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NYC Madison Avenue Jewelry Store Murder. Suspect Description Incomplete As Usual, Due To PC!!!!

January 28, 2010

A 71 year old man was shot to death today, in a Jewelry Store in NYC. May this poor soul rest in Peace. Madison Avenue has been a Target for the Thieves who are Murderers for years. There is a segment of Madison Ave. that is mostly High End Retail Jewelry Shops. The NYPD should boost up their Patrol of this area just like they do with the Diamond District on 47th Street. What is the NYPD waiting around for, another Murder to add to the many that have already been committed on the most fashionable Avenue in NYC?

Shoppers risk getting killed also, if they happen to be in one of these stores when these Asshole Murderers come in to Rob them. NYC Residents Beware, as Madison Avenue is Becoming a Bigger Target than it has been in the past, due to the Declining Economic Situation in NYC and to the Increase in Assholes that want to KILL Hard Working People in NYC. Be Careful Out There As NYC is Quickly Becoming a Shoot’em Up Town!!!

The Description of the Suspect went out over the TV News as follows >

1) a man in his 30’s

2) wearing a Blue Overcoat

I would like to ask whether the Suspect was Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc.??

Whenever there is a Crime in NYC such as Murder and Rape (which is pretty often,) the Race of the Suspect is usually missing. Not because it is unknown, but most likely due to Political Correctness. The majority of the time, when this info is left out, the Suspect is Black.

This practice started a few years back and is a bunch of Bullshit. If the suspect is Black, let us know so we know who to look out for, if we are unfortunate to live in the neighborhood, or just looking out in General.