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Obama’s Secret Service Team Involved in Prostitution Scandal in Columbia

April 14, 2012
12 Secret Service Agents were sent home to the USA from Columbia, because they were involved in a Prostitution Scandal in Columbia.
I’m very surprised that the Secret Service was involved in a Protitution Scandal such as this. Secret Service Agents, although Human, are usually beyond reproach. That’s because they are of a certain Caliber Law Enforcement Level, the Best of the Best regading Integrity.
Can’t remember the last time the Secret Service was involved in a Scandal, at least of this magnitude. Would be interesting to see the Identities and Background information of those Agents involved.
Although that information may not ever be made Public, unless there was Criminal Activity involved.
If the prostitute (s) in question was (were) under age (I believe under the age of 18) which is a possibility, that would be a Criminal Offense under US Law, and the offender would be arrested and charged accordingly with Child Prostitution, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, etc. no matter what the local laws regarding age of consent are in the Country of the offense.

Up to a dozen Secret Service agents in Colombia for President Barack Obama’s trip there have been relieved of their duties amid allegations of misconduct. The Secret Service did not detail the accusations but said they did not affect security for the president, who landed in the country Friday for a…

Bloomberg Photo Op With a Snow Shovel in His Hand??

January 7, 2011

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bloomberg will have a photo op of himself shoveling snow today! This Egotistical, Pompous Ass Fucked up the Blizzard Snow Removal last month, so he is calling in the Calvary for the 4 inch Blizzard LOL! we are supposed to have today!!

Bloomberg is either Firing or making Department  changes to Personnel that had nothing to do regarding the Terrible, Horrendous response to the Blizzard we had a week ago.  The 2 People who are Responsible for the No Response to the Blizzard are sanitation commissioner doherty, and the King Himself, Bloomberg. Bloomberg should Fire Doherty, and then The King himself should step down from his Throne.

Bloomberg has once again started to ‘Talk Down’ to the ‘Little People,’ and especially relishes in Talking Down to Marcia Kramer of Channel 2 News here in NYC. Marcia is the only Reporter who seems to be standing up to the Mayor, and Good For Her, and Shame on all the other Reporters who Kiss Bloomberg’s Ass at the Press Conferences.

Bloomberg chooses his words carefully when he speaks about the lack of response to the Blizzard. He says: His Administration is held to a ‘Higher Standard, and ‘We’ didn’t meet that higher Standard that the People of NYC have come to expect.’

Bloomberg has started to berate Reporters, and treat them like little kids when he is asked questions such as where He was during the Blizzard, and why his Deputy Commissioner was also out of NYC at the same time during the Blizzard. He tells reporters and the People of NYC it is None of Their Business.

NYC is in Jeopardy when it comes to Catastrophes, because of Pompous Assholes like Bloomberg who don’t feel they have to Answer to The People of NYC. In addition, Doherty should be Fired just for the Fact that he Laughs and Giggles during the Press Conferences. He should be the First to go, and Bloomberg should be right behind him.


November 30, 2010

What gives?? There was a Death at this Bar in Forest Hills, and I only heard a segment on NY1. Why is the Media Silent on this story?? This is a BIG story considering this happened in Forest Hills, and at Bartini’s Lounge. What is the silence hiding?? What really happened that night??  A guy gets beaten to death by a Group of Thugs, and some say the Bouncers may have had a hand in this poor soul’s Death.
Let’s not sweep this one under the carpet, like many other similar stories in Forest Hills. Is the 112th Precinct trying to keep their ComStat’s low??  What gives?? Let’s give the Mother of the deceased a fighting c=hance of what happened that Fateful Night in Forest Hills, Queens on Austin Street at Bartini’s Lounge.


November 29, 2010

I just heard on NY1 that a man was killed in or outside Bartini’s Lounge in Forest Hills, Queens, in Forest Hills Square, right near the LI Railroad, but I didn’t see anything on the Web or in the news about it. Why is this?

