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Cottonpickers World’s Smallest USB Li-Ion Charger w/Display

December 30, 2010

This is one of the Best & Smallest USB Li-ion Chargers w/Display in existence. It is made by Cottonpickers, and can be found here >>

FS: Cottonpickers Chargers incl. Worlds smallest Li-ion charger with display

I have used this charger for over a month, and it is Fantastic. Cottonpickers is an entrepreneur and doesn’t have the backing and support of the larger Charger companies out there, But his product, in my opinion, surpasses those others available when it comes to Quality, Support, and Customization!! I am writing this Blog to let others know about this great product, and to give credit where credit is due. I have also used the Pila IBC charger, and sold it once experienced the charger made by cottonpickers.

It comes in many different mAh combinations, with 1,2,3 &4 settings, and has an on-board voltmeter which none of the other Li-ion chargers have, including the Pila IBC charger. This charger is highly recommended, especially those that use Li-ion cells for their Flashlights. You can plug it into your Laptop USB port, or into a USB wall charger. This charger uses a  cc/cv algorithm, and tops off the cells closer to or @ 4.2V as compared to the other chargers out there, including Pila. Cottonpickers put alot of effort into the making of these chargers, and gives Excellent Customer Support!

Check this charger out at the above link, and make your own decision. I am sure you will feel the way I do once you try out this charger.