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Sprint’s Recent ‘Material Adverse Change of Contract.’ End Contract Without an ETF Penalty?

October 9, 2011

I just noticed a Sprint Surcharge Increase on my Bill under ‘Administrative Charges.’
The increase is from .99 cents to $1.50. I was not aware of this Surcharge Increase.
If this is something new, this would count as a ‘Material Adverse Change of Contract,’ and enable those customers who want to End their Contracts Early without paying an ETF to do so.

I am unclear if Sprint sent Notification of this increase. I know they Increased the ETF from $200 to $350, But i don’t know if this Surcharge Increase was included.

HTC says their 1730mAh Battery used in their Evo 3D Smartphone Has a Maximum Charging Voltage of 4.35V??

July 18, 2011

HTC’s Evo 3D has been having Over-Heating issues as well as Over-Charging issues according to some of Sprint’s customers. Two weeks ago, HTC said they were not aware of these problems, and were unable to duplicate them, but they would pay attention to the issue stated by some customers. Sprint said there are NO problems. HTC was a little more open-minded, although when asked what their specifications were for the battery being used regarding voltage, their answer was that the charger is 5v @ 1a, which is not really a complete answer as most usb chargers are of this spec.

The voltages being recorded by some customers were sometimes upwards of 4.35v and higher. This was very disturbing to say the least, due to the fact that the maximum charging voltage of 4.2v Li-ion batteries is 4,2v +- .05v. 4.35v for a 4.2v battery is Extremely Dangerous. Coupled with High Temperatures is a Disaster waiting to happen.

HTC just came out with their 2nd response regarding the Over-charging and Over-heating issues with the Evo 3D. They Now say that the maximum voltage of their 1730mAh batteries is 4.35v.

4.35v Li-ion batteries are not commonly used. When they are used, they are usually cylindrical, and used in Laptops or Flashlights. Why HTC failed to let their customers know about the 4.35v spec in their 1st announcement is curious to say the least. And why different customers having different cut-off voltages? Some are having 4.35v and higher, while others are having 4.2v.

I use Li-ion batteries in my flashlights which have a nominal voltage of 3.7v, and at their maximum, terminate at 4.2v. Usually they terminate prior, between 4.15-4.20v, But NEVER terminate higher than 4.2v.

I don’t have a lot of faith in HTC’s announcement regarding the 4.35v maximum voltage. If anyone has any insight into this issue, it would be much appreciated.


The Sprint/HTC Evo 3D Fiasco………

July 5, 2011

Recently on June 24, 2011, the Sprint/HTC Evo 3D was made available to the Public. Almost a year ago to the day, the HTC Evo 4G was made available to the Public by Sprint and HTC. The Evo 4G broke all records I believe for the most Android Smart phones sold, then and now. The Evo 4G was a Blockbuster Hit for Sprint as well as HTC. Sprint couldn’t keep them in Stock, and HTC couldn’t manufacture them fast enough to keep up with the Demand. I waited a few months after the Evo 4G became available to purchase one, as I was so used to the Windows OS, and Android was fairly new at the time. I haven’t looked back since!

The Evo 3D has been available for at least 2 weeks. While this is a short amount of time, I think it is long enough to see how sales are going, and they are not going well. This is evident by a few things >>

1) there has already been 2 price drops in only 2 weeks time
2) the Evo 3D is being made available to the European Market. This may be because HTC sees the writing on the wall regarding the poor sales of the device in The USA, and wants to hedge their bets so to speak.
3) the feedback on the forums.
4) Sprint’s deafening silence on the sales figures of the Evo 3D in contrast to the Evo 4G a year ago
5) the overwhelming supply of the Evo 3D available in Stores. No back orders, no lines, etc.

HTC and Sprint figured that with such a Blockbuster as the Evo 4G, they wanted to ‘Improve’ on their Record Selling Device and ‘make it better.’ Nothing wrong with this idea as a year had passed and technology, especially in the ‘Android’ department is extremely fast growing. So what they did was take the Evo 4G and add a 1.2Ghz Dual Core Snapdragon processor, upgraded from the 1Ghz processor from a year ago, increased the ROM from 1GB to 4GB, increased the RAM from 512mb to 768mb?, gave it Sense 3.0, upgraded from the Sense 1.0, and gave it a 3D 5mp Dual Camera lenses, changed from the 8mp camera from a year ago, a side mounted switch to change from 2D/3D and a dedicated side mounted camera button.