The man was Black. May this be the reason why this has not been publicized? Is the 112th Police Precinct keeping a lid on this one? Is the Queens Community Council being silent on this one because it is the Holiday Season?? Why is this story not getting more Airtime??

A Mother’s Son was Killed. They say the man was jumped in Bartini’s and the Bouncers were part of the group of men that beat the Crap out of this guy who eventually died. The Mother is asking for anyone that knows anything about this to please step forward, so the Whole story can come out.  If it is true that the Bouncers joined in on beating this Man to Death, should this not be known?? Hopefully a full investigation by Law Enforcement is taking place, and not a Cover Up.

Who owns Bartini’s? Do they have connections with the City? Do they have connections in the 112th Precinct?? Is this why this Story is not getting any Airtime?? Come on now. A Man is MURDERED IN FOREST HILLS, Queens AND NOT A PEEP!!! What is going on here??

Hopefully this Story will receive the Airtime it needs, so that Justice can be Served. Let’s hear what Really Happened at Bartini’s, whether The Man that died was at Fault, or whether it was some Thugs at the Bar who were at Fault, which may include the Bouncers participating in this possible Crime……………..

Some more info >>

Haroon Walfall, 33, went to Bartinis Lounge in Forest Hills Friday night with a cousin and a friend. They told his Mother about a dispute inside that lead to his death.

Waide said, “He was talking to this girl. Apparently she had her boyfriend there. And maybe he got jealous and he attacked my son. And his friends came at him and they started beating him. They were all stomping at him. Stomping at his face with his boots.”

Waide says the bouncer threw her son out. In the car, Walfall complained of the pain, and his cousin took him to Franklin General Hospital where he died.

Waide got the call in Florida from her youngest son, “He said ma, your son is gone. He’s gone ma, he’s gone.”

Gone, with no real answers about who or why. The NYPD says the investigation is ongoing, but no arrests have been made.

The reality of a lost son is setting in. Walfall came to the United States from Jamaica as a toddler and just got his U.S. Citizenship six months ago.

The results of Walfall’s autopsy are pending.

Note >>

This is my take on this situation, as Beatings have happened many times before  in Austin Street’s Bars over the past couple of Decades. And Mobs have existed in the Bars of Forest Hills for years. Be forewarned if you go to a Forest Hills Bars, that many thugs are lurking. And these Suck Ass Pussies like to Fight. BUT they like to Fight 10 on 1!! Because 1 on 1, many of these Thugs would get the Crap Beaten out of them!!

This sounds like a Mob mentality ensued. A girl was approached by a Guy. The Girl happened to have a Boyfriend at the Bar, which Walfall may not have known about. The Boyfriend hits the guy, and then his friends also jump on Walfall. The Bouncers may have jumped on this poor guy also, as the original group of thugs that jumped the guy were probably friends of the bouncer(s).

The Bouncers then throw Walfall out of the Bar, so as not to have the Bar liable for his injuries. (so they think) If they didn’t throw the guy out, the Police would come and take a Report On Scene, and No Bar wants that. They would rather kick the guy out, and if the Police come by later, it is better for the bar, then to have them come On Scene. BUT in this case, this choice may have backfired, because Walfall is Dead. Now, the Police should be conducting a Very Through Investigation, and the Detectives should be questioning all involved individually. BUT even still, an Investigation after the fact is better for Bartini’s, then if the Police came on scene during the May-lee, or immediately afterward. One of the reasons is because everything would be ‘Fresh’ so to speak in people’s minds, and some of these Punk Ass thugs may have still been at Bartini’s. Instead of Police coming on scene Hours, or even Days later.

The people involved in the beating and Killing of Walfall are most likely laying low, and it is doubtful anyone who knows who was involved  in this Beatingwill tell any True Tales to Law Enforcement. This is truly a Tragedy, and I feel a Miscarriage of Justice may be the  outcome.

