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NYC………A New Year And Decade, But The Same Old Monarchy!!

December 31, 2009

As NYC brings in the New Year and the Start of a New Decade later on today, NYC will still be the Same Old Monarchy it has been for the Past 8 Years. Bloomberg was chosen as Mayor again, and with Bloomberg remains the same old Administration that we have had for the Past 8 Years and for the Next 4!!!! The Bloomberg Monarchy will be 12 Years Old at the end of Bloomberg’s Bought & Paid for 3rd Term in Office. We can only hope that he does not Run for a 4th Term. But due to his Slim Margin of Victory his $$100 Million Dollars bought him, I doubt he will take a Chance on a 4 Term. Because we all know that if he wanted to Run for a 4th term, he would just Change the Laws as he did recently.

With Bloomberg comes the Same Old Police Commissioner Kelly with the Same old Brutalizing, Corupt NYPD, and the Same Old School Chancellor Klein, which means that our School System will be in the Same Old Sorry State of Affairs it has been in for the Past 8 Years. Remember that the Increase in math & Reading Scores were just a Smokescreen thrown up at you by Bloomberg & Klein, as The National Report Proved. NYC School Scores were still behind the rest of the Nation.

It is truly a Shame that with a New Year and the Start of a New Decade, that NYC will Still be The Same Old Regime it has been for the Past 8 Years. It is truly a Shame. And to think that with 5 more Percentage points in the recent Mayoral Race, Bloomberg would have been gone with the Rest of his Chronies, and NYC could have Started Anew. But it is Not To Be………….What a Shame!!!

Bloomberg is Already Thinking of Running for a 4th Term!!!!!

November 29, 2009

Just Kidding…………But I am sure it has crossed his Mind…………..

I can’t believe we are going to have 4 more years of this Asshole.

This guy’s going to be King for 12 Fucking Years. That is Preposterous. But hey, that’s what $$100 Million Dollars can Buy you in The Big Apple!!!!  His Bloomberg Businesses will increase in Value just by the virtue of  bloomberg being King for another 4 Years. His Businesses increased in value from 6 or so Billion Dollars 8 years ago, to $16 Billion Dollars recently. That fact is directly Correlated to  being the King of NYC. That is the foremost reason he spent $$100 Million Dollars on the Campaign.  That was just an Investment, as he will gain it back 100’s of times over.

Think about it. During the previous campaign, the Schmuck spent $$85 million Dollars and $$74 Million Dollars on the campaign  before that one. That is a total of $$159 Million Dollars. His businesses increased in Value from $$6 Billion Dollars to $$16 Billion Dollars. For an Investment of $$160 Million Dollars, the Schmuck gained $$10 Billion Dollars. Do the Math. Bloomberg may be a SCHMUCK, BUT he’s NOT a Stupid Schmuck!!

His latest Investment of over $$100 Million Dollars will no doubt Yield him a Return of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the Course of the Next 4 Years.