The above Upgrades were very welcomed from the Sprint Community, but there was a lot of criticism surrounding the 3D camera such as ‘is it really necessary?, ‘it’s a gimmick,’ it doesn’t work,’ it’s a downgrade from the previous 8mb camera,’ 3D technology on cellphones is in it’s infancy,’ I would have purchased the Evo 3D if it didn’t have that 3D on it,’ etc., etc. On the other side of the aisle were those saying ‘3D technology is the wave of the future,’ ‘if you don’t like the 3D, just turn it off,’ ‘I want to be one of the first in the USA to get the first 3D Android device,’ I want to show off the 3D pictures to my friends,’ etc., etc. As I mentioned, there was a lot of criticism surrounding the 3D camera on the Evo 3D, and many were saying this was and is the reason for the poor sales. The 3D camera has it’s supporters and detractors. The supporters tell the others to get over it and just flip the switch if you don’t want the 3D. Well it’s more than just that. Because of the Dual 3D dual camera lenses, you have the following which can’t be switched off >

1) the screen is different in order to view 3D pictures so the viewing angles are different and some say the screen is darker.
2) there is a camera side switch and a camera side button. Some don’t care for these switches on the side of their device
3) the physical appearance of the phone is different due to the 3D dual camera set up
4) because of the dual 3D camera lenses and the battery, there is no room for a kickstand.

In addition, let’s not forget that Sprint’s advertising dollars mostly concentrated on the 3D camera aspect of the Evo 3D. We saw this in commercials as well as print. While I give consumers more credit than just to concentrate on what Sprint wants you to concentrate on, there are reasons why Millions of Dollars are spent on Advertising. Because it Influences Consumers! In this case, maybe for the worse. Sprint didn’t concentrate on publicizing the internal improvements of their device, but instead chose to concentrate on selling the 3D aspect of their Evo 3D to consumers.

I think it’s much more than just the 3D camera that accounts for the poor sales. HTC and Sprint not only made internal changes to the Evo 3D which is welcomed by the vast majority of consumers, but they also made a few external changes, and I’m not just talking about the 3D dual camera. The following external changes were made >>

1) the Evo 3D is slightly longer and narrower
2) the screen resolution is different, as well as the viewing angles. Some say the screen is slightly darker.
3) the rear cover is of a different texture, which encloses the 3D dual camera lenses.
4) there is no kickstand
5) there is a camera switch (2D/3D) and a camera button on the lower right side of the device
6) the usb/charging port is on the side, not on the bottom
7) the speaker is smaller

As you can see, there were many physical changes made to the Evo 3D as compared the Evo 4G. Some say for the better, and some say for the worse. Some say these changes are no big deal, and an improvement. All I’ll say is that there was a lot of Noise surrounding Customer’s dismay at not having the kickstand on the Evo 3D. To me it’s no big deal, but the general consensus is that it is a big deal. I’m pointing out that just this minor change is a Deal Breaker to many which shows the sensitive temperament of customers, and that one never knows how customers will react to change, no matter how insignificant Manufacturers such as HTC, or service providers such as Sprint may view them.

There’s an old saying ‘If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it.’ This doesn’t mean that Manufacturers and Providers shouldn’t make improvements to older devices in the manufacturing of their Newer & Improved Models. Of course they should, and it is almost Mandatory for them to do so by upgrading to the current technologies made available in the course of a year, but HTC/Sprint did more than just that. And there lies the problems and the reasons why the Evo 3D is not selling nearly as well as the Evo 4G, or as had been predicted by HTC and Sprint. Sprint and HTC made too many changes to their Award winning Evo 4G in hopes of repeating it’s success with the Evo 3D, but in doing so, achieved the opposite.
Sometimes ‘Less is More,’ and in this case, that never rang so true.

Will the Sprint Evo 4G Get the SnapDragon Dual Core Processor

January 12, 2011

It appears that there are some sensitive members on the when the above question is asked.

All you have to do is inquire about the Sprint Evo 4G, and some of the members, including its Moderators get real testy. A member was inquiring about the possibility of the Evo 4G being upgraded with the Dual Core Snapdragion Processor, and the member got some rude answers. In fact, the Thread was eventually moved to the Off-Topics forum, which cannot be accessed by non-members. So if someone googles the question >

Will the Evo 4G be getting the 1.2Ghz Dual Core SnapDragon Processor,?

you will be directed to the thread, but will have to sign up as a member if you are not one already. Looks like the thread hit a Nerve, a very sensitive nerve with these members. Unbelievable, seeing it is just a device, yet people get so uppity discussing anything which may bring a topic into focus.