This is the usually protocol of Owners and Bouncers of Bars. When there is a problem like this, they always kick the Single guy out when he’s injured and let the thugs stay. No way would the Bar owners or Bouncers call 9-1-1 to get this guy some help. They almost Never do……If the bouncers or owners of this bar called 9-1-1, Walfall ‘May’ have gotten the necessary Emergency Medical Treatment by the Paramedics on scene and in the Ambulance, en-route to the Hospital. In retrospect, Walfall and his buddy should have called 9-1-1 themselves. The Police would have been called, and would have taken a Report On-Scene. Even if this had happened, the Police no doubt would have chalked this up to ‘just’ a Bar Fight, and try to talk the complainants out of making a report. hey may have said something like > ‘If you make the report, then we would have to Arrest everyone involved, and it may just be better to sleep it off.’ Or something to that effect. BUT at least Walfall would have gotten Emergency Treatment, which may have been the difference between Life and Death. Although Walfall may have Refused Medical Treatment (RMA.) This of course is all Speculative.

Hopefully there will be a thorough investigation, but this Tragedy may be just swept up under the carpet as ‘just another drunk guy beaten up who sadly died,’ and the thugs who perpetrated this possible ‘Crime’ will get away with contributing to Walfall’s Death. Truly a Sad Tale. Let’s all hope that Justice, if due, is Served………………………


November 22, 2010

If someone has lost a Canon PowerShot A640 in a NYC Cab today, please respond to this Blog, and if the Camera is yours, it will be returned.

All you have to do is describe the pics to prove it is yours.


October 16, 2010

Frankie & Joey’s pizzeria closed down a few months ago. It was a sudden thing. Had pizza on a Tuesday, went back the next week, and POOF!!, it was closed

I gotta say that the Pizza was one of the Best in Forest Hills. That is what I mostly ate. Had the veal a few times, but it was always kinda tough, maybe over cooked? I don’t know. The garlic Knots were great. Made with Real Garlic. The chicken parm was made with real Cutlets, not the Frozen, all the same size crap that many pizza places get from Jethro, and the other warehouse restaurant suppliers.

But the Pizza was just the way I liked it. Thin crust, just the right amount of mozzarella, and a real Tasty Tomato Sauce made with real plum tomatoes right on premise. It was the sauce that made the Pizza great! I know there are those that like thick crusted pizza, loads of mozzarella, etc. But notice the way I said “I” liked it.

I stopped going to A&J years ago, when their Prices became outrageous, and their hero portions became so tiny, like you were eating in a French restaurant or something!! As of a year or so ago, a Chinese guy bought the business, and No Fucking Way am I eating at a Pizza place owned by a Chinaman!!!

Anyway, Good Luck to Frankie & Joey. Thanks for the Good Times (cue music lol!,) the Great Pizza, and may you guys have Great Success in your future endeavors!!!!


October 8, 2010

Don’t forget to continue to Boycott Aruba………………..

The Island where an American Citizen can be Slaughtered, but the Police will Protect the Monster they have in Custody, and release him, as in the Case of Joran van der snot…..errrr sloot. It was because of Aruban authorities that another Innocent girl was killed in Peru. The Aruban police are arguably one of the most corrupt police departments in Mexico, but aren’t they all? Van der snot was the rule, and not the exception. Always remember Natalee Holloway, and the Mis-Carriage of justice shown to her and her Family.

No one is safe on this Island, and Aruba is not the Paradise it used to be. The ocean waters may still be blue-green and the sands a pearly white, But the Island is laden with Criminals, just waiting to attack unsuspecting Visitors. The Island is laden with Corruption, and No Doubt, the Mexican Cartels are a Huge influence there, and if you think they don’t, you’d better think again.

Aruba is Extremely Dangerous, and you are not safe  there. The Police will NOT help you. You will be all alone if something should happen to you. You will be at the Mercy of the Predators that lurk around Aruba. Mexico in general, is a Crime ridden Country, and don’t think that Aruba is a Safe Haven. It used to be 20 years ago, but it no Longer is.

Stay as far away from Aruba, and Mexico in general, because your life and the lives of your loved ones may depend on it……………