the more he flaps his gums, the more ground Paladino will gain. Bloomberg will Yap Paladino right into the Governor’s Mansion.

The People realized that Bloomberg is NOT a Mayor For The People, when Bloomberg over-ruled The People regarding Term Limits. Bloomberg said The People could not make a good decision for themselves, so Bloomberg over-rode The Will of The People, by buying off the Idiots on the City Council with Promises to Ronald Lauder, etc. so the City Council would change Term Limits, even though The People Voted for Term Limits TWICE!!!!! Bloomberg then Bought The Mayor’s Office with over $120 Million Dollars of his own money. Bloomberg’s Ego is getting in the way again, thinking that his Endorsement will help Cuomo. It will only hurt.

Now it is time for The People to show Bloomberg that THEIR Vote counts, when they DON”T vote for Cuomo. Bloomberg is NOT for The People, and Ignores their Will, as will Cuomo. Bloomberg has Stripped New Yorkers of Many of their Rights with his many Restrictions, and so will Cuomo. Bloomberg & Cuomo are in ‘Bed Together,’ so a Vote for Cuomo is a vote for Bloomberg. The People are Tired of Bloomberg, and Most Voters wish he was out of Office. The People are not going to want to put a Crony of Bloomberg’s in the Highest Office in New York State.

Whomever Bloomberg backs, The People are most likely to back the other Candidate, as people are fed up with Bloomberg and his Monarchic ways. The People realized they  made a mistake when they voted king Bloomberg in for a 3rd term as mayor. It was the worse thing that ever happened for the Lower & Middle Class of New York City. So to Bloomberg the king, keep backing your candidates, so The People get a better idea of Who the Right Candidate is for NYC…..the candidate that you’re not backing!!

Cuomo will wish that Bloomberg had Never Endorsed him. In addition, Cuomo now has 2 months to put his foot in his mouth many times, which will push Paladino even further. Between Bloomberg’s endorsement and Cuomo’s mouth, Paladino’s chances look better and better.

Paladino will have to start looking for a nice comfortable chair for himself to put in The Governor’s Mansion.


September 14, 2010

If this Guy’s Harlem District Votes him in again, It just proves that NYC gets what they deserve. I have no doubt that Rangel will be Voted into Congress again. BUT if this happens, and when he is found Guilty of his charges, hopefully Rangel will be thrown out of Congress as quickly as he gets voted in.

I believe his District thinks that the charges against Rangel have to do with a Conspiracy, and that good ‘ole Charlie Boy is just a Poor Victim. And this is what Slick Charlie is relying on. It wouldn’t be the first time a Politician accused of Criminal Activity was Voted into office. Not in New York City anyway.  I hope I am wrong, and his constituents in Harlem have half a brain to see the Forest through the Trees, and not Vote Charlie the Shmuck into office again. BUT there is a solid chance that Rangel will once again be voted in for a 21st ? Term,.

As I said, if he does get Voted in, NYC Voters are to Blame, and once again, it will prove that NYC Politics and Politicians are flooded with Corruption. And Rangel will just be Another Corrupt Politician who Holds Office in NYC. I believe that there are many, and one of the reasons for this is the way Voters Vote these Criminals and corrupt Politicians into office, even though the Signs & Facts are right in front of their Faces. It has been going on for years, and most likely will continue….


September 13, 2010

This POS is a Full of SHIT!!

Out with the Old and In with New!!!!! Maloney didn’t have the balls to debate Reshma Saujani, but what do you expect from someone who is most likely corrupt, just like the rest of the other NYC Politicians that have been in Office for so long.

Vote for Reshma Saujani, and get rid of Maloney. Anyone would be better for the Democratic nomination than some Dumbass who has been in Congress for so Long. Time for Baloney to step down, or be voted out. She has held office long enough, and most likely has made a few bucks on the side from holding a position for years. Then once Saujani gets the nomination, hopefully some republican will win the election.

Time for a Fresh Look and a CHANGE, that Obama has been Babbling about……….


July 28, 2010

……………….Obama, as well as Pelosi have been mum on the topic of Charlie Rangel. Not a Peep out of these 2. If Rangel was a Republican, Pelosi would have Ousted him from the House in a Heartbeat………….Partisan politics as Usual, and all the Democrats, including Obama, whine about is the Partisan politics on the part of the Republicans. I can hear that Fiddle now……..What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander??????

The above is enough reason to show these bumbling, inept, hypocritical Democratic politicians the door in the upcoming November 2010 midterm Elections, and again in the November 2012 Presidential Election. But the Midterm Elections will be a good start……………


May 1, 2010

The White House Correspondents’  Dinner was tonight, and Jay Leno laid an egg. He seemed hurried, pissed off and seemed like he couldn’t wait to get off the stage. Something was obviously bothering Leno. Did he have a disagreement over something?? Was he not happy about something?? It wasn’t because the Audience seemed dry, as the minute that Leno took the Stage, you could tell that Leno was not really there in a way. From the moment he stepped onto the stage, he couldn’t wait till it was over. And in turn, it appeared that the Audience could not wait till it was over either. It was Pitiful to watch Leno bomb out on the Stage.

So I ask, What was Up or rather  Down with Jay Leno????


April 15, 2010

Obama has forbidden the US Government from using the following phrases >>

Islamic Terrorism
War on Terror

In effect, Obama wants Us to forget about the War on Terror. By forbidding US Government officials from using these phrases, We, The People, will not hear them as much, and then in turn, The War on Terror will begin to fade from our minds. Out of sight, out of mind, as the phrase goes. This is a Systematic Agenda that Obama has for the country, and I hope his plan does not follow through.

Use these phrases and phrases and words like them as much as you can, and don’t get lax about what we are going through. If we stop hearing and using these words, and words like them, we will start to forget about The War on Terror, and about our Brave Heroes that are fighting and Dying in Iraq & Afghanistan!!!

These Phrases above ALL exist, No matter what Obama’s propaganda agenda is.
Obama weakens us by this edict, because it is easier to forget about the War on Terror, if the POTUS starts striking words from the vocabulary. This Country will start to get lax, and the TERRORISTS will have an even easier job.
NYC, The US Government, and the Clinton Administration got lax after the 1993 Bombing, which lead up to 2001.
If Obama has his way, we will all get Lax again,
Don’t let Obama influence the Words and Phrases you can and cannot use, or can and cannot hear, especially when it comes to The War on Terror, inflicted upon us by The Islamic Terrorists, who have called for a Jihad against The United States of America!!!!

By Obama and his Administration not using these phrases, helps to lessen the impact that The War on Terror has on The United States of America, and in turn, We will start to forget, as it is very easy to do that now, as The 1993 attack has shown. The United States has a Short Memory, and We don’t need any help Forgetting. We cannot forget and should not forget. We should be reminded of the War on Terror Every Day so it will be Harder to Forget!! So keep on using these phrases, and hopefully The Media will keep on using them also.