The Evo 4G has the 1.0Ghz Snapdragon processor, and Qualcomm has started to ship the dual core processors. This means that dual core devices will be right around the corner soon. And this May put the Evo 4G on the back burner for a while. Sprint will most likely come out with a dual core device to keep up with the Jonses, But Sprint may take a while to do so, considering the Evo 4G just came out on the Market in June 2010. And Sprint is usually Very Slow in coming out with any new Devices or Upgrades.

T-Mobile looks like it will be getting the dual core and make it available in a device called the Glacier. Motorola will also be releasing dual core devices, as well as LG. The Evo 4G looks to be a Great device though, and any Sprint device or other carrier’s devices receiving a dual core processor may not live up to the excellence of the Evo 4G. The Evo is by HTC, and the possible Glacier that T-Mobile may have is also made by HTC.

It will be interesting how all this will stack up. Qualcomm and the processor development for the Android devices are being produced at a very fast pace. No doubt, the owners of the 1.0Ghz processor devices will want to jump onto the latest and greatest processors, which at the moment will be the dual core devices, which will have the Qualcomm Dual Core 1.2?-1.5? Ghz processors.

Then the whole cycle will begin again when newer and faster processors will be made available. But it will be a wait and see to see how these dual cores perform. They are supposed to be up to 5x the speed and use 75% less power as compared to the previous 1.0 Ghz snapdragon processor.

Again, most likely gets a lot of revenue regarding advertising on their site from Sprint, etc, which may be the reasons for the piss poor attitudes of its Moderators, and some members. Then again, they just may be sensitive to any inquiries regarding any upgrades to their Evo 4G’s, because they just plunked down some big bucks for them. Whatever the reasons, I recommend not signing onto their forum as it has appeared to have gotten very biased over the last couple of years. ou may sign up, only to ask an innocent question, and get shut down by the Overzealous Moderators that seem to be rampant on the forum.

Anyway, looking forward to the Dual Core devices, and the feedback they get once they are made available to the General Public.


October 12, 2010

Sprint fool its customers?? Say it ain’t so!

Sprint has been fooling its customers for years. It’s getting to be a joke already.

When a customer has a legit complaint, there are the FanBoys and Girls, who are real Tools, that say,

“Sprints is not twisting your arm, if you don’t like it leave. But you’re not going to get a comparable plan that’s cheaper from any other carrier.”

This has been the mantra of the Sprintoholics and the Lemmings for years. Whatever legitimate criticisms & concerns the customer has of Sprint, falls on deaf ears. If you post on the Sprint Forums, the Assholes will come out of the woodwork that work for Sprint and post their Mantras, The FanBoys and Girls will also crawl out of their Caves just to tell you that your criticisms are not valid, and to defend Sprint who “Can do no Wrong, Not our Beloved Sprint.”

So I say keep complaining, and keep criticizing, and if Sprint doesn’t change their deceptive ways, then let there be a fleeing of customers, as that will be the only way Sprint will wake up and treat their customers fairly………….Oh, wait, the fleeing of customers has already began, for the last 3 years…….Sorry, I forgot………

Sprint has thought of all the angles to eventually get ALL their customers on the Newer & Better plans, for the benefit of the Customer. These plans should be called the Newer & More, Much More Expensive Plans, or The Rip Off Plans, or the Screw Plans, as many of us will have to incur Hundreds, and in some cases, Thousands of Dollars more over a 2 year contract period by switching to the more expensive plans, for the Same Exact Features, and in many cases, less features than we already have. Sprint and its Fan Base have never acknowledged this fact, and they never will. But the Customers already know this. The only way to keep your existing plans would be to use a paper cup and string, or rather purchase a clam shell device.

Hey, as long as Hesse gets paid his Million of Dollars in Salary and Commercial fees, everything is ok. Gotta keep that Yacht floating. Hey, NYC can use a guy like that to run the MTA in NYC, along with that other Schmuck running it now………..


July 3, 2010

T-mobile has a Great option for Customers with a Family Plan, that have the 2nd line for an Elderly Parent, or a Disabled person,or a similar circumstance, who does not need unlimited minutes, Data, or text messaging that the Primary User needs >>

‘*Lines 3-5: Unlimited Talk is $40 per month, per line. Or choose 200 Whenever Minutes for $10 per month, per line (for this option, please visit a T-Mobile retail store ).’

Sprint makes No such Provision Available for their Customers.

Customers of Sprint need to pay Hundreds of dollars more per year for the Privilege of having a 2nd line for a Handicapped, Elderly or similar circumstances for a Family Member or Loved One. Sprint may want to look into this issue, so their Customers don’t have to waste Hundreds , or even Thousands of dollars over a 2 year contract period.

I have been stating for years that Sprint has to make Provisions for their Customers who have Circumstances such as the one I have described.